10 Short Red Hair Ideas to Release the Fire in You

Try these chic and bold short red hair ideas. You'll fall in love with your new look, we promise. 

Red is the color of passion, and for some, it signifies luck. It is a vibrant color that instantly adds life to almost anything: a space, an artwork, or an outfit. Imagine how red could spice up your look if you color your hair with it. Combine it with short and edgy hairstyles and the result would certainly be Insta-worthy. Here are some ideas on how you can rock short red hair.

1. Bright red pixie cut

Short red hair: Woman with red pixie cut
Sport a quirky-chic look with a bright red pixie cut. Credits: Shutterstock

Got pale or fair complexion? Add warmth to your face by dyeing your hair bright red. If you’re a performer, sport this look and you’ll surely capture people’s attention when you step on stage. Just go for regular trims every three weeks or every month to maintain your pixie cut.

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2. Medium auburn bob

Short red hair: Woman with red bob
Make your auburn hair sleek and shiny by applying hair serum. Credits: Shutterstock

If you think bright red is too fiery for you, go for auburn. It’s a shade of red that is a bit toned down. Put this color on a sleek, straight bob and be amazed at how auburn makes your hair glow when it catches light. Nail that sleek look by applying hair serum on your hair.

3. Red asymmetrical bob

Short red hair: Woman with red asymmetrical bob
Look edgy and trendy with a red asymmetrical bob. Credits: Shutterstock

Do you think that a regular bob looks too mainstream? Go for an asymmetrical one. It looks edgy and adds personality to your look. Dye your bob red and you’ll definitely stand out. Just make sure that your bob is free from tikwas by ironing or blow drying the tips inwards.

4. Dark copper bob

Shot red hair: Woman with dark copper bob with bangs
A little dark and a little sophisticated. Try dark copper hair. Credits: Shutterstock

What is copper hair? It’s red with a bit of brown and rust thrown in. Its sophisticated hue makes you a head turner. Try it with layered bob or bob with bangs to play with texture and keep the color (and your hair) from falling flat.

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5. Ginger pixie cut

Short red hair: Woman with ginger pixie cut hair
With ginger hair, it’s like you’re wearing the color of sunset on your hair. Credits: Shutterstock

Combine red and a bit of orange, and you get ginger hair. This color suits women with pale or fair skin. Get a pixie cut to go with this gorgeous hair color, and you’ll fall in love with how fresh you look afterwards.

6. Short curly hair

Short red hair: Closeup shot of a woman with short red curly hair wearing a black tube top
Complement this fierce party hairstyle with an equally fierce and sexy makeup. Credit: Shutterstock

Going clubbing on a Saturday night? Look hot and sizzling with this red curly hairstyle. Brush your hair towards one side, curl one section at a time, and finish with strong-hold hairspray to keep the hairstyle up and banging all night long.

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7. Red bob with red highlights

Short hair red: Closeup shot of a woman with short red hair wearing teal tassel earrings and floral dress
Mix light and dark shades of red on your hair to create more drama. Credit: Shutterstock

If you love hair streaks, give this look a try? Get a dark red shade like burgundy as your base, then add light auburn or even rose gold highlights. Then, go for a neatly combed hairstyle to draw attention to your hair colors.

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8. Tousled pixie

Short red hair: Woman with red tousled pixie cut wearing a gray sweater
Chill and chic, this hairstyle is perfect for a trip to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Credit: Shutterstock

Add volume to your red pixie cut by going for a tousled ‘do. Wear this on weekends when going to the mall or when you want to chill at your favorite cafe with a book in hand. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle can also make your tresses look thicker.

9. Golden copper lob

Short red hair: Closeup shot of a woman with copper lob wearing sunglasses and white jacket outdoors
This golden copper-colored lob is a great look to wear this summer. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If you want a medium red shade, try golden copper. It can add warmth to your pale skin, making you look fresh and glowing. Complement this fab hair color with well-defined eyebrows and natural-looking makeup to help you exude class and sophistication.

10. Long pixie cut

Short red hair: Closeup shot of a woman with short red hair wearing a striped shirt smiling
Make your new haircut more exciting by dyeing it red. Credit: Shutterstock

This haircut lies between a bob and a pixie cut, so if you want to “short-but-not-too-short” haircut, this is the answer. Then, dye your hair red for a more playful look. Who knows? This hair color might even help you unleash your creative side.

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Now, head to the salon and get a makeover. Be bold, take a leap, and try short red hair.

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