Asian woman with mahogany hair color for short hair

Hair Color for Short Hair: Ideas for Your New Year Makeover

Liven up your bobs, lobs, and pixie cuts by trying out these hair color ideas for short hair.

Have you ever experienced having your short hair dyed, only to go home and realize that it’s hard to see the new hue? Have you also gotten highlights, only for them to look like random patches of color on your hair? Hair color for short hair involves a different approach from dyeing long hair. Choosing the right hue and coloring technique is key. This way, the color will flatter your face and complement your haircut.

We’ve rounded up our favorite short hair color ideas to give you some inspo. Check them out before heading to the salon.

Our Favorite Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

1. Chestnut Brown

Asian woman with short brown hair with bangs
You can wear chestnut brown as highlights for your short hair. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This hue consists of a deep shade of brown with a reddish undertone. Chestnut brown adds warmth to your face. It’s also flattering for any skin tone. Consider this short hair color if you love dark brown hues.

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2. Burgundy

Asian woman with burgundy hair color for short hair
Love rich, deep hues? Try burgundy. Credit: Shutterstock

This beautiful hair color consists of reds and browns and a hint of purple, resulting in a rich, wine-like shade. Burgundy is a great option if you want to try a deep, red shade instead of a bright, fiery hue. 

3. Ash Gray

Asian woman with ash gray hair color for short hair
Add texture to your gray bob by curling the tips of your hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This edgy hair color looks edgier when you get it for your short hair. It’s flattering for any skin tone as well, so try it if you want a new hair color that suits your morena complexion.

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4. Blonde and Ombré Pink

Hair color for short hair: Asian woman with blonde and pink long bob
Ombré short hair color ideas inspire you to combine different hues. Credit:

If you have a one-length bob, you can effectively pull off an ombré hair. Light shades of pink like champagne pink and rose gold can seamlessly transition to blonde. The result? A unique look that’s bound to turn heads!

5. Caramel

Asian woman with short hair with caramel highlights
A textured hairstyle looks more interesting with caramel highlights. Credit: Natasha Estelle

We love this gorgeous, summer hair color, but of course, you can wear it all year long. Get it as highlights to add dimension to your hair and make your layers look more defined.

6. Bright Pink

Asian woman with bright pink hair color for short hair
Liven up a layered bob by dyeing it bright pink. Credit: Shutterstock

Take your look up a notch by going for a vibrant pink shade. It’s perky and cheerful, and it’s just what you need to create a fun and exciting look.

6. Strawberry Blonde

Asian woman with strawberry hair color for short hair
Yes, we’d love to see your selfie that shows off your strawberry blonde hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Strawberry blonde is the lightest red shade with blonde tones thrown in. It’s a sweet, happy-looking hue, so try it in your next makeover for a quirky look.

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7. Blue Highlights

Hair color for short hair: Woman with black short hair and blue highlights
Turn heads with a sleek, black-and-blue hair combo. Credit:

Add depth to your dark hair by getting blue highlights. They add an edgy, sophisticated vibe to your short hair. Nail this look by keeping your hair shiny.

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9. Purple

Asian woman with short purple hair
Be pretty in purple by getting this color for your hair. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Create a youthful, trendy look by getting purple hair. This medium ash purple shade works with any skin tone, and it adds oomph to a casual look.

10. Money Piece

Asian woman with short hair with blonde face-framing highlights
Face-framing highlights are perfect for mini-makeovers. Credit: Cottonbro Studio from Pexels

The money piece consists of face-framing highlights that create a stark contrast against the rest of your hair. It’s also popular among K-pop stars, so go for it if you love K-pop-inspired looks.

11. Granny Hair

Asian woman with granny colored locks and glasses
Platinum gray hair is always in, no matter the length of your locks. Credit: Christiano Sinisterra from Pexels

Picture this: Your short hair is colored in a sassy spectrum of silvers and greys that make people do a double-take. Far from aging you, the platinum gray hue never goes out of style. Remember, the key to rocking this is maintaining the color, so use a purple shampoo to keep the brassy tones at bay.

12. Black Hair

Asian woman with glasses and black tresses
Like a little black dress, black hair is forever a classic. Credit: Streetwindy from Pexels

This timeless hair color works for everyone, no matter your face shape, haircut, and personal style. It’s like that friendly neighbor who never disappoints—whether you’ve got a killer bob, playful pixie, or edgy undercut, black hair keeps things chic and classic.

13. Black With Dark Brown Highlights

Asian woman with crimped tresses and bangs
For those who want to keep it low-key, brunette highlights are the way to go. Credit: This is Zun from Pexels

This stunning hairstyle choice not only adds depth and dimension to your lusciously dark locks but also gives you that sun-kissed and radiant look. It is also a great option for those who want a color that’s subtle yet makes a huge impact on your look.

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14. Bluish Purple

Asian woman with a purple long bob wearing a black long-sleeved top
Purple hair always makes for a royal statement. Credit: Milkotoraw Photographer

Even as it fades, this hue stays gorgeous, going from bold bluish purple to a beautifully soft lilac, making it easy for you to keep rocking your look with minimum fuss. So why not give this color a shot and make your hair game easy, fun, and fab?

15. Deep Copper

Happy Asian woman with a deep copper bob winking
Who says you have to be a natural redhead to rock a deep copper mane? Credit: Trần Long from Pexels

This daring yet warm color can be a fun and edgy change of pace from your usual style. So go ahead, dare to be different, and try this deep copper hue. It will turn heads and win you compliments wherever you go.

Now that you have these pegs, spread these short hair color ideas to your friends so you can all go to the salon together to get a new look. Have fun!