Peach hair: Asian woman with peach shoulder length hair wearing a black bonnet and black shirt

Peach Hair Color Ideas We’re Loving Right Now!

Here are different ways to rock this pretty pastel.

In love with pastels? Try peach hair color. It is a mix of pale pink, pale orange, and a warm, golden undertone. It is close to strawberry blonde but has less red in it. Peach hair gives you a soft, delicate vibe. It can also look edgy, depending on how you style your hair. And to help you with that, here are some pegs to inspire you to sport this dreamy hue.

How to Rock Peach Hair Color

1. Light Pink and Peach Waves 

Back shot of a woman with pink and peach hair color
Create a dainty look by combining light pink and peach. Credit: Shutterstock

Touches of light pink can help keep your peach hair from looking flat and washed out. Then, throw in some waves to add texture and dimension.

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2. Peach Undercolor 

Back shot of a woman with braided pink and peach hair
Create an exciting look with a peach undercolor. Credit: Shutterstock

Jazz up your half-updos with an undercolor or underdye hair color. You can either keep your natural hair color on the outer section of your hair or dye it a different shade. Then, when you tie or braid this section, you get to show off a peach surprise!

3. Layered Peach Hair 

Woman with pink and peach hair in a ponytail
Layers make peach hair look edgy. Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Say bye to plain-looking hair by dyeing it peach and adding layers. Leave the shorter sections loose when you tie your hair to create a laid-back, messy-chic look.

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4. Peach Bob  

Woman with short peach hair wearing a cap
Having a bad hair day? Just scrunch your strands, put on a cap, and you’re all set! Credit: Shutterstock

This pastel hue makes for a pretty color for short hair. Wear a newsboy cap if you want a hip and edgy look.  

5. Coral Pink Hair 

Asian woman with short coral pink hair
This warm hair color is flattering for morenas. Credit: Shutterstock

This shade sits on the border of pink and peach. Try it if you want something more vibrant but less intense than other shades of pink.

Be adventurous and get peach hair now! With these ideas, we’re sure you’ll nail your new look.