Peach hair: Rock these pretty pastel with these ideas

Coloring your tresses soon? Try peach hair. Here are different ways on how to rock this pretty pastel. 

Coloring your hair is one of the best ways to express yourself. You can choose classic brown or blonde shades, or you can go bold and let purple, orange, or even blue scream your personality. Pastels are becoming more popular, too. These light colors are so trendy and cute—they can already make you smile as you look at yourself in the mirror upon waking up. If you’re wondering what pastel color to try, why don’t you try peach hair? Here are ideas on how you can sport this dreamy hue.

Peach hair: Asian woman with peach shoulder length hair wearing a black bonnet and black shirt
Let your peach hair stand out by wearing dark head gear or hair accessories. Credit:

1. Shoulder-length hair

Have you had long hair since you were a teen? It’s time for a makeover! Cut your hair to shoulder-length and dye it peach. The new haircut and hair color will surely update your look and make you feel like a new person. Having a bad hair day? Just scrunch your hair to give it a bit of bounce and accessorize with a bonnet or beret.

Peach hair: Closeup shot of a woman with long blonde hair dip dyed in peach wearing a white shirt
With dip dyed hair, you get to keep your natural hair color while trying a new one at the same time. Credit: Shuttertock

2. Long, dip dyed hair

If you don’t want to color your entire hair peach, go for dip dyed hair. This way, you don’t have to retouch your roots right away when your natural hair color starts showing. The stark contrast peach gives to natural dark hair also makes for a dramatic ‘do.

Editor’s tip: Maintain the vibrancy of your hair color by using Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner. This will also help keep your hair from getting dry and dull—a common problem with colored tresses. 

Peach hair: Closeup shot of a woman with peach hair in a top bun wearing a peach shirt
Even a simple hairstyle looks stunning with peach hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Peach top bun

This hairstyle combines both the pretty and the practical. When you have a busy day ahead, put your hair in a top bun. The peach color makes this hairstyle quirky, especially when you leave your bun a little bit messy. Wear this ‘do to school to spread good vibes even when you’re all nervous about your exams. You can also style your hair this way when exploring the city; peach hair makes for an awesome selfie.

Peach hair: Closeup shot of a woman with voluminous peach hair walking the runway
Big hair,big impact! Especially when you have peach hair. Credit:

4. Teased hair

Time to go big—quite literally—with your hair. Tease it to give it lots of volume, especially if you want to have big hair like women in the ’80s. Nail this hairstyle with the help of a tail comb and hairspray with strong hold. If you have pale skin and you have peach hair, the voluminous ‘do will help keep your hair from looking flat and your facial features from looking washed out.

Editor’s tip: Make your big hair last long by spritzing TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray on your roots before teasing. 

Peach hair: Closeup shot of a woman with long straight peach hair outdoors
Keep straight hair frizz-free by applying a drop of hair serum. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Sleek and straight hair

Want to look simple but sophisticated? Leave your hair down and iron it straight to perfection. When gunning for sleek, straight hair, frizz becomes your worst enemy. Keep it at bay by washing your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo. Also, apply a drop of hair serum on your straightened hair to keep it polished and frizz-free.

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Be bold, take the leap, and get peach hair now. With the different ideas on how you can sport this color, we’re sure you’re going to love it.

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