Hair color for short hair: Bold choices that will put you in the spotlight

Tired of different shades of brown? Want a new hair color for short hair? Here are some bright ideas.

Have you ever experienced having your short hair dyed, only to go home and realize that the color isn’t seen? Have you also gotten highlights, only for them look like random patches of color on your hair? Hair color for short hair involves a different approach from dyeing long hair. Choosing the right hue and coloring technique is key. This way, the color will frame your face beautifully and complement your haircut. Here are some suggestions.

Hair color for short hair: Woman with red hair pixie cut
Unleash your adventurous side with vibrant red hair. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Red

Because of red’s vibrancy, it commands attention whether you use it to color your entire hair or inject it as highlights. If you have pale or fair complexion, bright shades like fiery red or red orange look great on you. Meanwhile, burgundy shades will complement your warm skin tone if you’re a morena.

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Hair color for short hair: Woman with pixie cut and ash gray hair
Going gray can also mean going chic. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Ash gray

Make a pixie cut more edgy by dyeing it ash gray. This hair color goes well with fair skin and dark eyes. Complement ash gray hair with smokey eyes and a deep-red or wine-colored lipstick, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a magazine cover.

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Hair color for short hair: Woman with pixie cut and teal and pink hair
With multi-colored hair, short-haired girls can be mermaids, too. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Multi-colored hair

Who says only women with long tresses can have mermaid hair? Go live out your fantasy by picking unconventional colors like teal or pink. You can even combine two or more hair colors for short hair. Just make sure you go to a skilled hair stylist so the colors will be applied correctly.

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Hair color for short hair: Asian woman with blonde and pink long bob
Mix edgy and sweet with pretty pink ombre hair. Credit:

4. Ombre pink

If you have one-length short hair like a bob, you can effectively pull off an ombre hair. Light shades of pink like champagne pink and rose gold can seamlessly transition to blonde. If you don’t want to blend pink with your naturally dark hair, choose deeper shades like fuchsia or magenta.

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Hair color for short hair: Woman with black short hair and blue highlights
Turn heads with a sleek, black-and-blue hair combo. Credit:

5. Blue highlights

With this hair color for short hair, you don’t have to cover up your natural hair color. Blue highlights add depth to your hair especially when hit by light. This may be an unusual color choice, but trust us, you’ll love the effect. When getting highlights, you can also try the ombre effect. Balayage is also a hot trend because of how “natural” it looks as well as its low upkeep.

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Hair color for short hair is a fun way of spicing up a plain-looking haircut. Now that you have these ideas, share this page with your friends so you can all go to the salon together to have your hair dyed. Enjoy!

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