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Silver Gray Hair Color and Other Stylish Gray Hair Looks For Women

Growing out your grays? Or are you dyeing your hair gray? Here are chic ways to rock your new 'do!

It’s 2022 and people are embracing beauty in all forms. This includes appreciating hair no matter its shape or color—whether it’s curly, straight, or even gray. Along with this, gray hair hues started to become popular. One of these is silver gray hair color, or a shade of gray that has a platinum undertone. It looks bright and metallic and is a fresh take on a hair color that’s usually associated with age. 

Unlike before, where women rush back to the salon for root touch-ups when they see even the slightest glimpse of silver strands showing, stylish gray hair is now deemed one of the trendiest hair colors. We curated a collection of stylish gray hair looks for whether you want to accentuate your natural silver strands or bleach your hair silver. Go on, take a screenshot and show your chosen hair peg to your stylist on your next salon visit.

Stylish Gray Hairstyles to Inspire You

1. Natural Gray Streaks

Asian woman with stylish gray hair wearing a black top
Embrace the granny hair trend by leaving your grays be. Credit: Alexandra Tran from Unsplash

Don’t stress out when you see gray strands here and there. Just leave them be and make them part of your look!

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Editor’s tip: More people are now letting their natural grays grow, but if you do want to cover up yours, you can use a temporary hair colorant like TRESemmé Root Touch-Up Spray (Black Color). It’s a lightweight, temporary hair color that conceals gray strands in seconds. The effects last until your next hair wash, so you need not worry if you want to show off your natural grays the next day. 

2. Gray Hair With Dark Roots

Asian woman with stylish gray hair
Keep your gray hair from turning brassy with the help of a purple shampoo. Credit: Henri Pham | Unsplash

Leaving your naturally dark roots be create depth, making your gray hair dramatic and sophisticated. 

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Editor’s tip: Maintain ashy gray strands by using TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo. Its purple formula neutralizes brassy tones, so your bleached hair remains beautiful for longer. For best results, complement your purple shampoo with  TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner.

3. Wavy Silver Gray Hair Color

Woman with her back turned showing her long silver gray hair
Turn heads with striking silver gray hair! Credit: Shutterstock

Ah, the color that’s all over Pinterest. This hair trend is here to stay, so why not change up your look with this hair color? Curl it, give it some beach waves, and get ready for multiple double-taps on Instagram! 

4. Layered Gray Hair

Stylish gray hair
Pixie cuts and long bobs lend an edgy yet sophisticated vibe to your look. Credit: Scott Webb from Unsplash

Let your hair do the talking with a short and sophisticated ‘do. A layered haircut helps give your hair texture, and it also helps distribute your hair’s natural volume. 

5. Chunky Gray Highlights

Asian woman with gray hair highlights
The light gray highlights create a striking contrast against naturally dark hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Chunky highlights are among the looks that are uso this 2022, so jump in on this hair trend along with gray hair! 

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6. Gray Bob With Bangs

Asian woman with short gray hair with bangs sitting on a chair
Keep your gray bob in good shape by blow-drying it and brushing its underside inwards. Credit: Tran Mau Tri Tam from Unsplash

A short haircut with bangs gives you a fresh and youthful look, while the gray hair color makes it edgy. What’s not to love?

7. Gray Hair With Hat

Woman with gray hair wearing a hat
Gray hair looks great with a street-chic outfit. Credit: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Hats complement not just your outfit but also your hair! Choose one with a brim that’s not so wide so you can show off your stylish gray hair.

Are You Ready for Stylish Gray Hair?

Of course, you are! Come and embrace gray hair. As long as you find the style that suits you and the right products to maintain your silver tresses, transitioning to gray will be an amazing experience.