Back to school: hairstyles that won’t take up too much time

Ready to head back to school in style?

The thing about heading back to school is that we understand that you don’t need complicated hairstyles. What you need are easy, fuss-free styles that’ll get you looking cute and fresh.

So what you need are a list of go-to chic and quick styles that cut your prep time to give you more time and energy to focus on things that matter most.

Quick and easy back to school hairstyles

back to school hair: hair wrap
Quick hair wrap.

1. Wrap a head scarf or a bandana

Using accessories is a simple way to trick people into thinking that you had time to get ready. Keeping a couple of head scarves or bandanas with different designs to match your everyday outfit will be very handy for those days when you just don’t have the time for hairstyling. Aside from giving you that extra oomph, it injects personality into your look!

back to school hair: side braid
Four plait side braid.

2. Four plait side braid

Braids add texture and beauty to a simple ponytail in an instant. All it takes are a few intricate twists. Best thing about it, you don’t have to make it look clean and perfect.

back to school hair: side-swept
Sideswept hair. Credit:

3. Pinned back and sideswept

This hairstyle is especially great with wavy or curly hair. It’s a simple trick to make your hair look manageable and neat. When doing the soft twist at the top part, make sure it’s not too tight. Give it a little air and clip is securely at the back. That way, your hair would look like it has volume.

Editor’s tip: To keep your hair where you want it, use a wax with definitive hold like TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax.

back to school hair: messy bun
Messy bun. Credit:

4. A messy bun 

This hairstyle is the easiest and fastest among all that’s listed here. It would literally take you about 5 seconds or less to achieve the perfect bun hairstyle. It’s ideal for girls with long locks. Even if you don’t have a fancy hair stick, you can use whatever that’s available like a pencil or a chopstick. It’s easy, low-maintenance and chic.

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