Elle Mills with a black salon cape wrapped around her shoulders

Half-Pinay YouTuber Elle Mills Talks About Inclusivity, Her Take on Hair Myths, and Her Passion for Dove Products

Read about how Fil-Canadian influencer Elle Mills advocates inclusivity and her time spent on The D Cut by Dove Hair.

Elle Mills is a Fil-Canadian YouTuber known for her goofy and entertaining videos. She shares her shenanigans on her YouTube channel, ElleOfTheMills, where she shows her 1.87M subscribers how she tried to learn Tagalog for a week, how she gave her brother a post-breakup hair makeover, and other activities with her family and friends.

But Elle Mills is more than just a YouTuber. She also uses her voice to champion inclusivity. In fact, she is part of the cast of The D Cut, a short digital series created in collaboration with Dove Hair, Unilever Entertainment and Shaftesbury that will be available for viewing on KindaTV starting July 25. Inspired by a true story, The D Cut by Dove Hair is about a superstar hairstylist who fosters a strong community, one hairstyle at a time. It is set in a queer hair salon that’s fighting to stay afloat in the midst of neighborhood gentrification.

The D Cut echoes with Elle personally. Being bisexual, Elle knows the importance of creating a positive and supportive community. All Things Hair chatted with Elle Mills and she shared with us some valuable insights. Read on.

Elle Mills’ Thoughts on Hair and Inclusivity

Photo of Elle Mills, a YouTuber, sitting on a salon chair and talking with a stylist
Elle Mills on the set of The D Cut.

What do you love most about The D-Cut? What are you most proud of as a cast member?

I think what I love most about the show is the inclusivity. The D-Cut is all about making people feel welcomed for who they are and celebrating how they want to express themselves. And with me being huge on inclusivity and community, it’s so rewarding to get to be a cast member on a show that drives in just how important that is.

I think if you’re going to promote inclusivity, you better be enforcing inclusivity.
Elle Mills

How has your coming out influenced how you see and style your hair?

I think for a long time I was insecure about how I never wanted to straighten it, curl it, or do anything with it like my mom, sisters or my girl friends did, but I think coming out opened my eyes to a community where that was accepted. There are people just like me who prefer the simple life when it comes to hair, but there are also people who go absolutely crazy with colors and styles in the same community! It’s just such a welcoming space that makes you forget about all those insecurities.

What are your suggestions to hair brands so they can better promote inclusivity?

I think if you’re going to promote inclusivity, you better be enforcing inclusivity. I mean that both externally with campaigns and marketing, and internally with who is on your team. It’s equally important to have all different kinds of people and hairstyles showcased in ads, as it is to have different kinds of people within the company to make sure everyone’s voices and perspectives are being heard.

Elle Mills’ Take on Hairstyling and Hair Care

How do you express yourself through your hair?

I’m super simple and I love it! I’ve had the same haircut since I was in middle school. I think I’ve just always been true to myself since I was young, so I decided on a hairstyle I felt was most me and haven’t changed it since!

Can you share with us your hair care routine?

In the shower, it’s that simple shampoo and conditioner life for me. I’ve been trying to skip out on shampoo once every few days recently because I heard that’s good for you, but still working on making that regular! Once I jump out, it’s up in a towel for a good ten minutes, then brushed and parted, and the rest I leave to the air! Air dry is the best dry in my opinion!

What hair products do you love most? Why?

I’m honestly a big Dove fan myself because, of course, it works wonders but also… I love the smell! My family and I have been using Dove products since I could remember so the smell of Dove shampoo in my hair is super nostalgic for me.

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What was going through your mind when you were shooting your content, “My Brother Got Dumped So Gave Him a Hair Makeover”?

Let’s have fun. That was my motto during the whole shoot. The original concept was a lot bigger and involved a lot more people, but because of all that has happened this year, I had to readjust. But honestly, I’m super proud of the end result! It’s the proudest I’ve been of a video in a while! And on top of that, my brother is actually enjoying his new ‘do and getting creative with it, so all parties win!

If you were to give yourself a hair makeover, what will you do to your hair? Why?

Oof⁠—this is a toughy because I am very particular and simple about my hair. But maybe I’d try out a new hair color! Nothing crazy, but perhaps a little browner could be cool!

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Elle Mills’ Thoughts on Filipino Hair Myths

Photo of Elle Mills posing beside bicycles
Elle Mills strikes a pose and enjoys filming for The D Cut.

Hair Myth No. 1: If you go to sleep with your hair wet, you will go blind.

I don’t think I’ve heard the “go blind” part, but I don’t ever go to bed with my hair wet. I think when I was younger, my mom told me it would give me headaches, so I’ve always been one to shower in the morning.

Hair Myth No. 2: If you tie or braid your hair when it is wet, it will turn white or gray.

Again, I don’t think I’ve heard the “turn white or gray” part, but I’ve also never tied or braided my hair while it was wet! Again, I think my mom told me it would give me headaches, so I’ve just never done it! Odd!

Hair Myth No. 3: If you pluck out a white strand of hair from your head, more white strands will grow in its place.

This one I hear constantly! I have been cursed from my [father’s side] with lots of white hair at a very young age. I’ve just recently learned to love it and accept it, but not when it first started happening. My friends used to pluck them out for me when they saw one, but my mom would get upset because she said I was just going to make it worse. Not sure if that’s true to this day, but I’m not going to risk it anymore!

Being true to oneself can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know if others will be accepting. This is why inclusivity and creating a supportive community are important, and Elle champions these so nobody would have to be afraid to embrace themselves.