How To Prep Your Hair for Your Romantic Date Night

Look your best on your date night by following these tips.

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you are surely busy getting everything ready for your date night. Make-up? Check. Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Hairstyle? Almost there. Your hair completes your look, so even if you already have everything ready, your look wouldn’t be as great without a good and suitable hairstyle. Moreover, you should know what you need to have to achieve the perfect look for date night. Here is a quick checklist on how you can prep your hair for your date night.

1. Get enough rest.

Asian girl is wearing a white top and has long wavy hair that's perfect for date night
Sport that Valentine’s glow by getting enough rest. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Rest is very important, as you wouldn’t want to look stressed and haggard on V-Day. Make sure to get enough sleep especially on days before your date night so you get that glow. Your hair will thank you as well, as stress can make your hair look dull and unhealthy.

Editor’s tip: Get your hair date night-ready by washing it with VO5 Revive Me Daily Shampoo. It refreshes your limp hair and gives it more life to make styling it easier. Use it with VO5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner for the best results.

2. Blow-dry your hair.

Asian woman blow-drying her hair for date night
A good blow dry can help get rid of frizz and flyaways. Credit: Hariono Halim

Whether you’re putting your hair up in a bun or loosely in waves or curls, blow drying it beforehand is a great way to get your hair in shape. It gives it bouncier curls and added volume which you cannot get with just an air-dry. Even if your hair is short, blow-drying it can make it look styled and ready for date night.

Editor’s tip: Blow drying frequently, just like using other heat styling tools, can cause your hair to dry up and get damaged. Make sure to give it a few spritzes of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray to protect it from heat. This spray also helps tame frizz, giving your hair a smoother finish.

3. Keep extra bobby pins and elastics in your purse.

Asian woman with ponytail wearing a white jacket outdoors
Bring an extra set of bobby pins with you so you’re ready when your hair gets messy. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This is practical when you have hard-to-manage hair. You don’t want any loose strands falling on your face, do you? So, keep a set of bobby pins and elastics in your purse just in case you need a quick touch up.

4. Bring a small bottle of leave-on cream.

Asian woman applying leave-on cream on her curly hair for date night
Freshen up your locks with a drop of leave-on cream. Credit: Hariono Halim

If your hair gets frizzy on the way to the restaurant, or if you want to add extra shine to your hair before saying hello to your beau, just apply a drop of leave-on cream on your hair. Its subtle fragrance can also help make your hair smell fresh for date night.

Editor’s tip: Use Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream to tame frizz and make your hair smooth in an instant. It is light and non-greasy so you can easily apply it on your hair without the fuss.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of finger-combing.

Asian woman wearing a long dress scrunching her hair for date night
Just finger-comb or scrunch your hair to give it more body. Credit: Hariono Halim

Sometimes, all you need are your fingers to fix your hair. Finger-combing your hair can help get rid of tangles, while scrunching your hair can fluff it up and give it more body.

Haven’t decided on how to style your hair for date night? Check out these chic ideas that will get you ready in minutes!

1. Side-parted and Clipped

Asian girl is facing sideways to show her date night hair that is simple yet elegant
This easy but romantic hairstyle is perfect for date night. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Wanna go simple yet elegant and sweet? Then, go for this side-parted and clipped hairstyle. It is very easy to make and only requires a small yet stylish clip. You can also create loose, big curls for added sophistication.

Editor’s tip: Go for beautiful and voluminous hair by applying VO5 Big Volume Mousse and blow-drying your hair. This mousse is non-greasy and does not add weight to your hair so it feels bouncy and light.

2. Twisted Bangs

Asian girl is wearing a peach dress and her hair is simply styled
Don’t overdo your ‘do for Valentine’s. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Are your bangs at an awkward length? Just twist and clip them to get them off your face. It also suits whatever you have planned on your date night, whether you’re watching a movie or going on a fancy dinner date.

3. Braid Ponytail

Model is wearing a blue dress and her date night hair is a braided ponytail
Add braids to your ponytail for more sophistication. Credit: Hariono Halim

Stunning and elegant yet simple are what would describe this hairstyle. The braids give you a very feminine look while the ponytail keeps you looking sleek and polished all night!

4. Sleek Low Bun

model is wearing a peach lacy dress and her hair is styled well.
Look fab and stylish with a low bun. Credit: Hariono Halim

You will never go wrong with a low bun. It is elegant and sweet and perfect if you’re going to a posh restaurant or hotel on Valentine’s Day. Complement it with your favorite cocktail dress and heels, and you’ll definitely shine on date night.

5. Knotted Bubble Ponytail

model is ready for date night in her bubble ponytail
Make your hair look unique with knots and braids. Credit: Hariono Halim

Yes, you can most definitely wear a ponytail to date night! But try to make it more unique by adding knots and bubbles to it. Go for this ‘do if you’re planning something quirky or playful on Valentine’s Day, like visiting your favorite amusement park or having an evening picnic under the stars.

See, there are so many hairstyles that you can do for your date night! But always remember the checklist so you can prep your hair and look your best on Valentine’s Day.

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