Woman with hair in an updo secured by a hair claw.

Say Hello to the Hair Claw! (And Chic Looks You Can Try)

Create easy hairstyles with the help of this trusty hair accessory.

A hair claw is a versatile and practical accessory designed to secure a portion of one’s hair. It has interlocking teeth or prongs (the “claws”) that help put the hair in place. Also called claw clips or hair clamps, they were big in the ’90s and early 2000s—everywhere you look, you’re bound to see someone wearing them. Now, they’re back, and they deserve a place on your dresser, along with your metallic bobby pins, pearl clips, and other trendy accessories.

Flatlay of different hair claws against a white cloth.
Hair claws are practical hair accessories known for their interlocking prongs. Credit: Shutterstock

Hair claws are easy to use. Just gather the section of hair you want to style, twist or fold it, and clip the clamp over it. That’s it! And because hair claws come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, you can experiment with different hairstyles. Here are some of them.

Must-Try Hairstyles Using Hair Claws

1. Faux French Twist

Closeup shot of a back of woman's head with an updo secured by a hair claw.
Some hair claws have faux flowers, ribbons, and other elements that elevate a casual look. Credit: Shutterstock

A French twist is a classic, elegant hairstyle that exudes quiet luxury. However, when creating one, securing the updo with several bobby pins can feel time-consuming, especially if you have less than a minute to style your hair. The solution? Use a hair claw! Simply twist your hair, position it against the back of your head, clip it in place, and voilà! You’re all set.

2. Half Updo

Back of a woman with reddish-brown shoulder-length hair in a half updo secured by a hair claw
You can use a claw clip to create a half updo on any hair length. Credit: Shutterstock

Instead of using hair ties or elastic, try a hair claw the next time you put your hair in a half updo. Not only is this method quicker. Using a hair claw can also help minimize hair breakage because you don’t need to pull it from your hair when removing it.

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3. Messy Bun

Back of an Asian woman with a messy bun secured by a hair claw.
A few loose strands falling out of your bun add to the charm of this messy-chic ‘do. Credit: Pixta

If you have a medium-sized hair claw, you can use it to create a low, messy bun. Just twist your hair, form a bun above your nape, and clip a section in place. Try this chic and casual hairstyle when working from home, meeting your friends for coffee, or running errands.

4. Faux Ponytail

Asian woman with hair in a claw clamp standing outdoors and holding a cup of coffee.
Put your hair up on a hot day using your trusty claw clip. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle is similar to making a faux French twist with a claw clamp. But instead of clipping all sections, you leave a section dangling from the hair claw, creating a ponytail-like effect.

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5. Twisted Half-Updo

Back of a woman with wavy hair in a twisted half updo secured by a small clip.
Style your naturally wavy hair this way to create a boho-chic look. Credit: Shutterstock

Got a small hair clamp? Don’t let that hinder you from creating a chic hairstyle. Try this: Take a small section of hair from each side of your hair. Twist each of them, gather them at the back of your head, and secure them with your small claw clip. The result is a delicate-looking hairstyle that you can wear to daytime parties.

Now, what are you waiting for? Bring out your claw clipsbig and smalland have fun experimenting with these chic but easy hairstyles.