Hair streaks that will liven up your ‘do

Look chic and quirky with hair streaks. Add small doses of color but tons of personality to your hair with these ideas. 

Wanna color your hair in small doses? Does your office dress code say, “No bold hair color?” Try getting hair streaks. Here are ideas on how to add color to your naturally black hair, whether you want just a hint of brown or a good amount of pink and red.

Consider these colors when getting hair streaks

Woman with teal shirt and long black hair with brown hair streaks against blue background
Are you a hair color newbie? Start with brown first and let it blend with your naturally dark hair. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Brown

Look around you, and you’ll see a lot of Pinays with brown hair color. There’s a shade for almost every skin tone especially morenas. Brown also fits well with the corporate environment. You won’t get a memo from your HR, especially if your brown streaks blend seamlessly with your hair through balayage highlights. Want a trendy shade? Try ash brown.

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Woman wearing red orange shirt with red hair streaks on her short hair close up shot against white background
Let red hair streaks add warmth to your pale or fair complexion. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Red

Have you been wary to try red because it’s such a strong color? With red hair streaks, you’ll be adding just the right amount of spice to your ‘do. Red can also add warmth to your face especially if your have pale or fair complexion. You can pick from the several shades of red available. Got short hair? Red is perfect; here are ways on how to rock this color with your bob or pixie cut.

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Girl with shoulder-length hair with bangs and green hair streaks wearing striped shirt and jacket and shades standing against a leafy backdrop in an outdoor location
Don’t be afraid to try unconventional hair colors. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Green

Choosing unconventional hair colors like green may be a bold move, so take it easy and start with baby steps. Get green streaks and unleash your artsy side. If you work in the creative industry or if your dress code at school is lenient, you have every reason to try green hair if you wish.

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Woman with shoulder length wavy hair with pink hair streaks wearing white blouse closeup shot against gray background
If you want a touch of pastel colors, try pink hair streaks. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Pink

Do you fancy pastels or unicorn hair? Make your fantasies come true with pink hair. Hair streaks can also come in the form of dip dyed hair. It’s low maintenance, too. You don’t have to retouch your roots with pink when your hair starts growing. If you have previously dyed your hair and want to try pink, get dip dyed pink hair so you get to have both.

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Closeup shot of woman with short blonde hair with purple hair streaks against gray background
Get purple streaks that produce contrast with your natural hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Purple

Purple is known to be the color of royalty. Add a tinge of royal goodness to your hair by trying purple streaks. There are different shades of purple you can choose from—from pretty and quirky lavender to rich eggplant hair. You can also try different coloring techniques with purple like dip dyed and ombre.

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Try these hair streaks now, and be a striking beauty when you step out of the salon. Just keep your hair nourished and moisturized so dry and damaged hair won’t distract from your beautiful hair color.

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