Choppy Bob: 15 Ways to Wear This Layered Hairstyle

Know how to style a choppy bob with these cool ideas. They're easy and won't take long to finish, we promise!

Thinking of cutting your hair short? Bobs are versatile short to medium haircuts that you should definitely try. If you’ve always had long tresses, bobs are a great way of transitioning to the world of short hair without changing your look drastically. You can keep your bob sleek and one-length, or you can spice it up with some layers. Why don’t you try getting a choppy bob? Get to know more about this trendy layered haircut through these chic hair pegs.

Choppy Bob Hairstyles We Love

1. Wispy Choppy Bob

Choppy bob: Asian girl with brown hair in wispy choppy bob wearing red coat and cream turtleneck shirt standing against blurred background in outdoor location
This laidback and low-maintenance hairstyle is great for second day hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Having a bad hair day? Disguise it with wispy hair. This can work with any hair type or texture. Imperfections actually add to wispy hair’s charm, so if you have strands that are not behaving well, you can just chill and let them be. Spritz hairspray or texturizing spray on your wispy hair so it won’t look flat, then scrunch hair to style. Very easy, right?

2. Curly Choppy Bob

Closeup shot of Asian woman wearing dark blue floral collared shirt with hair in choppy bob against a champagne colored backdground
Curling your choppy bob can give your hair more bounce.

Curls are not just for long hair. If you want a break from your sleek and straight hair, curl your choppy bob. Get a curling iron with a small barrel and wrap a section of hair around it for three to five seconds or until you achieve the curl you want. Curl hair one section at a time, then finish with a hairspray to let your curls last. Prettify your everyday look with a curly choppy bob. You can also wear this hairstyle to work and look hot in your black-blazer-and-slacks getup.

3. Straight and Edgy Layers

Choppy bob: Closeup shot of woman with straight brown layered hair wearing a black top against a white background
Show off your layers by applying hair wax on your palms and scrunching through your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Show off your layers with a straight choppy bob. Use a flat iron to straighten hair from mid-length up to the tips. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to give off a rocker-chick vibe. A straight and edgy bob also makes for an excellent Friday night-out hairstyle when you and your friends are ready to hit the bars.

4. Wavy Bob

Choppy bob: Woman with brown hair in wavy bob in an outdoor location wearing a white dress
Making your bob wavy can help add volume to thin hair. Credit:

Got thin, flat hair? Give it bounce with a wavy choppy bob. You can make subtle waves using a blow dryer or even a flat iron. Don’t want heat? A tousled look is the way to go.

5. Wispy Bob with Center Part

Choppy bob: Runway shot of woman with black hair in wispy medium bob style wearing a white thin-strapped dress with pineapple prints
A center-parted bob suits women with oval faces. Credit:

If you want to make your wispy hair look a bit more polished, just part it at the center. Then, finger-comb and shake your hair to help bring out the layers. The result is a sleek but laidback hairstyle that you can wear from day to night. Sport this ‘do as well on a busy day so you look chic as you hop from one errand to another.

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6. Dyed Layers

Korean Short Hair Styles - Vibrant bob
Let your layers sport a different color for a unique look. Credit: Indigital

Edgy and brave, a layered bob with two or more colors allows you to show your artsy side on your hair. You can even go for ombre short hair for a dramatic color transition.

7. Chin-length Layered Bob with Bangs

chin length hairstyles
Keep your short hairstyle soft and feminine by adding layers and side-swept bangs. Credit:

A chin-length bob doesn’t have to be blunt all the time. It can have layers, too. The layers add bounce and texture, especially when you complement them with side-swept bangs that beautifully frame your face.

8. Tousled Layered Bob

Asian woman with a tousled choppy bob hairstyle wearing a denim jacket
This is a great way to make your second-day hair look stylish: Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you want a messy-chic choppy bob, go for tousled layers. This is the perfect way to sport that woke-up-like-this vibe when you’re in the mood for something hip.

9. Bob with Bouncy Layers

Asian woman with dark brown short hair wearing a sleeveless top
Enjoy a good hair day with a bouncy blowout hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Add more volume to your bob by blow drying your hair while brushing the tips inwards using a round brush. This will create a bouncy blowout hairstyle that you can wear from day ’til night.

10. Medium Bob with Ash Hair Color

Asian woman with ash bob wearing a red blouse
Create a bold contrast with ash hair color and a solid red outfit. Credit: Natasha Estelle

What’s good about a lighter hair color is that it can make your layers and hair texture more apparent. Ash tones like ash blonde or even ash gray can make you look edgy and can even give you a rock star performer vibe.

11. Chic Straight Layered Bob

choppy bob: Model has one side of her hair tucked behind her ear and she looks beautiful
Look sophisticated and stylish with the chic bob. Credit: Shutterstock

This chic bob definitely makes you look years younger. The layers are few and are concentrated on the ends. Best of all, it doesn’t need accessories but just the right anti-frizz products to achieve the desired shape and style of your hair. Whether you’re going out to dinner, meeting with clients, or spending the day at the office, this hairstyle really makes a statement that will turn admiring looks to your direction.

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12. Edgy Bob with Full Bangs

choppy bob: The model's side view is shown to reveal her bangs and the length of her hair
Look like a china doll with full bangs on. Credit: Shutterstock

Bring out that classic china doll look by donning an edgy A-shaped bob hair with full bangs. If you have a heart-shaped or round-shaped face, you will surely love how this hair plays up your strong features. It’s edgy and stylish that will leave everyone in awe.

13. Choppy Long Bob with Bangs

Asian woman with choppy long bob with bangs wearing a white blouse and denim jeans
Make your choppy lob bouncy to emphasize the layers. Credit: Hariono Halim

A choppy lob is just as charming as a layered short bob, especially when it’s soft and bouncy. If you have a long face shape, you can add bangs to balance out your features and have them frame your face beautifully.

14. Pink Choppy Bob

Asian woman with pink choppy bob smiling
Add fun to your choppy bob by dyeing it pink. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also make your choppy bob bolder by dyeing it pink. It’s perfect when you’re fond of experimenting with hair colors to express yourself. Add some side bangs and let your fringe blend seamlessly with your layered haircut for an edgy look.

15. Wavy C-cut Bob

choppy bob: Girl is looking at the camera at an angle and is smiling with her wavy hair
Add a touch of beauty to your hair with waves. Credit: Shutterstock

The C-cut hairstyle became a trend in the late ’90s but it has never left the hairstyle scene ever since. It has gone through modifications and this wavy variation is among our favorites! Its messy look really looks great and is perfect for the K-pop fanatic in you.

With these ideas, you can style your choppy bob in several interesting ways. Stay tuned for more tips on how to style your hair, whether it’s long, short, or medium-length.