Boho hairstyles for a carefree look

Kat | 23 September 2018

Inject the boho spirit into your everyday look with these pretty boho hairstyles.

The bohemian look is not just for themed parties. You can sport it everyday as your signature look. Likewise, you can also sport boho hairstyles even if you’re simply going to the mall or to your favorite coffee shop. Boho hairstyles have this laidback vibe that makes you look effortlessly chic. We won’t be surprised if you love them as much as we do. Read on to check out different hairstyles if you want to go boho.

4 Boho hairstyles to try

Boho hairstyles: Woman with long wavy hair
Create pretty beach waves using a curler or a blow dryer. Credits:

1. Beach waves

Nothing spells boho instantly that beach waves. If you have naturally straight locks, you can make your hair wavy using a curling iron or a blow dryer. You can also make waves without heat. Create a tousled ‘do using bobby pins, or go for sock curls. Whichever method you choose, we’re sure the results will be amazing.

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Boho hairstyles: Woman with textured long bob
Spice up your medium-length hair by going for a textured lob. Credits:

2. Textured lob

Bobs and lobs can also boho-fied by adding texture. This hairstyle is perfect when you’ve skipped washing your hair to get to the office in time. If you have thin hair, a textured ‘do will make your tresses look fuller. Just finger-comb your hair, spritz texturizing spray, scrunch your tresses, and voila! Time to head out the door.

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Boho hairstyles: Woman with messy side braid
Braid your hair loosely to achieve this hairstyle. Credits:

3. Messy side braid

Can’t braid to save your life? Don’t worry. A messy braid is perfect when you’re going boho. Simple blow dry your hair, then put your hair on one side. Create a loose, three-strand braid and secure the end with an elastic. You can also loosen a few strands of hair to frame your face. So easy, right?

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Boho hairstyles: Woman with colorful headband
Wearing a colorful, printed headband is a surefire way to rock boho-chic. Credits:

4. Wide headband

This is the big solution to a bad hair day. You can wear a wide headband whether you have long or short hair. Then, complement your hairstyle with a pair of hoop earrings to complete the boho look. If you have long hair, you can put it in a bun before you wear your headband.

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Ready to try these boho hairstyles? Bring out your flowy dresses and skirts, and let the boho madness begin.

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