Parisian Hairstyles That Pinays Can Wear Anytime, Anyday

Want to look effortlessly chic? Here are Parisian hairstyles that you can try. 

French women are almost synonymous with “fashion” and “style.” They are the epitome of grace and sophistication, from the way they walk and carry themselves to the way they do their hair and makeup. Recreating French hairstyles is one of the easiest ways to channel your inner Coco Chanel, so get ready to look tres chic because we’ve got that part covered. Here are Parisian hairstyles that are popular both on the runway and on the streets.

Master the Art of Parisian Glamour with These Parisian Hairstyles

1. Tousled bedhead

French hairstyles: Closeup shot of a woman with dark tousled hair wearing a dark blue coat outdoors
No time to style your hair? This hairstyle will save the day. Credit:

Remember: French hairstyles never look overdone. In fact, the key characteristic of most French hairstyles is the bedhead vibe. Go for a relaxed, I-woke-up-like-this look. Use your fingers to brush your hair, shaking the strands as you go along to add bounce and volume.

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2. Textured down ‘do

French hairstyles: Woman with long dark wavy hair wearing a black jacket outdoors
Make some waves to give your hair texture. Credit:

Got thin hair? This hairstyle will help add volume to your tresses. If you have a little time on your hands, you can create this look by making shallow waves using a blow dryer or curling iron. Scrunch your hair to style. You can even add wispy bangs to complete the laidback look.

3. Bob haircut

French hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair in a bob haircut with bangs standing outdoors with buildings behind her
Go ultra chic with a stylish French bob. Credit: iStock

There are two distinct ways you can wear your bob, French girl style: dark, straight, and blunt or side-swept and slightly wavy. If you want the achieve the chic French vibe while sporting short hair (think Marion Cottilard), the French bob is the style for you.

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4. French braid

Easy braids for long hair: Asian woman with long hair in French braid
You won’t look basic with a classic French braid.

It’s chic, classic, and totally French! What we love about the French braid is how it will never, ever get boring because you can upgrade to its many variations. You can incorporate it in an updo or in a half-up half-down style. You can even wear it messy or sleek, single or double, and inverted. The choice is yours.

5. Pixie cut with short bangs

French hairstyles: Closeup shot of a woman with black short pixie cut hair walking on the runway against a dark background
Say hello to an edgy look by going for a short pixie cut. Credit:

If you want to look like you just came off the runway, try this ‘do. A pixie cut can instantly make you look edgy; plus, it allows you to show off your perfectly chiseled face! Just keep your pixie cut in good shape by getting a trim every three weeks.

Editor’s tip: Get rid of excess oil by spraying TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo on your pixie cut once it gets extra greasy in the middle of the day.

6. Messy half updo

French hairstyles: Woman with long dark hair in a messy half updo wearing a dark coat outdoors
Exude a chic, casual vibe by putting your hair in a no-fuss half updo. Credit:

When you can’t decide whether to put your hair up or down, go for a half updo. This hairstyle is great for second-day hair, thanks to your hair’s texture that becomes more apparent when you’ve skipped a wash. Don’t worry about making it look sleek and perfect. Just take a section of hair from your forehead to your crown and tie it with an elastic. If there were sections that stayed loose (especially when you have layered hair), just let them be.

7. Messy high bun

French hairstyles: Closeup shot of a woman with long hair in a high messy bun wearing a black coat on the runway
Have fun with a chic high bun! Credit:

This updo spells effortlessly chic, and is great for adding character to a casual look. If you have a busy day ahead, put your long hair up in a messy bun, and then forget about it. You can also wear this hairstyle if you’re commuting; no need to worry about your hair getting messy if it’s already messy to begin with.

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8. Layered and Wavy

Parisian: Model has blonde hair that is layered and wavy and she is smiling nicely
Give your hair the bouncy feeling with layers and waves. Credit: Shutterstock

Enjoy the outdoors with bouncy hair which you can achieve by adding layers and waves. If you are naturally wavy, then, this hairstyle shouldn’t need any extra work. The layers also give it more volume and prevent your hair from going limp.

Editor’s tip: Add a good amount of mousse on your hair to give it more body and life as layers are not enough. Spray on some VO5 Big Volume Mousse and let your hair fall nicely.

9. Messy Curls

Parisian girl is wearing eyeglasses that match her beautiful curly hair
Messy and curly hair is nice with an accent like eyeglasses. Credit: Shutterstock

Does your hair go messy in the middle of the day? Is it oftentimes hard to manage? Then, you can surely benefit from this Parisian hairstyle which leaves you worry-free from messy hair. Let it fall to your shoulder and complement that with round-framed eyeglasses for a quirky look. You just need to finger-comb it throughout the day to help keep it in place!

10. Sleek High Bun

Parisian girl is holding a miniature Eiffel Tower and is smiling while sporting her high bun
Look sleek and fresh all day with just a simple high bun. Credit: Shutterstock

The sleek high bun is one of the Parisian hairstyles that are perfect for any day and occasion. Wherever you want to wear it, it will surely complement your OOTD!

11. Telephone Wire Curls

Parisian girl looks really pretty and relaxed in her green top and telephone wire curly hair
Telephone wire curly hair looks stunning. Credit: Shutterstock

Got long naturally curly hair that’s really tight like a telephone wire? Don’t worry because your hair is actually gorgeous if you just know how to handle it. So, the best thing to do with this hair is to never (emphasis on NEVER) comb or brush it to avoid fluffing it up. Simply finger-comb it and twirl your curls with your fingers before leaving the house to achieve one of the loveliest Parisian hairstyles.

Editor’s tip: Make your curls look even more defined by applying some VO5 Extra Body Mousse. Your curls will be so happy with you as this product protects it from humidity and gives it volume and shine. You’ll love the feeling of your tight curls and never want to lose it ever. 

12. With a Beret

Parisian girl is wearing a beret on her curly hair and is smiling at the camera
The beret is a great accent to any OOTD and hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Doesn’t the beret look great on her long and wavy hair? You too can wear this even if you live in a tropical country. It’s a great hairstyle on sweater weather. But hey, you can always wear this anytime you want to, really. You don’t even have to be a Parisian girl to get to wear it. So don’t be afraid to stand out with a nice beret.

Whatever your hair length or hair type, these French hairstyles are guaranteed to give you the sophisticated vibe of a French girl.