Asian woman with a shag haircut

Love Layers? Try These Shag Haircut Ideas

Here are easy ways to rock this layered haircut.

A shag haircut has heavily defined layers and often has messy or wispy bangs. It also has a feathered top and sides. Most of the volume in a shag or shaggy haircut is usually concentrated on your crown. The result? The bottom section of your hair feels thinner and lighter.

You can style shaggy haircuts for women in different ways. We’ve rounded up some easy looks to inspire you. Check them out.

Our Favorite Shag Haircut Ideas

1. Straight Shag Haircut

Asian woman with a straight shag hairstyle
Choppy layers can help keep your straight hair from looking flat and limp. Credit:

You can keep your hair sleek and straight but still give it the signature rock-and-roll vibe of shaggy haircuts! Keep your bangs wispy for a more casual look.

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2. Shaggy Long Bob With Bangs

Asian woman with a shag hairstyle
Fond of textured, medium-length haircuts? Then the shaggy long bob is for you. Credit: indigitalimages

This shag cut has subtle layers—just enough to add texture. To style, just finger-comb and scrunch your hair and fringe. Enjoy your messy-chic shag hairstyle!

3. Shaggy Haircut for Curly Hair

Woman with a shaggy curly hair
With choppy layers, your curly hair’s natural volume gets evenly distributed. Credit: Gary Barnes from Pexels

Got short curly hair? Make it unique by giving it choppy layers and a fringe. Try this haircut if you’re fond of retro looks.

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Editor’s tip: Naturally curly hair is more prone to frizz and dryness, so it needs all the moisture it can get. For this, we recommend Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Colour Shampoo. It has murumuru butter that deeply moisturizes, keeping your curls from drying out. It also has the fragrance of Bulgarian rose petals, making each hair wash an enjoyable experience. 

4. Long Mullet Shag Haircut

Asian woman with a long mullet haircut
Stand out with a long mullet. Credit: Ron Lach from Pexels

Speaking of #throwback hairstyles, this type of shaggy haircut is giving us major ’80s vibes. It has a long back that covers the nape and layered sides that not only add texture but also give your hair its signature shape.

5. Messy Layered Hair With Bangs

Asian woman with a short shaggy haircut
This shaggy hairstyle looks great with glasses, too. Credit: Shutterstock

Leave your shaggy haircut unstyled, and it comes out as this effortlessly tousled look. It exudes a laid-back vibe, perfect for weekends when you just want to chill out at home and be a couch potato.

6. Shag Haircut With Highlights

Young Asian woman with shaggy hair and balayage
Do you know what looks great on shaggy hair? Natural waves. Credit: pixelshot from Canva

We all know that shaggy hair is in right now, but if you’re looking to take your shaggy style up a notch, consider adding natural waves and highlights! They add color and dimension to your hair, leaving it full of movement.

7. Long Shaggy Haircut With Bangs

Asian woman with brown hair
If you’re looking for a new hairstyle that’s full of attitude and grace, this is your look. Credit: miya227 from Canva

Long, shaggy hair with bangs is easy to maintain because it doesn’t require much styling or upkeep! You can simply apply a styling mousse and let your hair dry naturally (or with a blow dryer).

8. Thin Shaggy Haircut

Asian short hair woman in gym
Looking for a way to give your short hair some extra volume? Try a shaggy haircut. Credit: Glowonconcept from Canva

If you’ve got thin, short hair and you want to add more volume, try a shaggy haircut. This gives your hair movement and makes it look thicker than it actually is.

9. Shoulder-Length Choppy Shaggy Hair

Asian woman in cafe
Choppy, shaggy hair is a great choice for women who want a fun, feminine look. Credit: piyato from Canva

Here’s another shag cut that can add more bounce and volume to your hair. You can leave it down if you want a laid-back look, or you can jazz it up by experimenting with shoulder-length hairstyles.

10. Naturally Wavy Shag Haircut

Asian woman with wavy locks
If you’ve got naturally wavy hair, then the shaggy hairstyle is for you! Credit: miya227 from Canva

Layers are flattering for naturally wavy hair, so try the shaggy haircut if you have this hair type. Don’t be afraid to play around with products that help enhance your natural texture.

There you have it! Now, pick your favorite shaggy haircut peg, and try it in your next makeover. Enjoy!

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