Asian woman with a half-up bun hairstyle for school

Hairstyles for School: 15 Cute and Easy Looks to Try

Look effortlessly chic in class with these simple hairstyles for school.

We’ve gotten used to working and studying online for the past year, but soon, classes will actually be held in person! Going back to school means getting back to a daily routine that will have you ready in a snap. Aside from making sure that you’ve packed your books, notebooks, and pens in your bag, styling your hair is also part of your morning routine. After all, coming up with cute hairstyles for school is a great way to make each day something to look forward to.

Don’t worry, because you don’t need to create elaborate looks just to hit the school halls in style. We’ve rounded up easy school hairstyles for you—including cute braided hairstyles, buns, and ponytails—so you can be as chic as you want without taking up too much time getting ready.

Pretty and Easy Hairstyles for School

1. Rope Braid

School Hairstyles: Asian woman with a rope braid
Put your long hair in a pretty rope braid for school. Credit: Hariono Halim

This type of braid is the easiest, as it doesn’t require complicated plaiting. Just take a section of hair from your temples up to your crown, divide this into two sections, cross them over each other in a twist. Add more hair as you go along, and continue crossing these two sections until you reach the tips of your hair. Secure your hair with an elastic or hair tie, and you’re done!

2. Sleek, Low Ponytail

School hairstyles: Asian woman with long hair in a low ponytail
Smooth hair makes a simple ponytail look extra chic. Credit: Hariono Halim

This low ponytail is one of our favorite lazy, easy hairstyles for school. Make it chic by parting your hair neatly at the center, gathering your hair on your nape using your hair brush, and tying it with a cute hair tie.

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3. Ponytail With Bobby Pins

School hairstyles: Asian woman with hair in a ponytail
Aside from jazzing up your ‘do, these bobby pins keep stray hair in place, too. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can jazz up your ponytail by accessorizing your hair with metallic bobby pins. Just create a neat side part before tying your hair, then place the metallic bobby pins on one side of your hair. You can make X shapes with your bobby pins or position them randomly on your hair.

4. Bob With Headband

Asian woman with short hair wearing a headband
This hairstyle will only take a minute (or even less!) to do. Credit: Natasha Estelle

In a rush? Go for this easy hairstyle for school. Just brush your hair quickly, then tie a headband or a headscarf around your head, and you’ll be out the door stat!

5. Short Hair With Hair Clips

School hairstyles: Asian woman with short hair with hair clips
Hair clips add oomph to your hair, no matter its length. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can create fun hairstyles for school by mixing and matching hair clips. Be as creative as you like!

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6. Half-Up Space Buns for Curly Hair

School hairstyles: Asian woman with short curly hair wearing a jacket
Going to school is fun especially when you’re sporting this hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This cute and quirky hairstyle adds character to your look! It’s also one of the easiest school hairstyles for short hair, so try this when you have a bob or a lob.

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7. Headband Braid

Asian woman with short curly hair
Don’t know how to style your curly hair? Try this ‘do. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Not only is this braided hairstyle super cute; it’s also practical because it keeps hair off your face. So, whether you’re busy with your science experiments in the laboratory or meticulously taking down notes in class, your hair won’t get in the way.

8. Headband Braid With Ponytail

Asian woman with curly hair in a braid and ponytail
Style your kulot hair this way for school. Credit: Dennie Ramon

You can create a headband braid on long, curly hair, too! To do this, part your hair on one side and start braiding from your hair part towards the side with more hair. Add more hair as you go along until your braid reaches ear level and just continue with a basic three-strand braid. Secure the ends of your braid with bobby pins or a clip. Tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail, including the braided section. Remove the clip from the tips of your braid, unravel this section, and let it blend with the rest of your hair.

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9. French Braid Into Sleek Ponytail

Back shot of an Asian woman with a French braid into ponytail
Concentrate better in class with your hair pulled back in style. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Can’t decide between a braid and a ponytail? Try this simple hairstyle for a school girl. To do this, create a French braid from your crown up to your nape, then tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail using an elastic or hair tie. Wrap a small section of hair around the base of your ponytail and keep this in place with a bobby pin.

10. Half-up Top Knot for Long Hair

Asian woman with a half-up top knot for long hair
Make sure you use enough bobby pins to secure your top knot in place. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Showcase your long, beautiful hair while keeping hair away from your face with a cute top knot. A half-up top knot also looks chic even when worn messy, so don’t worry about making it look perfect.

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11. Bob Braids

Asian woman with braided short hair
This easy school hairstyle for short spices up a bob or a lob. Credit: Hariono Halim

Yes, even short hair can be braided! Just create two tiny braids on one side of your bob and secure them with bobby pins. Pressed for time? Twist instead of braiding these sections. The result is just as chic.

12. Half-Up Bun With Bangs

Asian woman with short hair wearing eyeglasses
Just gather some hair on your crown and form a bun. Credit: Shutterstock

This school hairstyle for short hair consists of a small hair bun on your crown and bangs that are styled in a casual, wispy way. It goes well with eyeglasses, too!

13. Half-Updo for Short Hair

Asian woman with short hair
Pick a cute hair clip for this hairstyle. Credit: Min An from Pexels

If you’re not in the mood for a hair bun, a simple half updo secured by a hair clip is an equally stylish option. It also looks great on short hair with bangs.

14. Side Ponytail

Asian woman with a side ponytail
If you love simple and sleek hairstyles, go for a side ponytail. Credit: Hariono Halim

Make a basic ponytail look dainty by putting it on the side. Then, wrap a small section of hair around your hair tie to make your side ponytail look sleek and chic.

15. Baby Bun

Asian woman with a baby bun hairstyle
A few spritzes of hairspray can help your baby bun last long. Credit: Hariono Halim

This low bun is a great option for medium-length hair. It keeps your hair from brushing your nape, which helps you feel presko on a hot and humid day.

With these easy hairstyles for school, you’ll look effortlessly chic as you go from one class to another. Which one is your favorite?