Bangs with Glasses: Rock This Look with These Hairstyle Pegs

Be a head turner by wearing bangs with glasses. Whether you like your fringe blunt, wispy, or see-through, there's a hair peg just for you. 

When you wear eyeglasses, seeing clearly isn’t the only thing you struggle with. Picking a hairstyle can be a challenge, too. You consider not just your face shape but also your frames when choosing a hairstyle. You might have thought of getting bangs, but then decided against it because fringe might be too overwhelming for your bespectacled face. Well, how about we junk that thought? Fringe and eyeglasses can go together. Check out these ideas on how to sport bangs with glasses.

1. Side Bangs with Glasses

Woman with bob and side bangs with glasses
Make your side bangs more defined by applying spray wax. Credits: Shutterstock

If it’s your first to get a fringe to go with your spectacles, get side bangs. They’re not as high maintenance as full bangs. You can grow out side bangs more easily, too. You can get a side fringe to go along with any hair length, whether you want to have long, goddess-like tresses or a chic bob.

2. Updo with Bangs

Asian woman with bangs with glasses
Create a laidback updo by loosening a few strands of hair and letting these frame your face. Credits: Shutterstock

You may have wanted to put your hair in bun on hot and humid days, but then decided against it. Buns and glasses will make you look manang, right? Not if you do it in a stylish way. Side bangs or curtain bangs can help you look young and trendy when your hair is in a bun and you’re wearing eyeglasses. You can sport this ‘do in school and be one chic lady walking down the hallway.

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3. Blunt Bangs

Woman with long bob and blunt bangs with glasses
Always blow dry your blunt bangs straight and down so they maintain their shape. Credits: Shutterstock

Look sleek and high-fashioned with straight, blunt bangs and eyeglasses. Once you get blunt bangs, you have to commit to daily blow drying and styling so they maintain their shape. You also have to get a trim every three weeks so your bangs don’t interfere with your glasses. You can also get baby bangs, which are shorter than full bangs, if you want to look edgier.

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4. Wispy Bangs with Glasses

Woman with long hair and wispy bangs with glasses
Wispy bangs go well with semi-messy hair. This combination makes for a chic but laidback ‘do. Credits: Shutterstock

Add a bit of drama to your look by getting wispy bangs. Sport these with eyeglasses to create a hip and quirky look. Then, make blowout waves on your hair for that chic, messy-hair-dont’t-care vibe. Go for this ‘do when you want let your hair down but still look stylish.

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5. See-through Bangs with Glasses

Girl with double buns and see-through bangs with glasses
Add a bit of K-pop flair to your hairstyle with see-through bangs. Credits: Shutterstock

Wear this Korean hair trend with your eyeglasses to revamp your everyday look. With see-through bangs, you no longer have to worry about your fringe and eyeglasses covering your face. You can even combine see-through bangs with different hairstyles. If you’re in a playful mood, put your hair in space buns—they go well with see-through fringe, too.

Editor’s tip: Bangs require blow-drying for them to be styled well. Don’t forget to spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray to prevent heat damage and help reduce frizz. 

6. Faux Bangs with Glasses

Bangs with glasses: Girl wearing eyeglasses has her hair in a knot
Look like a celebrity with this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Want to see how bangs will look on you with eyeglasses on but without cutting your hair? Then, go for this faux bangs which look chic and classic. You’ll even look like a celebrity, especially with the top knot. Go ahead and wear this hairstyle that will surely bring admiring looks towards your direction.

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7.  Messy Bangs

Bangs with glasses: girl with eyeglasses looks intently at the camera
Yes, even your bangs can be worn messy. Credit: Shutterstock

We’ve always heard about messy hairstyles, but messy bangs? HmmmHowever, it turns out that you can also wear your bangs the messy way and even wear your eyeglasses with them. It doesn’t need any maintenance because, after all, we’re after the messy effect! If you don’t like your hair kept down, you can also sport a messy ponytail or top knot to match the messy bangs.

8. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

bangs with glasses: Girl leaning against the wall is slightly tilting her head
Look posh and stylish with a fuss-free short hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

We just love the long bangs on a pixie haircut! They make this short haircut look more stylish and sophisticated. Add the eyeglasses and you’ve just put together a scholarly yet fashionable look! This is another proof that bangs with glasses are another fashion statement.

9. Square Bangs with Glasses

Bangs with glasses: Girl is facing sideways and is wearing eyeglasses
Love the retro look? Wear a thick-framed pair of eyeglasses along with your square bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

Square bangs are easy to understand. They’re simply bangs that are wide, reaching a little farther than your temples. It’s the perfect bangs for girls with an oval face because it tends to balance the length and width of your face. Wear eyeglasses and look amazingly gorgeous even with less effort!

10. See-through Bangs with Glasses

Girl wearing eyeglasses is holding the side of here eyeglasses while smiling at the camera
Thin bangs also look great with glasses. Credit: Shutterstock

If full bangs with glasses look too overbearing for you, you can go for see-through bangs. It’s trendy, fresh, and won’t overpower your face if you have a petite face shape.

With these chic hairstyles, you have every reason to wear bangs with glasses. Go ahead and get the fringe you’ve always wanted.

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