7 Cute and Casual Hairstyles Perfect for Daytime Parties

Check out these casual hairstyles that are absolutely party-perfect!

Night parties are fun, and if you’re a certified party girl, you must be aware that it’s a complete production involving intense glamming up—from the outfit to the makeup, and of course, the hair. What happens though if you hold that party during the day? Well, it’s just as fun and awesome minus all the fuss! Daytime parties don’t require fierce dressing, lots of makeup, or too tight, too sleek, or too curly hair looks. Instead, you can go for casual hairstyles and be ready in minutes!

Whether you’re headed to an afternoon barbeque gathering, a dainty baby shower, or heck, even to a kiddie birthday bash, we’ve got super cute casual hairstyles that all deserve to be seen in broad daylight!

Chic and Casual Hairstyles for Parties

1. Face-framing lace braid

Casual hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark brown hair with lace braid wearing a white jacket and light pink shirt
This simple but stylish hairstyle can jazz up a simple down ‘do.

Braids are charming ‘dos, and they’re also cute birthday hairstyles! And if you want something unique and creative on your special day, try the face-framing lace braid. Lace braiding is similar to French braiding, wherein you cross the right section over the middle section, then the left over the right, except you only add in small sections of hair to the right side as you go along, instead of to both sides. We can already imagine everyone asking you for a step-by-step tutorial!

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2. Baby braid

Casual hairstyles: Asian woman with long black hair with baby braid wearing a white blouse indoors
This hairstyle also works on a lob or shoulder-length hair.

This hairstyle, also called peek-a-boo braid, is actually very simple but has quite an appeal. It’s also easy to create: just take a random section of hair and create a basic three-strand braid. You can take one or two sections—it’s completely up to you! It works on long or medium-length hair and can be a great look for a beach party.

3. Messy bob

Casual hairstyles: Asian woman with dark brown messy layered bob wearing a denim jacket smiling
Prep your short hair for a party by making it messy and bouncy! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Keep your lob or bob from looking flat by going for this messy look. There’s no hard and fast rule about how messy you can make your hair look. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it adds texture and body to your hair, making you look effortlessly chic for a daytime party.

Editor’s tip: Rock this look by spritzing TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray on your hair to keep it from looking flat.

4. Scarf braid

Casual hairstyle: Back shot of a woman with long dark brown hair in scarf braid wearing a white top outdoors
Your favorite scarf can make for a pretty hair accessory, too! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Here’s an easy, no-brainer way to upgrade your regular three-strand braid. Pick a bright-colored scarf, tie one end near the base of your ponytail and start plaiting like it’s part of your hair. Then use the other end of the scarf to secure the end of your braid. Voila! Say hello to a cute yet dramatic hairstyle.

5. Scarf bun

Casual hairstyles: Closeup side view of an Asian woman with long black hair in a scarf bun wearing a blue blouse
Make your bun look more casual with a cute scarf.

Take your scarf braid to the next level by creating a scarf bun out of it. Aside from parties, you can also wear this hairstyle at work to inject a summer element into your corporate attire. Keep the bun low so your hairstyle stays laidback.

6. Half ponytail

Half ponytail: Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair in a half ponytail wearing a floral dress against a pink and white wall
Beat your crazy day with a quirky hairstyle.

The half ponytail is a fun, youthful, happy ‘do that’s perfect for a fun daytime gathering. Liven up the party with a lively look like this the next time you get invited!

7. Half updo with bun

Casual Hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long dark hair in a half updo with bun smiling and wearing a green dress
Put a pretty twist to your usual half updo by going for this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This romantic hairstyle suits a daytime wedding or a special birthday lunch. Complement the half updo with bun with light makeup and simple accessories for understated glam.

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If someone accuses you of being a tita for saying no to a Friday night out,  show them these lovely casual hairstyles that are perfect for daytime parties—these are reasons enough to ditch clubbing for brunching!

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