28 Short Red Hair Ideas to Try in 2022

Try these chic and bold short red hair ideas. You'll fall in love with your new look, we promise. 

Short red hair can instantly spice up your look. And if you’re planning to have a new ‘do in the new year, why don’t you try this? Combine short red hair with edgy hairstyles and the result would certainly be Insta-worthy.

There are many shades of red available, and there’s bound to be one that suits your skin tone and your personality. If you have morena skin, deep and warm shades like wine red and burgundy complement your skin tone. For fair skin, you can try bright red shades. Here are some ideas on how you can rock short red hair.

1. Red Bob with Blunt Layers

Asian woman with short red hair wearing a white top
Blunt layers make a red bob even edgier. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Look edgy with this short red hair idea. Instead of the usual textured tips, give your layers blunt ends to make your layered bob unique.

2. Deep Red Bob with Baby Bangs

Woman with red hair and bangs smiling
What better way to start the new year than with this fun look? Credit: Shutterstock

Be bold with your fringe and get baby bangs! They add character to a medium bob haircut. Rock this ‘do with a messy-chic hairstyle, but don’t forget to blow-dry your baby bangs downward and straight so they stay in shape.

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3. Medium Bob with Side Bangs

Asian woman with red hair wearing an off-shoulder top
Add warmth to medium or morena skin tones with red orange hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Look laidback with a tousled bob and side bangs. If you part your hair on the side, blow-dry and brush your bangs towards the left or the right. If your hair is parted at the center, divide your bangs into two equal sections and let them rest on both sides of your face.

3. Brick Red Pixie Cut

Short red hair: Woman with red pixie cut
Sport a quirky-chic look with a bright red pixie cut. Credits: Shutterstock

Got pale or fair complexion? Add warmth to your face by dyeing your hair bright red. If you’re a performer, sport this look and you’ll surely capture people’s attention when you step on stage. Just go for regular trims every three weeks or every month to maintain your pixie cut.

4. Medium Auburn Bob

Short red hair: Woman with red bob
Make your auburn hair sleek and shiny by applying hair serum. Credits: Shutterstock

If you think bright red is too fiery for you, go for auburn. It’s a shade of red that is a bit toned down. Put this color on a sleek, straight bob, and be amazed at how auburn makes your hair glow when it catches the light.

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5. Auburn Bob with Blunt Bangs

Woman with short auburn hair with bangs wearing a yellow sweater
Short auburn hair also looks great on women who wear eyeglasses. Credit: Shutterstock

Make your auburn bob a bit more hip by going for a short, blunt haircut. Complement it with full, blunt bangs and eyeglasses for that quirky look!

6. Red Asymmetrical Bob

Short red hair: Woman with red asymmetrical bob
Look edgy and trendy with a red asymmetrical bob. Credits: Shutterstock

Do you think that a regular bob looks too mainstream? Go for an asymmetrical one. It looks edgy and adds personality to your look. Dye your bob red and you’ll definitely stand out. Just make sure that your bob is free from tikwas by ironing or blow drying the tips inwards.

7. Dark Copper Bob

Shot red hair: Woman with dark copper bob with bangs
A little dark and a little sophisticated. Try dark copper hair. Credits: Shutterstock

What is copper hair? It’s red with a bit of brown and rust thrown in. Its sophisticated hue makes you a head turner. Try it with layered bob or bob with bangs to play with texture and keep the color (and your hair) from falling flat.

8. Ginger Pixie Cut

Short red hair: Woman with ginger pixie cut hair
With ginger hair, it’s like you’re wearing the color of sunset on your hair. Credits: Shutterstock

Combine red and a bit of orange, and you get ginger hair. This color suits women with pale or fair skin. Get a pixie cut to go with this gorgeous hair color, and you’ll fall in love with how fresh you look afterwards.

9. Short Curly Hair

Short red hair: Closeup shot of a woman with short red curly hair wearing a black tube top
Complement this fierce party hairstyle with an equally fierce and sexy makeup. Credit: Shutterstock

Going clubbing on a Saturday night? Look hot and sizzling with this red curly hairstyle. Brush your hair towards one side, curl one section at a time, and finish with strong-hold hairspray to keep the hairstyle up and banging all night long.

Editor’s tip: Spritz TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray on your hair, and you won’t need to worry about your waves and updos falling flat while you’re hitting it on the dance floor. 

10. Red Bob with Red Highlights

Short hair red: Closeup shot of a woman with short red hair wearing teal tassel earrings and floral dress
Mix light and dark shades of red on your hair to create more drama. Credit: Shutterstock

If you love hair streaks, give this look a try? Get a dark red shade like burgundy as your base, then add light auburn or even rose gold highlights. Then, go for a neatly combed hairstyle to draw attention to your hair colors.

11. Tousled Pixie

Short red hair: Woman with red tousled pixie cut wearing a gray sweater
Chill and chic, this hairstyle is perfect for a trip to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Credit: Shutterstock

Add volume to your red pixie cut by going for a tousled ‘do. Wear this on weekends when going to the mall or when you want to chill at your favorite cafe with a book in hand. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle can also make your tresses look thicker.

12. Golden Copper Lob

Short red hair: Closeup shot of a woman with copper lob wearing sunglasses and white jacket outdoors
This golden copper-colored lob is a great look to wear this summer. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If you want a medium red shade, try golden copper. It can add warmth to your pale skin, making you look fresh and glowing. Complement this fab hair color with well-defined eyebrows and natural-looking makeup to help you exude class and sophistication.

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13. Long Pixie Cut

Short red hair: Closeup shot of a woman with short red hair wearing a striped shirt smiling
Make your new haircut more exciting by dyeing it red. Credit: Shutterstock

This haircut lies between a bob and a pixie cut, so if you want to “short-but-not-too-short” haircut, this is the answer. Then, dye your hair red for a more playful look. Who knows? This hair color might even help you unleash your creative side.

14. Red Wavy Bob

short red hair: Girl looks down at an angle and looks happy
Give your hair more life with waves. Credit: Shutterstock

How else can you add impact to your red bob? With waves, of course! Add waves using a curling iron, then finger-comb your waves to make them loose.

Editor’s tip: Don’t sacrifice healthy hair for a great hairstyle by spraying your hair with VO5 Heat Protect Spray. It keeps your strands safe from heat while letting you style your hair any way you want. 

15. Pink with Red Highlights

Happy girl with red and pink hair
Accent red on pink hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Add some fire to your sweet, pink hair by adding red highlights. You can simply put the highlights near your hair’s partition, or you can scatter them randomly all throughout your hair.

16. Red-orange Side-swept Pixie

short red hair: beautiful girl has her hands together below her chin and looks beautiful with her hair
Let your skin color pop with a fire red hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Let your skin color say ‘hi!’ by wearing a red-orange hair color on your side-swept pixie cut. After washing your hair, give it a nice blow out, then, brush it to the side for a sleek look. Or, if you want it with more body, just use your fingers and swipe them to the side. This hairstyle is a very relaxed look, perfect for staying at home or meeting friends for your weekend afternoon coffee. They’ll surely love your hair!

17. Red and Black Bob

Girl pulling her jacket higher looks great with red hair
Red and black make for an edgy combination. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have naturally black hair, ask your stylist to spare the inner sections from the red hair color so that when you stroke or section your hair, the natural black strands underneath come out.

18. Red Dip-Dyed Hair

Girl is outdoor and holding her hair
Stand out with a dip-dyed hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Try the dip-dyed technique and impress your friends with your new look. It’s a good way to style your hair if you want to jazz up your natural hair color with your favorite hue. No need to worry about touch-ups because the roots remain untouched.

19. Red Bob with Wispy Bangs

short red hair: Girl's side view is shown, revealing her bangs
Bangs make a round-shaped face smaller. Credit: Shutterstock

Got chin-length hair? Add wispy bangs and color your hair red to bring out the fiery version of you. This type of bangs is growing more popular these days because it is a great alternative to full bangs, especially for those who want something that’s a bit more relaxed. The combination of the color, bangs, and the length of the hair can beautifully balance a round-shaped face.

20. Copper Asymmetrical Bob

short red hair: Girl is looking back with her copper hair
Make your bob look more exciting by making it asymmetrical. Credit: Shutterstock

Give your bob a fresh take by making it asymmetrical. The shorter length at the back keeps your nape col, while the longer length at the front helps balance out round or long face shapes. Add red color and prepare to slay!

21. Mahogany Layered Bob

Girl is red has messy-looking red hair
Mahogany is a popular brownish red shade for hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Layers can help disguise thin hair. You can even go out without really doing a lot to fix your hair and just nail the messy look with your mahogany hair color.

22. Red-Orange Curly Bob

short red hair: girl is closing her eyes while touching her cheek
Reddish orange hair makes your skin fairer. Credit: Shutterstock

Love vintage? Then, you’re definitely gonna love this short red hair. Add curls for that old-world glam look. And with red-orange hair color, you’ll definitely make a statement.

23. Straight Ginger Lob

short red hair: girl is looking sideways with her red hair and a headset
Look fun and fierce with straight red hair. Credit: Shutterstock

What’s so great about red hair is that it’s already fab on its own, so even if you don’t do much to your hair, you still look great. When you leave your hair down and straight, the red hue just floats and makes you stand out.

24. Fiery Red Lob

Caucasian woman with short red hair smiling
Look hip and edgy with fiery red hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Diggin’ an edgy, rock star look? Try a vibrant red hair color for your lob or medium bob. Keep your hair textured and messy by simply finger-combing it.

25. Ginger Curls

Caucasian woman with ginger curly hair wearing sunglasses and yellow top
With ginger hair color, your get to flaunt your curls even more! Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for a fun color for your curly hair? Try ginger. It’s bold but it’s not as loud as fiery red, and it works on almost any kind of skin tone.

26. Short Red Hair with Headband

Happy woman with short red hair wearing a headband and a yellow jacket
A cute headband goes with short red hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re having a bad hair day, just put on a wide headband and you’re all set! Wear one with a fun pattern or color to complement your short red hair.

27. Tousled Red Hair

Woman with short red hair wearing a dress and denim jacket
Complement your hip, casual outfit with tousled red hair. Credit: Shutterstock

This look is also a great way to disguise a bad hair day. You can also go for this ‘do to add body and volume to your short, thin hair. To create this hairstyle, curl your hair using a curling iron one section at a time, then finger-comb your curls to make loose waves.

Ready to try short red hair? Pick one of these options and go bold with your look!




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