6 Stylish Gray Hair Looks For Women in 2021

It’s 2021 and people are embracing the beauty that’s au naturel and that includes hair in its natural form – whether curly, straight and even gray. Unlike before, where women book emergency appointments to the salon for root touch-ups when they see even the slightest glimpse of silver strands showing, stylish gray hair now paved its way to today’s trendiest hair colors. 

In fact, some women even hop on the ‘granny hair’ trend, with hairstyles ranging from ombre to full-blown silver tresses. We curated a collection of stylish gray hair looks (we also did an article about gray hair for men!) for whether you want to accentuate your natural silver strands or bleach your hair silver. Go on, take a screenshot and show your chosen hair peg to your stylist on your next salon visit.

1. Get  IG-worthy platinum locks.

Stylish Gray Hair 1
Turn heads with striking platinum locks! Credit: Shutterstock

Ah, the color that’s all over Pinterest. The granny hair trend is here to stay, so why not change up your look with this hair color? Curl it up, give it some beach waves and get ready for multiple double-taps on Instagram! 

Editor’s tip: This hair requires multiple bleaching sessions that could damage hair. If you’re using a hair curler, it’s best to coat your strands with a heat protectant to prevent further damage. Our editors love the VO5 Heat Protect Spray, a product that offers heat defense up to 230°C.

2. Grow it out!

Woman with silver hair
It’s time to embrace your natural grays! Credit: Shutterstock

You can never go wrong with taking the natural route. It’s about time you ditch those black hair dyes and love the sophisticated transition of gray to black. It gives that natural ombre look that looks oh-so-amazing especially when the sun hits your tresses. 

Editor’s tip: Natural gray strands are drier than dark strands so they tend to be more brittle. Give your gray hair that well-deserved TLC. To keep your hair shiny and silky, use a conditioner with Vitamin B5 for stronger and healthier hair, like the Vitakeratin Ultra Rich Shine. It also has salon-quality keratin and rose oil for that much-needed shine. 

3. Keep it fierce with a pixie cut or a lob.

Stylish gray hair
Pixie cuts and lobs (long bobs) lend an edgy yet sophisticated vibe to your look. Credit: Scott Webb | Unsplash

Let your hair do the talking with and keep it short and sophisticated. For those growing their gray hair and who would love to transition into natural color, this is perfect. This hairstyle is an edgy look that’s easy to maintain – all it takes is a few spritzes of hairspray to give it texture.

Editor’s tip: You don’t need extra hold hairspray to achieve this edgy yet chic look! Opt for a light hairspray to give volume to hair, such as the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold Hairspray. Its light and the invisible formula won’t make you feel like you’re wearing hairspray, trust us.

4. Go natural and keep your hair smooth.

Stylish gray hair
Keep your hair smooth with a purple conditioner. Credit: Henri Pham | Unsplash

Embracing your natural hair color as it transitions into gray is a process. A dilemma with naturally gray hair is strands become brittle and wiry so we recommend that you keep your hair healthy and smooth!

Editor’s tip: For moisturized hair, use a purple conditioner that gives a cool ashy tone to silver strands. Yes, purple shampoos and conditioners are not only for bleached hair! The TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner nourishes hair while removing brassiness.

5. Add volume and depth to hair with highlights!

Stylish gray hair
A low maintenance yet stunning hairstyle that gives volume and depth to hair. Credit: Oladimeji Odunsi | Unsplash

No, we’re not talking about covering up your gray strands with darker colors. The magic that highlights do is it can create volume and adds a multi-dimensional effect to your hair. This low-maintenance ‘do is one of the hairstyles for gray hair that is a not-so-obvious way to blend and incorporate silver strands to your look.

Editor’s tip: Colored hair requires extra care. Infused with keratin that gives life to dull hair and enhances your hair’s hue, Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive Ultra Conditioner restores the color of your tresses in just one wash. 

6. Wear the balayage hair trend.

Woman with balayage
Hop on the balayage trend. #hairgoals Credit: Valeriia Kogan | Unsplash

Fearless forecast: the platinum hair trend is here, and it’s here to stay. To make it less high-maintenance, go for the balayage look as opposed to donning a full-blown silver hair ‘do. The gray bit softly blends to your roots when it’s growing out, so you only need to schedule salon sessions every few months.  

Editor’s tip: Bleached and natural gray hair tends to turn brassy because of UV and regular shampoos. To bid goodbye to brass, use a shampoo that deposits purple pigments to hair and turns yellowish strands back to ash. The TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo is our go-to purple shampoo that neutralizes platinum hair after just one wash. 

Of course, you are! Come start your journey to embracing gray hair. As long as you find the style that suits you and the right products to maintain your silver tresses, transitioning your hair to gray will be an amazing experience. 

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