Asian woman with green hair color.

20 Green Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

Explore these shades and get inspiration for your next makeover!

Have you ever thought about getting green hair? If you’ve been on the fence for so long, now is the time to try it. Green hair is trendy and artsy, and you can include it in various hair coloring techniques. You can even choose from different shades—from pastels to deep and dark ones.  Check out these pegs for your next makeover.

Must-Try Green Hair Colors in 2023

1. Dip-Dyed Green Hair Color

Asian woman with short green hair with bangs
Create a bold and beautiful look with dip-dyed green hair. Credit: Jhefferson Santos from Pexels

Go for dip-dyed hair to enjoy both your naturally dark hair and your new hue. Choose a medium or dark green shade if you want a bold color that your naturally dark hair can seamlessly transition to.

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2. Pear Green Tips

Asian woman with green hair color wearing eyeglasses
We’re loving this pop of pear green on dark, Asian hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Create a fun contrast by choosing a yellow-green shade like pear green. It gives your dark hair a punch of color without being too loud.

3. Green and Blue Balayage Hair

Asian woman with blue and green hair wearing a beret
Get this green and blue balayage hair for a totally unique ‘do! Credit: Natasha Estelle

With balayage hair, the color transitions in your hair look more natural. The colors are strategically handpainted onto sections of your hair. This technique gives your hair dimension. Plus, it’s super chic!

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4. Monochromatic Green Balayage Hair

Back of a woman with long curly green hair
Combine two rich, green shades to create this sophisticated look. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also combine two shades of green in one balayage look. Glam it up with soft curls to give your hairstyle volume and movement.

5. Green Streaks on Long Hair

Asian woman with long hair with green streaks
Make a statement with stylish green streaks. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Color one or two sections of your naturally dark hair with light green and look fab with the stark contrast. You can also get streaks if you want to test if green hair color is for you.

6. Green Streaks on Short Hair

Asian woman with braided short hair with green streaks
Jazz up your bob with a pop of color. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also add a pop of green to your short hair. The color serves as an accent. It adds character, especially when you complement it with a short hair braid and layered bangs.

7. Mint Green and Blonde

Woman with long mint green hair
Be like a mermaid by getting long, green hair. Credits:

Take things to a whole new level of chic by mixing mint and blonde hair! It will definitely give your hair new silhouettes, showing off your style in a different light.

8. Deep Green Highlights

Asian woman with long dark hair smiling
Look sophisticated with dark green highlights on black hair. Credit: Bin Thi U from Unsplash

Wear green in a subtle way by choosing a rich, deep shade that blends seamlessly with your naturally dark hair. It helps add dimension to your hair and makes layers and waves look more defined.

9. Green and Pink Hair

Woman with two-toned bob
Double the fun by getting a two-toned hair color. Credits: Shutterstock

Can’t decide between two hues? Get them both with two-tone hair color. Choose colors that complement each other, like seafoam green and pink. Wear this sweet combo for a playful look, or if you feel like going kawaii.

10. Green and Brown Hair

Asian woman with brown and green hair color wearing a hat
Try this hip color combo in your next makeover. Credit: Kakanda Yonik from Pexels

If you’re into earthy hues, try this two-tone hair color that consists of green and brown. The shades may be muted but the edgy look isn’t any less eye-catching.

11. Split Hair Dye

Asian woman wearing a tube top with split hair colors
Can’t decide on a hair color? A split hair dye is the answer. Credit: Pexels

Here’s another way to wear two-tone hair color: split hair dye. You can make it equal parts bold and subtle by dyeing one side fiery red and the other an earthy shade like moss green.

12. Emerald

Asian woman with short emerald tresses
Wear this jewel-like hue on your hair. Credit: Meijiii from Pexels

Wear this rich and vivid color on your hair to create a look that’s as striking as its namesake jewel.

13. Pine Green

Asian woman with dark green hair color
With pine green strands, it’s as if your tresses glow when hit by light. Credit: Eunice from Pexels

This dark blue-green hue creates an edgy, mysterious vibe. This is also a good option if you love colors with cool undertones.

14. Neon Green Hair Color

Girl in glasses with bright green hair color
Gorgeous, bold, and vivid green hair color is the technicolor dream. Credit: Jeremy Royan from Pexels

When it comes to neon hair colors, the bright green is usually one we often see on celebrities these days. You can definitely pull off this shade too!

15. Underlayer Hair Color

Asian woman with a green underlayer hair color
Hide a pretty surprise under your naturally dark hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Underlayer hair colors (also called peek-a-boo hair colors) are for those who like to keep their bold choices low-key. Apply the hair color to the inner sections of your hair so it will only be exposed if you want it to.

16. Green Under Purple Hair

Asian woman with purple and dark green hair
Wear this color combo on a bob to create a youthful look. Credit: Shutterstock

Combine two trends—underlayer hair color and two-tone hair color—in one look! Dye the outer section a rich, vibrant shade of purple like plum or grape. Then, complement it with a dark green hue underneath for a bold and edgy vibe.

17. Sea Green

Woman with arm tattoos wearing white crop top
Wear the sea on your hair with this hue. Credit: Bruno Castrioto from Pexels

The sea green hair color is a cooler variation to the usual beach hair colors of browns and yellows. You can do a gradient style by applying lighter hues on the tips and letting them transition to darker shades as you approach the roots. This way, you’ll achieve a deep sea effect on your locks.

18. Green Hair With Undercut

Woman in undercut hair with green hair color on top
Make a statement by sporting a colored undercut. Credit: Marcel Chagas from Pexels

In case a bold hair color is not enough, shaved hairstyles give an added edge to your overall vibe. If you’re feeling adventurous or up for a huge switch this year, an undercut is surely one for the bucket list.

19. Ash Green

Asian woman with short ashy green bob hairstyle.
Stand out with ash green hair. Credit: Mikotoraw from Pexels

In love with the ash hair color trend? No need to let it go if you want to try green hair. Instead, go for an ashy green hue to create a mysterious, otherworldly vibe. With this look, you’ll stand out wherever you go.

20. Green Hair With Dark Roots

Woman with light green locks and bangs wearing a teal polo shirt.
Worried about looking washed out? Leave your roots dark for depth. Credit: Gerardo Cejas from Pexels

You can leave your roots dark when dyeing your hair ash green or light green to add depth to your look. This coloring trick also makes your hair low-maintenance, since you don’t need to rush to the salon for touchups when your hair starts to grow.

With these ideas, you have every reason to try this hair color. Indeed, going green is in!