Asian woman with short red hair

Short Red Hair Ideas to Add Oomph to Your Look

Try these chic and bold short red hair ideas. You'll fall in love with your new look, we promise. 

Short red hair can spice your look instantly. Imagine wearing this vibrant, flame-like hue on a trendy bob or pixie cut. With this fierce and edgy look, you’ll turn heads wherever you go. You’ll also enjoy snapping selfies and getting creative with your short hair captions when you share your photo on social media.

Red hair comes in different shades, giving you plenty of choices when looking for the one that flatters your skin tone and personality. And if you’re ready to start your new hair journey, check out these short red hair pegs.

Short Red Hair Inspiration for Your New Look

1. Bright Red Bob With Side Bangs

Asian woman with short red hair wearing an off-shoulder top
Add warmth to your skin tone with red hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Look laid-back with short tousled hair with curtain bangs. To create this hairstyle, part your hair and fringe at the center. Next, comb each section of your bangs toward each side of your face. Then, scrunch your hair to add texture for a messy-chic look.

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2. Deep Red Bob With Baby Bangs

Woman with short red hair and bangs smiling
Unleash your fun-loving self with short red hair and baby bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

Create a bold look with baby bangs! They add character to a short haircut. Rock this ‘do with a messy-chic hairstyle, but remember to blow-dry your baby bangs downward and straight so they stay in shape.

3. Pinkish-Red Bob With Blunt Layers

Asian woman with short red hair wearing a white top
Blunt layers make a red bob even edgier. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Look edgy with this short red hair idea. Instead of the usual textured tips, give your layers blunt ends to make your layered bob unique.

4. Short Red Hair With Dark Roots

Asian woman with short copper red hair
With dark roots, you don’t have to go to the salon often for color touch-ups. Credit: Shutterstock

Not into fiery red? Try copper red hair color. It has warm, reddish-orange undertones, so it’s less intense than vibrant red shades. Pair it with dark roots to give depth to your look.

5. Medium Auburn Bob

Short red hair: Woman with red bob
Make your auburn hair sleek and shiny by applying hair serum. Credits: Shutterstock

Another less fiery option is auburn hair color. It’s a combination of red and brown hues that result in a rich, earthy color that varies in intensity. Put this color on a sleek, straight bob, and be amazed at how auburn makes your hair glow when it catches the light.

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6. Raspberry Red Hair

Asian woman with short wavy raspberry red hair with bangs
Stand out with raspberry red hair. Credit: Ike Louie Natividad from Pexels

This shade of red with deep pink undertones reminds you of the bright and juicy color of its namesake fruit. Wear it on short wavy hair to give your look more character. You can also pair it with pink bangs and pink face-framing highlights to create an artsy and edgy vibe.

7. Ginger Bob

Asian woman with short ginger hair with bangs
This shade of ginger can complement any skin tone. Credit: Cottonbro Studio from Pexels

Ginger hair color consists of orange undertones and touches of brown. It varies in intensity, ranging from light, reddish-blonde to deep, copper-like hues. If you like something in the middle, go for a rust-like shade. It’s a blend of orange and chocolate brown hues that results in a rich, warm color. Pair it with a short blunt haircut with full, blunt bangs for a fierce look.

8. Two-Tone Hair

Asian woman with short hair dyed red and moss green
Express yourself by getting creative with color combos on your hair. Credit: Cottonbro Studio from Pexels

Create an eye-catching look by getting a two-tone hair color. Dye the right half of your hair bright red and balance it out with earthy, moss green on the other. This combo makes a bob with bangs look more playful and exciting.

9. Burgundy

Asian woman with short burgundy hair
Try this deep red hair color on your next makeover. Credit: Shutterstock

Love red wine? Let your hair show it by dyeing it burgundy. This deep red color with purple undertones gives you a simple but sophisticated look. It adds drama to your naturally dark hair sans the drastic change.

10. Red Hair With Face-Framing Layers

Woman with red layered hair and bangs looking at the side
Up your hair game with a vibrant red hue and a layered haircut. Credit: Daniela Andrea Nix from Pexels

Layers can help add dimension and movement to short and medium-length hair. It’s a great way to overhaul your look, especially when you get red hair with your new haircut.

Ready to try short red hair? Pick one of these options and have fun with your bold, new ‘do!




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