Shades of Burgundy Color That are Bagay on Pinays

Redheads have all the fun, they say. But Filipinas can get in on that, too!

Burgundy color on your hair⁠—much like the wine from the region with the same name⁠—is a deep purplish hue that is distinct from the rest of the red hair spectrum. Playing with a range of shades that resembles the intensities of wine, this hair color can also suit the different types of Filipina skin. Whether you’re morena or mestiza, there’s a variety of the pigment to choose from.

As a rule of thumb, since Filipinas are likely to have jet-black hair and this hair color is dark as well, seek the styling and expertise of a professional for the perfect burgundy color for you. (Maybe think of them as the sommelier to your tresses?) They’ll be able to recommend whether you should bleach your hair, or use a certain kind of dye to achieve the right shade of burgundy.

1.  Cordovan

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Burgundy color type: Cordovan’s brownish with signature shades of plum. Credit: iStock

Taking its name from the leather that sports similar dark, brownish hues, Cordovan has distinct brunette tones to complement both fair and olive skin. Brighter, bolder red-brown dyes can rest easily on a canvas of black hair and come out with just the right shade to match you.

Editor’s Tip: When you color your hair, fading is one of the biggest challenges you need to deal with. Use a shampoo that’s proven to prevent fading like TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo. Its color radiance booster helps your hair color last up to twice longer. It even has jojoba oil to help make your hair moisturized and shiny. 

2. Cabernet

Burgundy color Redhead with Red Stick On Nail Art or Nail Polish
Burgundy color type: a deep, rich Cabernet. Credit: Shutterstock

Although, technically, Cabernet Sauvignon is found in the neighboring Bordeaux region, the Cabernet shade of burgundy color for the hair takes some characteristics from the wine. It’s dark and fruity, while also being bold and dense in its hues. Brighter shades will complement fairer skin, but a good blend of dark red won’t clash with morenas’ skin type.

easy updos - upside-down braid
Burgundy color type: Cabernet, showing off its purple hues in this inverted braided bun.

You can also showcase your beautiful Cabernet hair by creating an inverted braided bun. The braid draws attention to the bottom section of your hair and lets people see your reddish-purple hues at the same time.

Editor’s Tip: Nourish the deep, intense color of your hair by using Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner. This sulfate-free formulation is specially designed to protect colored hair from dryness and dullness. It also gives your hair enhanced vibrancy and up to 80% color protection.

3. Claret

Tanned woman with red lips. Tanned woman playing with burgundy color hair.
Burgundy color type: Claret, evenly red with hints of brown. Credit: iStock

The origins of this shade’s name might confuse you. Again, Claret is a kind of wine from Bordeaux, and it is often associated with deep purple in its color, but as a shade of burgundy hair, it is actually more reddish-brown. It’s different from bright red orange, though. So think of this as a tanned type of ginger shade — perfect on sun-kissed skin.

Editor’s Tip: Wear your hair down and relish in its shine and smoothness when you use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask. It can control frizz for up to 48 hours and infuse your hair with keratin from root to tip. 

4. Bright Burgundy

Caucasian woman with shoulder-length burgundy color of hair wearing a blue top
Bright burgundy can help add warmth to pale and fair skin tone. Credit: Shutterstock

This shade of burgundy color suits fair and medium skin tones. If you want to take a break from your dark tresses but don’t want to go too light, then go give bright burgundy a try.

5. Red Wine

Asian woman with red wine hair wearing a mustard jacket on the runway
Nail this hue by making it sleek and shiny. Credit:

Toast to a rich, gorgeous burgundy color by wearing his hue on your hair. It gives your dark tresses depth and makes you look sophisticated and even high fashion.

Ready to try burgundy color? With these five shades to choose from, we’re sure you won’t have a hard time picking the perfect color for you.

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