Burgundy Color Ideas for Filipinas

Looking for a deep red hair color? Try burgundy. Here's what you need to know about this hair color.

Burgundy hair color is characterized by a deep red hue with tinges of purple and brown thrown in. It’s like a sophisticated, red wine color—only it’s on your hair. And if you want to try red hair but you’re not keen on fiery red shades, burgundy color is a good choice.

We’ve rounded up different shades of burgundy color, so you can choose the best one for you. Check them out below.

1.  Cordovan

Asian woman with dark burgundy hair color
Nail this dark burgundy color by keeping your hair shiny. Credit: Mifta Rafli Hidayat on Pexels

Taking its name from the leather that sports similar dark, brownish hues, cordovan has distinct brunette tones to complement all skin tones. It seamlessly blends with naturally dark hair and gives it dimension sans the drastic change.

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2. Burgundy Brown Hair

Asian woman with long burgundy hair
You can wear this color combo using the balayage coloring technique. Credit: Natasha Estelle

With this hair color, you combine burgundy with a shade of brown you like. You can start with burgundy color at the top then let it seamlessly transition to brown tips.

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3. Cabernet

easy updos - upside-down braid
Burgundy color type: Cabernet, showing off its purple hues in this inverted braided bun.

This burgundy hair color has the characteristics of its namesake wine. It’s dark and fruity, while also being bold and dense in its hues. You can showcase your cabernet hair by leaving it down or by putting it up in an inverted braid bun.

4. Merlot

Asian woman with long burgundy hair color
Take your look to the next level with gorgeous merlot hair. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s darker and deeper than cabernet but it’s just as chic. It also blends well with naturally dark hair, so you can wear merlot as highlights or you can leave your roots untouched while dyeing the rest of your hair with this burgundy color.

5. Dark Garnet Hair with Bangs

Asian woman with burgundy hair and bangs smiling
With bangs, you can showcase your burgundy hair color even when your hair is up. Credit: Mellamed on Pexels

This burgundy color has more tinges of red than brown and purplish hues. It adds warmth to your skin. To let this color frame your face, add wispy bangs. The result is a chic and relaxed look that you can wear even when working from home.

Editor’s tip: If you want to include a keratin-rich conditioner in your hair care routine, try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive Ultra Conditioner. It helps keep your colored hair from getting dry and dull, thanks to its keratin essence. It also has keratin serum to revive damaged hair and keratin relaxers to tame frizz, leaving your colored hair beautiful. 

6. Bright Burgundy Color

Asian woman with burgundy hair with white jacket
Want a quirky hairstyle for your burgundy hair? Try space buns. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This shade still has that dark red hue, but the overall color is relatively lighter compared with other burgundy shades. This is a great option if you lean towards vibrant hair colors rather than deep ones. 

7. Claret

Asian woman with red wine hair wearing a mustard jacket on the runway
Nail this hue by making it sleek and shiny. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Toast to a rich, gorgeous burgundy color by wearing this shade on your hair. It’s a combination of deep red and deep purple hues. It gives your dark tresses depth and makes you look sophisticated and even high fashion.

Ready to try burgundy color? With these shades to choose from, we’re sure you won’t have a hard time picking the perfect color for you.


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