Asian woman with blonde hair color

Blonde Hair Colors to Get Before the Year Ends!

Whether you like ashy or golden hair, this roundup will give you the inspiration you need for your next makeover.

Want a total transformation? Go blonde! If you’ve had dark hair all your life, bleaching your tresses can feel like an adventure. Blonde hair colors come in different shades. They range from pale, almost-white colors to ashy and dark variants. Shades of blonde also come in warm and cool undertones, so you can find one that flatters your skin tone.

Ready to get blonde hair? Use these options as pegs for the color you want.

Our Favorite Blonde Hair Colors

1. Platinum Blonde

Asian woman with platinum blonde hair color
Look edgy by dyeing your hair platinum blonde. Credit: Shutterstock

This pale blonde hair color has a silver, metallic look. It has a cool undertone, but morenas can rock this color by adding more yellow or beige tint to this hair color. The result is a warm hair color that matches their warm undertone.

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2. Ice Blonde Hair

Asian woman with ice blonde hair
Add some waves to keep your ice blonde hair from looking flat and washed out. Credit: Marcus Silva from Pexels

Like platinum blonde, this hair color has a touch of silver. However, ice blonde is so pale that it almost looks white. Exude an aura of a snow queen or an ice princess when you get this blonde hue.

3. Sunflower Blonde 

Asian woman with short sunflower blonde hair
Dye your fringed bob sunflower blonde to create a youthful, trendy look. Credit: Shutterstock

This hair color has tints of yellow and pale orange, resulting in a warm blonde hue. Sunflower blonde is a cheerful color, so try this to liven up your look.

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4. Bronde 

Asian woman with bronde wavy hair wearing eyeglasses
A lived-in look adds charm to this hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This hue is a combination of brown and blonde. Try this hue to go blonde without straying too far from your naturally dark hair color. You can even combine bronde with shadow roots for depth or use it in a balayage hair coloring technique to create a lived-in look.

5. Warm Blonde Highlights 

Woman with warm blonde highlights on long dark hair
If you’re not yet ready for a drastic change, this blonde hair color idea is for you. Credit: Autri Taheri from Unsplash

Speaking of a lived-in look, here’s another way to achieve it. Keep your natural hair color on most of your hair, then add warm blonde highlights at the sides and tips. Have your colorist give it a hand-painted look. The result? A natural-looking blend of light and dark shades.

6. Buttery Blonde 

Asian woman with buttery blonde hair
Add this to your list of favorite warm blonde hair colors. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This medium blonde hair color has golden undertones. It’s a natural-looking hue that works well with shadow roots or as highlights on your dark hair.

7. Strawberry Blonde  

Asian woman with strawberry blonde hair color
You’ll never look plain with this sweet and cheery hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This hair color is closer to red than blonde, but some say it’s a shade of blonde with warm, reddish tones. No matter its definition, strawberry blonde gives you a unique, head-turning look. Try this if you want to stand out.

8. Ash Blonde  

Asian woman with short ash blonde hair
Into ashy tones? Try ash blonde hair color. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This blonde hair color has hints of gray, making it a muted blonde instead of bright and golden. It’s a popular shade of blonde that can make even a simple, blunt haircut look sophisticated.  

9. Light Ash Blonde 

Asian woman with long light ash blonde hair
Maintain the beauty of your ash blonde hair by using purple shampoo. Credit: Shutterstock

This smokey shade of blonde has subtle touches of silver. It’s an edgy hair color that you can wear either on its own or combined with dark roots.  

10. Light Milk Tea  

Asian woman with light milk tea hair
Who knew milk tea also makes for a chic hair color? Credit: Hai Nguyen from Pexels

Have you heard of milk tea hair color? It fuses blonde and brown shades and a balance of cool, warm, and ashy undertones. It also comes in different shades. This light milk tea hair color has a generous amount of ash blonde. Dye the tips of your hair ash brown to create depth and drama.

11. Sandy blonde

Light blonde hair: Woman with blonde hair and wearing a leather jacket in an outdoor location
Want a subtle, matte-looking shade? Give sandy blonde a chance. Credit:

Think of this blonde hair color as muted beige. Leave your roots or the inner sections of your hair dark to create a matte-looking blonde hair color.

12. Honey Blonde 

Back shot of a woman with honey blonde hair
Combine honey blonde and medium brown to give your hair dimension. Credit: Tim Mossholder from Pexels

Get a sun-kissed look with this blonde hair color. It has light brown and golden undertones that make it flattering for morenas. It also has hints of amber mingling with tinges of chestnut brown, resulting in a warm hair color that’s neither bright nor brassy.  

13. Blonde Money Piece 

Asian woman with short black hair and blonde face-framing highlights
The contrast between your blonde money piece and dark hair makes for an eye-catching look. Credit: Cottonbro from Pexels

Wearing face-framing highlights is one of the many ways to rock an e-girl aesthetic. You can also go for this hair trend if you want to try blonde in small doses.  

14. Ash Bronde 

Asian woman with ash bronde hair wearing eyeglasses
Want a low-maintenance look? Get this dark blonde hair color along with dark roots. Credit: Kha Ruxury for Pexels

Get this sophisticated hue when you add ashy tones to your bronde hair color. It’s also a good choice if you’re torn between brown and blonde. 

15. Flaxen Hair Color 

Asian woman with short flaxen hair wearing sunglasses
Nail this brownish-blonde color by keeping your hair moisturized and free from split ends. Credit: Shutterstock

This shade of blonde is a pale golden-yellow hue that resembles the color of wheat. Try this if you want a muted, medium-blonde hair color. 

Not all blonde hair colors are the same, but all are equally chic. Take your pick from this roundup, show it to your colorist, and get the blonde hair color of your dreams!