Asian woman with dark brown Korean hair color

Korean Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You a Trendsetter

Check out these bold and beautiful hues that are popular among Korean stars.

Korean hair colors range from subtle, natural-looking hues to fun pastels and edgy ashy colors. They’re seldom loud, but they’re always scene-stealers. After all, who wouldn’t turn their heads when you walk into a room with the same hair color as that K-drama lead? A hair color that pops lets you exude star power, even if you’re not a K-pop idol.

If you’re looking for a new way to ride the K-wave, why don’t you get a Korean hair color? Here are some of our favorites to inspire you.

10 Korean Hair Colors We Love

1. Korean Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with dark brown Korean hair color walking on a sidewalk
Want a no-bleach hair color? Try dark brown. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can choose a deep espresso hue or a rich chocolate brown hair color. Either way, the result is a timeless and classy ‘do that will elevate your look.

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2. Burgundy

Asian woman with burgundy Korean hair color
This hue looks beautiful on any hair length. Credit: Shutterstock

This deep wine shade gives you understated drama. Try this if you love dark hair shades but want a break from Korean brown hair color choices.

3. Light Ashy Purple

Asian woman with light ashy purple Korean hair color
Unleash your inner K-pop star with this hair color. Credit: Meng Media from Pexels

Combine a light purple hue with ashy tones to get this edgy Korean hair color. It gives off an artsy vibe that suits a moody aesthetic.

4. Dusty Pink

Asian woman with a dusty pink Korean hair color
Try this hair color if you want a pink shade that doesn’t look too sweet. Credit Nothing Ahead from Pexels

Here’s what you should get if you want to cop a hair color, Korean style. This dust hair color features a muted shade of pink with gray undertones. Complement this with a short or medium-length haircut to keep your look trendy and fresh.

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5. Copper

Asian woman with copper Korean hair color
Use a color-safe shampoo to keep your copper hair from fading. Credit: Shutterstock

This warm, bold hue can come in metallic reddish-brown colors or vibrant orange tones and other bronze-like shades. It’s a stylish medium brown shade you can try in our next makeover.

6. Money Piece

Asian woman with short black hair and blonde face-framing highlights
A blonde-and-black combo creates a head-turning look. Credit: Cottonbro from Pexels

Money piece refers to face-framing highlights Koreans love! These highlights create a striking contrast against the rest of your hair. For Asians, the money piece is usually blonde or light brown, popping out against their naturally dark hair. Go for this low-maintenance, celebrity-inspired look if you want to spare your strands from the damaging effects of bleaching.

7. Platinum Blonde

Asian woman with short platinum blonde hair wearing a bucket hat
Elevate a casual look with platinum blonde hair color. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Ready for a dramatic change? Get platinum blonde hair for a bold and brave look! Just a word of caution: this Korean hair color may take a few rounds of bleach for your hair to get light enough for this color. Make sure to include damage repair treatment into your hair care regimen to keep your strands from getting extremely dry, brittle, and frizzy.

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8. Strawberry Blonde

Asian woman with strawberry blonde hair
Feeling adventurous with your hair? Try this strawberry blonde hue. Credit: Shutterstock

This warm, sweet shade is a mix of blonde and reddish tones. Strawberry blonde exudes a fun and playful vibe that livens up your everyday look, making it a must-try Korean hair color.

9. Caramel Korean Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with short caramel hair wearing a blazer
Caramel is another timeless hair color choice. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel is a shade of brown with golden undertones, making it a warm hair color that suits various skin tones. Wear it as highlights to give a natural-looking dimension to your dark hair or as a new hair color to create a fresh look.

10. Black With Blue Highlights

Asian woman with blue and teal highlights on black hair
Blue and teal may not be loud, but they’ll make you stand out. Credit: Shutterstock

Exude a mysterious vibe with blue highlights on dark hair. You can combine vibrant shades like cobalt blue and teal to liven up your black hair.

Ready for a new look? Pick your favorite Korean hair color and head to the salon now!