Collage of Asian women with Filipiniana hairstyles

Filipiniana Hairstyles: Modern Looks That Go With Your Filipino Attire

Complete your Filipiniana ensemble with these elegant hairstyles.

Filipiniana hairstyles often consist of hair buns. These were the go-to hairstyles of women during the Spanish colonial period when the baro’t saya came into fashion. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to these updos when wearing Filipiniana attire (in the same way that Filipiniana isn’t limited to the baro’t saya). You can try elegant braids, ponytails, and half updos. You can even try other variations of the hair bun to make your updo modern and fresh.

We’ve rounded up easy hairstyles you can wear with your Filipiniana attire. Check them out.

Our Favorite Filipiniana Hairstyles

1. Low Bun With a Center Part

Asian woman with hair in a bun showing a Filipiniana hairstyle
The classic low bun is a popular Filipiniana hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

You can keep your Filipiniana hairstyle simple and classic by going for the quintessential low bun. The key is to make your hairstyle sleek, so use a fine-tooth comb to gather your hair on your nape. Then, tie your hair into a low ponytail, twist your hair, and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to form a bun. Secure it with several bobby pins so your bun won’t unravel when you move. Finish with generous spritzes of your favorite hairspray to keep frizz at bay.

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2. Low Bun With a Deep Side Part

Asian woman with hair in a Filipiniana hairstyle
A deep side part adds elegance to a basic hairstyle. Credit: Hariono halim

Switching your hair part from the center to the side is a clever way to make a hairstyle look fresh. A side part also helps give balance to round and heart-shaped faces.

3. Wet Look Wavy Ponytail

Asian woman with long hair in a sleek and wavy ponytail
Turn heads with this elegant ponytail hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Not a fan of buns? Try this ponytail hairstyle for Filipiniana attire. The waves add volume and flair to your ‘do, while the wet look makes the ponytail look sleek and elegant.

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4. Sleek Low Ponytail

Asian woman with hair in a sleek ponytail
Use a tail comb to create a neat side part. Credit: Dennie Ramon

You can also straighten your hair and put it in a simple but chic low ponytail. Keep frizz and flyaways at bay to make this hairstyle for Filipiniana dress look elegant and polished.

5. Half-Up Rope Braid

Back shot of an Asian woman with long hair in a half-up Filipiniana hairstyle
Want a dainty Filipiniana hairstyle? Try the half-up rope braid. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A rope braid consists of two sections of hair crossed over each other. When creating a half-up rope braid, do this on a section of hair on one side of your head first. Add more strands to the braid until it reaches the back of your head. Clip this section first as you repeat the process to the other side of your hair. Combine the two rope braids at the back of your head, tie them together with an elastic, and spritz hairspray to keep your strands in place.

Featured video
ATH Video

Learn how to create a half-up rope braid by watching this tutorial video.

6. Half-Up Bun With Braid

Asian woman with long hair in a half-up bun with braid hairstyle
Torn between putting your up and leaving it down? Then this half-up bun is for you. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This half updo makes for a romantic-looking Filipiniana hairstyle. Here’s how to create it. First, tie your hair into a half ponytail without pulling your hair all the way through. Then, braid the rest of this half ponytail and wrap it around the base of your bun. Put the braid in place with bobby pins.

7. Wet Waves on a Pixie Cut

Asian woman with a short Filipiniana hairstyle
Stand out with this modern Filipiniana hairstyle. Credit: Jay-ar Cortez from Pexels

Short-haired women can rock Filipiniana hairstyles, too! Create sleek waves with hair curlers and spritzes of your favorite hairspray to glam up your pixie cut.

8. Brushed-Back Pixie Cut

Asian woman with a brushed-back pixie cut
Add an edgy touch to your Filipiniana hairstyle with this ‘do. Credit: Hariono Halim

To create this short hairstyle, blow-dry your damp hair while brushing it to give it a bit of bounce. Part your hair on one side. Then, using a hair straightening, iron your hair to create an inverted U-shape. This shape will give your hair volume and keep your pixie cut from looking flat. Finish by spritzing hairspray all over your pixie cut to make the hairstyle last.

9. Soft Curls

Asian woman with long curly hair
These long, elegant waves add a fresh touch to a traditional Filipino ensemble. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Add waves to the bottom half of your hair for volume and movement. These give you a Filipiniana hairstyle that’s elegant yet not too uptight.

10. Tousled Low Ponytail

Asian woman with a tousled low ponytail
Volume and texture keep this ponytail from looking plain. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Got thin hair? Try this ‘do to make your hair look thicker. Just tie your hair into a low ponytail and tease your strands to add volume and texture. Spritz hairspray to seal the look.

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With this roundup of Filipiniana hairstyles, you now have more ideas aside from hair buns. Keep these in mind the next time you’re donning a traditional Filipino dress for a wedding, an oath-taking ceremony, or a cultural event.