Chic everyday hairstyles you can wear to work

Rock the corporate chic look with these trendy everyday hairstyles that will totally up your #girlboss game!

Everyday hairstyles that make you ready to take on the world and climb the proverbial corporate ladder? We’ve got you! I mean, you gotta do it in style, right? How you present yourself at work says a lot about you, so let your hair say, “I mean business!” Here at All Things Hair, we believe that there’s a perfect hair look for every occasion, and that includes your daily grind at the office! Walk your floor like it’s your own personal runway with trendy everyday hairstyles,and be the most stylish boss lady in the building.

To get you started, we’ve put together hairstyles you can try to achieve that corporate chic look. Check out the pretty everyday hairstyles we have below!

Everyday hairstyles you can wear to work

everyday hairstyles for work - half-up with bangs
Office hair look: Sleek half-up half-down with fringe. Credit:

1. Super sleek half-up half-down with bangs

If you have bangs, this style will allow you to show them off while looking polished, trendy, and professional. It won’t get between you and the paperwork because the only hair in front is the fringe, while the rest is neatly and tightly slicked back and secured. To get the look, get your hair super straight by washing with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner. Apply TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops for some serious gloss before ironing the strands from roots to the ends. Brush back the hair at the top and create a half-up. The bottom section should be thinner than the top section. Secure everything with clips and hair ties. Get a fine tooth comb and gently run it through the hair at the top to smoothen any frizz. Finally, spray with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairpray to keep things neat and tight.

everyday hairstyles for work - windswept waves
Office hair look: Windswept waves.

2. Windswept waves

You’ll never go wrong with waves. It’s stylish, and could take you from meetings to after-work dates. Bea Marin did a quick tutorial on how to achieve soft waves like these—you can watch it here.

everyday hairstyles to try: twisted updo w
Office hair look: twisted updo. Credit:

3. Twisted updo

This one’s very chic and fancy and has 100% #girlboss vibe. Just twist the sides to create interesting rolls, and put the rest of the hair into a bun near the nape of your neck. You’re gonna need a lot of bobby pins for this look so make sure you stock up!

Editor’s tip: Make sure your bun won’t come undone as you go about your busy day. Keep your updo up there by setting it with TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray, an all-around hairstyle product that leaves no stiffness or stickiness — just water-free, humidity-resistant flexible hold.

everyday hairstyles center part pony
Office hair look: center part pony. Credit:

4. Center part pony + big black bow

Spice up your regular ponytail by adding an oversized bow that’s visible from the front. Keep it sleek by parting your hair stick straight at the center. The bow effectively adds a dose of pretty and keeps the regular ponytail from getting boring or too formal.

everyday hairstyles for work messy top knot
Office hair look: Slightly messy top knot.

5. Messy-ish top knot

Yes, you can look like a model off duty even if a. you’re not a model, and b. you are on duty. But if you’re going to choose bedhead looks for work, make sure you don’t go full-on messy. You’d still want it a bit controlled and office-appropriate. You can put your hair in a loose bun on top of your head, but keep the stray hairs at the back or behind your ears so you don’t look unkempt.

everyday hairstyles for work - slicked back pony
Office hair look: Slicked back pony. Credit:

6. Slicked back ponytail

Minimal as this style is, you’d look like you’re navigating the runway instead of the office pantry. The poker straight tail is key to nailing this simple but stylish look.

everyday hairstyles 20s waves
Office hair look: 20s inspired waves. Credit:

7. 20s Inspired waves

If you want to wear your hair loose, flowy, and absolutely sexy at the office, this look is for you.  Let your hair down and add nice waves, 20s style. It’s sexy but still oozing with so much class that you can wear it to meetings and other corporate gatherings. It may take a bit more time to do than others; but on days when you have extra minutes to spare in the morning, this look is worth trying!

Editor’s tip: For this look, you’d want bounce and volume so wash your hair with Dove Oxygen Nourishment Shampoo and condition with Dove Oxygen Nourishment Conditioner. Formulated with Oxyfusion Technology, the pair works at helping to keep your hair looking and feeling soft, nourished and full of natural volume.

everyday hairstyles sleek side pony wit side part
Office hair look: Sleek side ponytail with deep side part. Credit:

8. Sleek side ponytail with deep side part

This ‘do is super easy and super chic, and easily keeps your hair away from your face so you can finish all your work without any rogue strands bothering you.

Editor’s tip: This look is all about sleek and shine. Add some to your tresses by washing with Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo and condition with Cream Silk Stunning Shine Conditioner.

everyday hairstyles for work rolled up ponytail
Office hair look: rolled up ponytail. Credit:

9. Rolled up ponytail + net + bow

This hairstyle is very low key in front but has a whole party going on at the back. Just put your hair up in a tight low ponytail, roll it up on itself, then wrap a fine net around it to keep the shape. Finally, loop the hair around the net and elastic, then attach a black bow at the back of your head with the help of a bobby pin.

everyday hairstyles for work double pony
Office hair look: double half ponytail. Credit:

10. Double half ponytail

This hairstyle offers a very polished, put-together look, and surprises everyone with a little twist as soon as you turn around. Those details at the back—winner! It sends a message that you don’t settle for just okay. You aim for awesome—with work, with hair…with everything!

Everyday hairstyles for work - classic low bun
Office hair look: Classic low bun.

11. Classic low bun

Timeless bun hairstyles are always great options for a classy office look. For a professional vibe that’s still soft and dainty, choose a loose low bun with a side-part. If you want it to be extra girly, you can place your bun on the side and leave a few strands loose on the sides of your face.

Rock these everyday hairstyles and show everyone you’re a star (employee and all)!