Trendy Graduation Hairstyles to Wear on Your Big Day

The road to your graduation certainly wasn’t easy and you deserve to look your best after working so hard!

All those sleepless nights and neverending stress comes to a close with your graduation day. So relax, breathe, and don’t be shy to look your best because you definitely earned it! While it can be quite tricky to get all dolled up during graduation because of certain school rules and it being a formal event, you can still try to add a stylish touch to your graduation cap and gown look with a hairstyle that is you. Read on to check our graduation hairstyles that spell “I made it.”

1. Pony braid

Graduation hairstyles: Back shot of an Asian woman with black hair in pony braid
Look sweet and chic on your big day with a pony braid.

A hairstyle reminiscent of your early school days, this pony braid creates a very feminine look that looks casual and beautifully dainty at the same time. You don’t need to have this professionally done. You just need several elastics to nail this ‘do. A few embellishments also won’t hurt as these can add a touch of glam to your graduation hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Make sure all strands are in place by finishing your hairstyle with TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray

2. Chignon for short hair

Graduation hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with dark hair in chignon
You can’t go wrong with a beautiful chignon. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Yes, even if you have short hair, you can wear a classic chignon. It’s a foolproof hairstyle whether it’s for your prom, your graduation, or any other special occasion. This time around, you can opt to experiment with a loose chignon to add a more casual touch without losing the elegance. Make this hairstyle stay put all throughout the ceremony by securing it with hairpins and a reliable hairspray.

3. Soft waves

Graduation hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark wavy hair smiling
Show your feminine and elegant side on your graduation day with sexy romantic waves.

If you want to leave your hair down on graduation day, do it with lots of flair. Create sexy romantic waves with the help of a curling iron with a medium-sized barrel. When curling your hair (or when using any heated styling tool), don’t forget to prep your hair with heat protectant to prevent heat damage. Then, make sure your hair doesn’t cover yourself so everyone can see your bright smile as you receive your diploma.

Editor’s tip: Need help in the volume department? Apply a dollop of TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse on your hair before blow drying and curling to create full-looking, well-defined waves. This hair mousse can also help combat frizz, so you get a smooth and sleek hairstyle befitting a special event. 

4. Sleek pixie cut

Graduation hairstyles: Asian woman with pixie cut wearing a red blouse smiling
Rock a stylish short ‘do! Keep it sleek and simple with the help of a reliable hairspray.

Elevate the look of your pixie cut by going for a neat, slicked back look. Start with clean, healthy hair, then brush your hair back using a round brush while blow drying so your hair won’t lose volume at the roots. Then, finish with a hairspray with light to medium hold to for a smooth and sleek finish.

Editor’s tip: Create a neat and sleek pixie cut hairstyle by spritzing TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray to give it a firm hold that can last from day to night. 

5. Twisted crown braid

Graduation hairstyles: Back shot of an Asian woman with twisted crown braid half updo
This hairstyle looks great with or without your cap on.

Got a bob or a lob? Try the twisted crown braid, an elegant half updo that can make you look and feel special. This hairstyle keeps the hair off your face and creates a flattering look, especially when you add some soft waves on the part of your hair that’s down.

6. Curly side ponytail

Graduation Hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark hair in curly side ponytail
Glam up a simple ponytail for your graduation by going for a curly side ponytail.

If you’ve been a ponytail-loving gal all throughout the school year, there’s no need to change that on graduation day. Just make your regular ponytail look extra stylish by going for a curly side ponytail. It’s a romantic, feminine hairstyle that can make you a head turner. When your graduation ceremony is going to be held outdoors, this hairstyle can keep strands off your face and neck so you stay fresh and presko even after your name has been called on stage.

7. Sleek blowout

Graduation hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark straight hair smiling
Don’t underestimate the beauty of a simple straight hair.

Sometimes, less truly is more. If you’re not too keen on going for a complex graduation hairstyle, then you can just go for glamorously straight hair. You can choose to have your hair ironed or blown out to keep it soft and straight, which looks really amazing when you wear it with your graduation cap.

Editor’s tip: Wash your hair with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Conditioner to help tame rebellious frizz and make hair smooth and straight even before you start styling it. 

8. Side sweep hairstyle

Graduation hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with straight short hair looking sideways
Make a blunt bob look current and trendy with the side sweep hairstyle. Credit: Melodie Jeng

This is another trendy but elegant hairstyle that you can wear. The side sweep hairstyle is perfect for long and medium-length hair. It’s a fresh and youthful look that suits a day that’s all about you.

So which of these graduation hairstyles would you choose? Whichever hairstyle you go for, make sure to use the right hair products to keep not even a strand out of place. Remember that there’s going to be a lot of picture taking, and it would help to not have your hair covering your face at any given time.

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