Asian woman with a formal sagala hairstyle

Sagala Hairstyle Ideas for This Year’s Flores de Mayo

Are you the next Reyna Elena? Check out these hairstyles that will look good with your crown!

Flores de Mayo is a Filipino festival devoted to the Virgin Mary. It is celebrated in May and ends with the Santacruzan, a ritual parade featuring beautiful floral arches and young women or sagalas representing biblical figures, Marian titles, and other traditional personifications. It is a grand celebration that, over the years, has also become a venue to showcase the town’s beauties. Young women participating in the parade glam up and wear elaborate gowns, makeup, and elegant sagala hairstyles.

Buns are popular sagala hairstyle choices, but you can also try braids and half updos. Here are some ideas to inspire you and help you prepare for the Sagalahan in your town.

Our Favorite Sagala Hairstyle Ideas

1. Chignon

Asian woman with hair in a chignon sagala hairstyle
Exude understated elegance with this classic hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

Nothing beats a true classic like a chignon. This hairstyle looks effortlessly elegant and sophisticated, that’s why it is perfect for occasions like the Santacruzan. A low chignon gives your crown enough room to fit perfectly on your head. You can also go for a low side bun.

2. Lace Braid Updo

Back shot of an Asian woman with hair in a braided bun sagala hairstyle for Flores de Mayo
This braided updo gives you a regal vibe. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Braids make a formal hairstyle look fresh and youthful. Combine them with a bun hairstyle like the lace braid updo to create a dainty and romantic look.

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3. French Twist

Side view of an Asian woman with a French twist sagala hairstyle
This is another timeless hairstyle that will make you a head-turner. Credit: Hariono Halim

Look timeless and sophisticated by putting your hair in a French twist. It’s simple yet elegant. That’s why it comes as no surprise that this updo is a popular formal hairstyle.

4. Lazy Bun

Asian woman with long hair in a bun
Have a little fun with your bun by loosening up a few strands. Credit: Hariono Halim

Create a lazy bun hairstyle by adding some tendrils to your updo. These loose strands will give you a soft look, complementing your crown or tiara for the Santacruzan.

5. Half-Up Crisscross

Flores de Mayo hairstyles: Asian woman with long hair in half up criss cross
Give your sagala hairstyle a fresh take by going for a half updo. Credit: Hariono Halim

Who says you can only wear updos in Santacruzan? Don’t be afraid to slightly break out of tradition and let your hair down with a sophisticated half-up crisscross hairstyle. The twists give your hairstyle texture and shape. If you want to keep the rest of your hair sleek, straighten your hair first using a flat iron to make it smooth and frizz-free.

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6. Sleek and Fierce Ponytail

Flores de Mayo hairstyles: Asian woman with long black hair in high ponytail smiling
Show off your long, silky locks with a high ponytail, Credit: Natasha Estelle

high ponytail may be a popular hairstyle choice for parties, but it can also be perfect for Flores de Mayo. Like half updos, it deviates from the bun hairstyles usually worn on such occasions. With a sleek and fierce ponytail, you look equal parts feminine and sexy, especially if you have a mermaid-cut Santacruzan gown. You also get to showcase your smooth, long, and shiny hair without leaving it down and unstyled.

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7. Half Updo With a Bun

Flores De Mayo Hairstyles: Back shot of Asian woman with long dark hair in half updo with bun
Curled tips give your hair bounce and movement. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A half updo with a bun keeps hair off your face while allowing you to show off soft waves cascading down your back. Position your bun at your crown to give your hairstyle the right amount of elegance.

8. Halo Braid

Side view of an Asian woman with black hair in a halo braid
Got thick hair? Style it by going for this pretty updo. Credit: Hariono Halim

Here’s another braided updo you can wear in Santacruzan. A halo braid keeps all your strands in place. It also injects a summer charm into your sagala hairstyle, combining the fresh and the formal in one look.

There you have it! Choose from these gorgeous sagala hairstyles and prepare to be a stunner in Flores de Mayo.