Filipino woman touching her hair and smiling

Filipino Hair Expressions: Which One Do You Say Often?

Celebrate Pinoy slang along with hair trends and a new hairdo! Check out these Filipino hair expressions and their meanings. Your favorite hair expression might even be here!

Ever wonder why the Filipino language has bigas, sinaing, kanin, sinangag, lugaw, lamig, and am variations for rice, while the English language only has, well, rice? Language is as alive as the culture it represents. And while we can go on days talking about the richness of wikang Filipino, we believe it’s time to put the spotlight on Filipino hair expressions.

Oh, yes! From “haba ng hair” to “ang sakit sa bangs,” let’s talk about different Filipino hair expressions and our national love for hair.

5 Commonly-Used Filipino Hair Expressions

1. Haba ng hair

Filipino hair expressions: haba ng hair
Quick translation: You’re pretty, girl!

We’ve always equated beauty with hair. The longer, the prettier. This is very evident in leading ladies we look up to, and even in the models of the country’s top shampoo brands. And so, whenever a girl has suitors or admirers, or when your officemate just received a bouquet of flowers from her beau, we’re very quick to quip, “uy, haba ng hair!” Not necessarily because they do have long hair, but because they’re really pretty. Naks!

Hair clip hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark brown hair with hair clips wearing a blue cardigan outdoors
Look extra girly with a long, bouncy down ‘do and cute hair clips.

News flash: You don’t need a long line of suitors to rock your long hair in charming styles. Accessorize with cute hair clips, weave braids, or cop an updo—instant haba ng hair look!

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2. Bagong rebond

Filipino hair expressions: bagong rebond
Quick translation: Nice salon-perfect straight hair!

Remember the time when the rebonding hair treatment was introduced to Filipinas? Suddenly, everyone’s sporting their rebond-straight hair and the phrase “bagong rebond” was born. This builds on our notion for long straight hair as the epitome of beauty.

Straight hair ideas: Asian woman with long black straight hair smiling outdoors
Straight and shiny black hair always looks chic. Credit: Hariono Halim

The thing is, getting a rebonding treatment costs a fortune. The good news? You can achieve your own bagong rebond look in a few easy steps right at the comfort of your home. Just spritz your hair with heat protectant, straighten your hair with a flat iron by section, and apply some leave-in conditioner or hair serum. Voila, salon-straight hair unlocked!

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3. Sakit sa bangs

Filipino hair expressions: sakit sa bangs
Quick translation: What a headache!

Playing with words can also go in style. Who doesn’t love to say “ang sakit sa bangs” instead of “head” when you’re sporting some bangs and a challenging task comes right up? We’d jump into it every chance we can get!

Long layered bob: Asian woman with wavy black lob with bangs smiling
Balance out a long face with well-styled bangs that complement your long bob. Credit: Hariono Halim

Revive this Filipino hair expression by copping your new bangs look. Blunt, wispy, side, see through, or baby bangs, it’s a pretty way to face your sakit-sa-bangs day ahead!

4. Kulot salot

Filipino hair expressions: kulot salot
Quick translation: No to curls!

Tbh, this is our least favorite. It literally paints people with curly hair bad, showing our colonial mentality and disapproval of curly or kinky hair. But hey, it’s 2019 and it’s about time to break this notion!

Hair types: Woman with curly shoulder length haircut
Unadulterated curls make for an understated beauty. Credit: Dvora

Beautiful curls and coils are very far from ugly. With proper care and style, your curly hair can give you stunning looks to showcase every day!

5. Maputi na ang buhok

Filipino hair expressions: maputi na ang buhok
Quick translation: Your hair is already white.

This Filipino hair expression is an idiom widely used, especially by old people, to say that a person is old in a kind and poetic way. There’s even a song written for it!

white silver hair
Pair your white silver hair with a fashionable hairstyle.

While white hair may be caused by aging and other factors, it’s no reason to keep you from rocking a trendy maputing buhok look. In fact, you can totally own it and rock ashy tones or full ash blonde hair color!

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Over the years, we’ve come up with clever and witty Filipino hair expressions, proving we’re also crazy about all things hair! Did we miss anything? Relive them or live up their styles to celebrate the beauty of our language and hair—yes, we can do both!

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