Asian woman with a green underlayer hair color

Underlayer Hair Color: 7 Ways to Rock This Trend

Jazz up your look with a sweet surprise hidden under your hair.

Have you heard of the underlayer hair color trend? It consists of hair colors placed at the inner sections of your hair. It’s quirky, and it adds character to your look. With an undercolor, you get to wear your natural hair color (or any color for that matter) on the outer sections of your hair. But once you tie your hair in a half updo or when the wind blows through your hair, a hidden hue gets revealed. This will surely spark “oohs” and “aahs” among your friends and be a conversation starter.

If you want to try an underlayer hair color, here are some ideas. Check them out.

Our Favorite Underlayer Hair Color Pegs

1. Purple Underlayer Hair Color

Asian woman with purple underlayer hair color
Two different shades of the same hue make for a chic undercolor look. Credit: Meng Media from Pexels

Dye the outer sections of your hair a dusty shade of purple, then wear a vibrant one underneath. Now, your look is both edgy and quirky, and your hair is ready when you’re in the mood for either one.

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2. Green Underlayer Streaks

Asian woman with green undercolor hair streaks
Try this subtle way of sporting an undercolor. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Leave your naturally dark hair untouched, but take two small sections of hair underneath and dye them lime green. The striking contrast gives your look character. Getting underlayer streaks is also a clever way to try out a new hair color in small doses.

3. Hidden Unicorn

Woman with a unicorn underlayer hair color
It’s blonde and beautiful on the outside; dreamy and magical underneath. Credit: Shutterstock

Got unicorn hair but don’t want to wear it 24/7? Rock it as an undercolor. Dye the outer sections of your hair a plain simple color like blonde, then surprise everyone with a playful color combo when you sweep a portion of your hair up! On days when you feel like showing off your unicorn ‘do, scrunch your hair to let the whimsical hues show.

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4. Rainbow Layers

Asian woman with long rainbow-colored hair
Make long layered hair more exciting with this interplay of colors. Credit: Shutterstock

Showcase the dimensions of your layered hair by coloring each layer a rainbow hue. You can put your favorite color on the outermost layer, so it dominates your look. Then, let the other hues peek through.

5. Two-Toned Look

Woman with magenta hair and green underlayer hair color
Can’t choose between two colors? Go for this look. Credit: Ryan Rawidhana from Pexels

Pick two colors that complement each other, like dark green and magenta, and combine them in your new look. Let them give your hair an artsy, edgy vibe and make you stand out.

6. Blue Peek-a-boo Underlayer Hair Color

Woman with blue peek-a-boo underlayer hair color
The peek-a-boo underlayer is a more professional and low-maintenance option. Credit: Ibraim Leonardo from Pexels

If you want the best of both worlds (keeping it cool while still office-ready), this underlayer hair color suits you best! It brings the spotlight to your natural hair color while surprising everyone with a vibrant blue slash as you sway your hair. The blue tone also blends beautifully with warm brunettes and stunning blacks.

7. Hot Pink Underlayer Hair Color

Asian woman with pink hair and yellow top
A bold dash of pink will give you that cool feminine aura. Credit: Athena from Pexels

There’s just something cool about dark hair with the contrast of bright pink underlayer hair color to make you stand out. Here’s a style tip: let your brightly colored tresses take centerstage by complementing your look with monochromatic outfits or take it up a notch with vivid colored tops.

Ready to slay with your new underlayer hair color? Be as creative as you like, and have fun with your new look!