Hair Tattoo Inspiration: Cool Hair Designs for Women

Not ready to get a real tattoo? Then check out this cool undercut designs that will let wear your style on your hair!

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the hair tattoo trend, stick around because it’s about time you are introduced to one of the most interesting hairstyles that can undoubtedly add a rocker chic vibe to any look. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually looking to get it done on your hair or you just ended up on this page by random clicking—we’ve got 5 stylish undercut designs for your viewing pleasure!

5 Hair Designs to Try

undercut designs
A minimalist chevron hair tattoo.

1. Chevron

Chevron is a popular undercut design because it’s minimal yet easily offers a stylish touch to your look. A tip: keep your spider web clean and clear by making sure you don’t have white flakes falling off of your scalp. Shampoo regularly with Clear Complete Soft Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. With a blend of 10 nutrients, it nourishes and hydrates your scalp from root to tip and activates the scalp’s natural protection layer so it becomes resistant from the root cause of dandruff.

undercut designs
Star and stripes. Credit:

2. Stars & stripes

Stand out with a hair tattoo that features stars on the back and stripes on the side. You can choose to reveal both at the same time or make only one visible while concealing the other.

undercut designs
A girly mermaid pattern with a sprinkle of glitters. Credit:

3. Mermaid with glitter

Channel your inner sea princess and go for a mermaid scale design. Make it more fun by adding colorful hair glitters, then sweep the rest of your hair up to show it off. Ariel would be proud!

undercut designs
Edgy spiderweb undercut

4. Spider web

If you’re not exactly a fan of the Little Mermaid and you want something a bit edgier, maybe a Spiderman-inspired design would suit you better. This look is anything but girly but it’s still absolutely sexy.

undercut designs
Colors and patters. Credit:

5. Psychedelic

Here’s another undercut design that features funky colors and sparkly glitters. If you want to pump up the funk even more, color the rest of your hair with a shade that complements the design. This cotton candy pink with purple, green, and grey balayage is totally on point and is definitely a great idea that you can cop!

Editor’s tip: If you’re going to add color to your undercut tattoo hairstyle, always condition with Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner. This would keep your hair color vibrant and make it last longer.

Hair tattoos are really a fashionable alternative if you’ve been wanting to express your personal style and originality through unique designs that you could wear on your body, but not quite ready to actually get inked. They’re also much more convenient and don’t require commitment like real tattoos do. You can pick a peg or create your own undercut designs that would reflect your personality and schedule an appointment with your hairstylist to get it done. You can switch up designs or just completely grow it out; you can conceal it with the rest of your hair on days when you don’t feel like showing it off, and on days that you do, you can easily sweep your tresses up in an updo. Plus, it doesn’t have the ouch factor—so chill, yet totally badass!