19 Looks We Love at the Emmy Awards 2019

It's time for you to take the spotlight Hollywood-style. Get glam ideas from this roundup of our favorite Emmy Awards 2019 hairstyles.

Talent, art, glory, fame, and of course, style⁠. The recently concluded Emmy Awards 2019 has been another one for the books. And don’t mistake us letting it pass without awarding the show-stopping looks that walked down the red carpet. We don’t know about you, but we’re itching to cop these Emmy Awards 2019 best hairstyles now.

Our Fave Emmy Awards 2019 Hairstyles

1. Beach waves

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Gwendoline Christie with her blonde beach waves
Beach waves look hot on the red carpet. Credit: Shutterstock

We’ve seen beach waves always everywhere and almost never on the red carpet, but would you look at that—it’s perfect! This only proves that this casual messy look can go from your day hairstyle to your night rave.

Editor’s tip: When creating beach waves, sea salt spray is your best friend. We recommend TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to give your hair natural-looking, tousled waves and movement. 

2. Hollywood waves

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Camila Banus with her Hollywood waves
Hollywood waves in Hollywood? Perfect! Credit: Shutterstock

Nothing beats a classic. Unleash your inner celebrity and look really with old Hollywood curls. Pair it with chic earrings and you’re good to go!

Editor’s tip: Keep your Hollywood curls in great shape all night. Spritz TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to give your hair a humidity-resistant hold that won’t weigh your hair down. 

3. Big curls

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: big curls
Make a fashion statement by wearing your natural curls loud and proud. Credit: Shutterstock

What’s not to love about natural curls? They’re full of texture, volume, and bounce! If you’re gifted with kulot hair, give it some TLC and show it off to everyone!

Bottle of Love Beauty and Planet pink shampoo

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4. Loose curls

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: loose curls
Loose curls is a versatile look you can cop on casual days and even on gala nights. Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for something laidback? The loose curls hairstyle will give you just that while still oozing with chic realness.

Editor’s tip: Nail this hairstyle with a naturally bouncy hair. Get it by using Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Conditioner. This duo helps boost your hair’s natural volume, so you get soft, bouncy, and healthy hair that’s ready for any hairstyle.

5. Wavy pixie

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Joey King with her wavy pixie
For special nights, styling your pixie with waves is the glam way to go. Credit: Shutterstock

Pixie hairstyles may seem limited in styling options, but when you think outside the box, you can create great looks. To create a wavy pixie cut hairstyle, you can use a curling iron, hair rollers, or even just your fingers for twisting to add texture to your short hair.

Editor’s tip: Spritz TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax on your short hair to make it easier to style. This product will also coat your individual strands with a slick shine.

6. Curly Afro

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Viola Davis with her curly afro
A good kulot hair care routine is key in nailing curly hairstyles. Credit: Shutterstock

For us, a good style begins with authenticity. If you love yourself (including your hair) enough, it’ll show in everything you do and wear⁠—pure beauty.

7. Half slicked coils

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Nathalie Emmanuel with her half slicked coils
You can also play with volume when styling your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Not so much into the big hair look? You can also tame your curls a bit by putting the upper half of your hair in a slicked-back look, then letting the rest fall and bounce freely.

8. Curly updo

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Sandra Oh with her curly updo
Putting your curls into an updo will give you that classy, messy look. Credit: Shutterstock

Wanna keep your hair off your face and neck? An updo is the way to go. You can curl the ends of your hair before putting your tresses up to create a beautiful texture.

9. Caramel waves

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Mandy Moore with her caramel waves
The Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles also have some beautiful colors, like these sweet caramel waves! Credit: Shutterstock

A hair color change will also open a lot of hairstyle opportunities for you. Brown hues like caramel are a good starting point to switch up your look.

TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo

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10. Burgundy waves

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Zendaya with her burgundy waves
Yes, tan skin tones can also rock a redhead! Credit: Shutterstock

As morenas, we tend to shy away from the red hair tones. But we shouldn’t! Certain red hues like burgundy complement our tan skin well, too.

11. Strawberry blonde waves

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Brittany Snow with her strawberry blonde waves
Strawberry hues surely make you stand out from the crowd. Credit: Shutterstock

Blonde hair color comes in many shades, and there’s definitely one that will help you stand out from the crowd. Why don’t you try strawberry blonde? This tone will give you a new playful look without going too wild.

TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo

Editor’s tip: Blonde hair tends to go brassy over time. Avoid this by using TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner. This duo helps neutralize brassy tones and yellow discoloration so you can maintain the beauty of your blonde hair.

12. Dip-dyed

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Marci Miller with her dip dyed hair in aquamarine
Look young and playful with hair dip-dyed in a fun color. Credit: Shutterstock

Speaking of fun, if you’ll be experimenting with colors, why not really experiment with colors? The dip-dyed look is the newest cousin of ombre and balayage, and the naughtiest yet.

13. Side part

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Jacqueline MacInnes with her side-part long hair
Clip your long hair with a side part for that chic attitude. Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes, your long, beautiful hair is already a look on its own. Just add a few accents like chic hair clips and a side part for a home run.

14. Side part bob

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Naomi Watts with her side part bob
A bit of wave sculpts a short bob beautifully. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re donning intricate or extravagant dresses or gowns, leaving your hair minimally styled can be good enough. Just make sure your locks bounce with softness and shine.

15. Wavy blunt bob

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Maisie Williams with her wavy blunt bob
A blunt bob is a straightforward style statement anywhere! Credit: Shutterstock

For an edgier look, a blunt bob with bangs will do you great. On special occasions, you can jazz it up with a few waves to give it a bit of drama.

16. Wavy short bob

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles:
Short hair, don’t care? Toss in the waves! Credit: Shutterstock

You can also make waves even with your extra short bob. Doing so will give your hair texture and volume, which are great especially if you have fine hair.

17. Volumized bob

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Diane Guerrero with her volumized bob
If you’re going to wear a bob, might as well wear it big. Credit: Shutterstock

Think Jackie Kennedy and the other style icons of the ’60s. Wearing your bob big is a statement no one can miss!

18. Slicked back

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Valentina with her slicked back hair
A slicked-back hairstyle gives the spotlight to a beautifully done makeup. Credit: Shutterstock

This list will never be complete without the sexy slicked-back ‘do. It’s simple yet sleek, giving enough room for statement makeup to shine. It’s also a classy, trendy look that’s very easy to do.

19. High bun

Emmy Awards 2019 Best Hairstyles: Kim Kardashian with her high bun
Leaving a few strands of hair behind is a good finishing touch when tying all of your hair into a bun or a ponytail. Credit: Shutterstock

Another simple look that goes a long way is the high bun. It’s an updo that spells class and sophistication without being too uptight.

The awards show may have wrapped up, but you can always bring the red carpet with you and create your own show. Let these Emmy Awards 2019 hairstyles inspire you and be the star you want to be.

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