Easy Hairstyles for Commuters That You Can Wear When Going Out

With these hairstyles for commuters, you can look neat and you can avoid touching your hair whenever you're outside.

Whenever you’re going outside, you need hairstyles that are practical and comfortable. Braids, ponytails, and buns come to mind, as these are easy hairstyles you can create in no time. If you’re looking for ideas on how to rock these looks during your quick grocery runs, check out these roundup of hairstyles for commuters. Whether you’re riding a bicycle, a tricycle, or walking to the nearest supermarket, these hairstyles will make you look neat as you go about your errands.

Our Fave Hairstyles for Commuters

1. Messy Bun

Closeup shot of an Asian woman with black hair in a messy bun hairstyle for commuters wearing striped shirt outdoors
No need to worry about messing up your hair when you have a messy bun to begin with.

Going outside will definitely mess your hair, so might as well embrace the mess and rock a cute messy bun. As soon as you get the tangles out of your hair, ditch the comb and pull your hair up, running your fingers through it as you go along. Make sure it’s loose and imperfect, with a few strands falling on the sides of your face to frame your features. It may be messy but it’s totally cute.

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2. Bandana Updo

Asian woman with bandana updo wearing an off-shoulder top
Protect your hair from pollution with a bandana. Credit: Natasha Estelle

It keeps the hair away from your neck and face with this hairstyle. The bandana even protects your hair from the sun’s rays and pollution, aside from being a stylish accessory.

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3. Space Bun

Hairstyle for commuters: Asian woman with space bun
With your hair in space buns, you’ll still look cute when carrying bags of groceries. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you’re in the mood for something quirky, put your hair in space buns. Just create two buns on each side of your head and jazz up each with a thin braid. It’s a cute and presko hairstyle that will help keep you from getting all sweaty as you do your errands.

4. Boxer Braid

Easy commuter-friendly hairstyles: Asian woman with long black hair in boxer braid wearing a blue sweater outdoors
Feel presko during a hot, sweaty commute with a neat boxer braid.

With a boxer braid hairstyle, your hair will be in place the whole time you’re outside. This way, you won’t be touching your hair too much; hence protecting your strands from dirt and excess oil from your hands.

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5. Side Ponytail

Easy commuter-friendly hairstyles: Asian woman with long black hair in a side ponytail wearing a dark blue off-shoulder top
Make your hair jeepney ride-proof by putting it in a side ponytail.

The side ponytail is also a great alternative to ponytails. It keeps your hair from getting blown by the wind while making you look extra girly and dainty for the day. To make it more polished, wrap a small section of hair around your elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

6. Ballerina Bun

Easy commuter-friendly hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in a ballerina bun wearing a blue shirt
This pretty, commuter-friendly hairstyle can literally take you places.

Put your hair up in a ballerina bun so it does not get to your face as you walk outside. It’s also perfect for summer so you stay cool and fresh despite the scorching heat. 

7. High Ponytail

Easy commuter-friendly hairstyles: Asian woman with long black hair in a high ponytail wearing a pink blouse
You’ll never go wrong with a neat high ponytail, whatever the occasion.

A classic ponytail will get you through a busy day. Put it high on your crown to add flair to this simple hairstyle. If your hair is frizzy, a few spritzes of hairspray can tame those tutsang and give you a sleek and neat finish. 

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8. Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Asian woman with a fishtail braid ponytail wearing a jacket
Put your long hair in a fishtail braid ponytail to keep it neat when you’re outside. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Jazz up your regular ponytail by adding a fishtail braid. You can make your fishtail braid a little loose if you don’t want to stress your hair too much. You can also go for a simple braid ponytail if you want to create a basic three-strand braid. 

9. Dutch Braid

Easy commuter-friendly hairstyles: Asian woman with long black hair in a Dutch braid wearing a white blouse
Put your long hair in a Dutch braid to keep it in place during a stressful commute.

Braids are fun and feminine, and the best part? They’re not very easy to mess up. There are several types of braid that you can choose from, and the Dutch braid is one of the easiest braids that can survive your commute or grocery runs.

10. Bob With Headscarf

Asian woman with a bob with a headscarf wearing a dark blue dress
Use a headscarf to style your bob. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you have short hair, just put on a headscarf or a headband, and you’re good to go! Choose a colorful headscarf so you can rock your ‘do in style. It’s perfect for summer, too!

With these hairstyles for commuters, you won’t have to go outside with unkempt hair.