Celebrity pixie cut hairstyles we love

Mitch | 22 August 2017

The most gorgeous pixie cut hairstyles from the ladies of the red carpet.

The pixie cut trend has swept celebrities off their feet time and again, making it a constant red carpet staple and providing us with endless inspiration. While Winona Ryder’s pixie from the 90s will always have our hearts, we’ve made a list of other lovely pixie haircuts we adore.

It’s a little tricky to pull off, but there’s no denying that a pixie cut is one of the most stylish haircuts that’ll never go out of style. If your hair has never gone shorter than chin-length, wearing your hair pixie style is one way to give your look a bold (and beautiful) transformation.

Get inspired with these pixie cut styles we love

Halle Berry with a pixie cut
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Halle Berry. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Halle Berry

Halle’s feathery fringe

Michelle Williams' blonde pixie cut
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Michelle Williams. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Michelle Williams

A glamorous side-swept pixie

Kiera Knightly with a pixie cut
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Kiera Knightly. Credit: Getty Images

3. Kiera Knightly

Keira’s quasi peek-a-boo pixie

Emma Watson wearing a pixie cut hairstyle
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Emma Watson. Credit: Getty Images

4. Emma Watson

Emma’s choppy short cut

Scarlett Johansson with a short pixie cut hairstyle
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Scarlett Johansson. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Scarlett Johansson

We like how she styles her pixie with waves and texture

Sharon Stone with a pixie cut hairstyle
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Sharon Stone. Credit: Getty Images

6. Sharon Stone

Sharon’s messy pixie

Lily Collins with a pixie cut hairstyle
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Lily Collins. Credit: Getty Images

7. Lily Collins

This layered chop gives Lily Collins an edgy, sexy vibe

Kris Jenner with a pixie cut hairstyle
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Kris Jenner. Credit: Shutterstock

8. Kris Jenner

Mama K’s long, classy pixie haircut

Ruby Rose with an edgy pixie cut hairstyle
Celebrity Pixie Cut: Ruby Rose. Credit:

9. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose’s edgy asymmetrical pixie

So there you have it! The pixie cut is effortlessly chic, it makes you stand out, and there’s so many gorgeous ways to style it—you don’t have to stick to the typical androgynous cut. You can play around with the length, texture, color, and parting. You can even get your bangs involved, too!

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