8 Ginger Hair Ideas to Try Now

Check out these pretty ginger hair pegs that will inspire you to get a new hair color.

Ginger hair is part of the red hair color family. It consists of shades of orange with touches of browns. If you want to color your hair red but you’re not keen on getting rich, fiery hues, you can give ginger a try. It’s just the right amount of bold yet subtle enough for everyday wear.

We’ve rounded up a few ginger hair color ideas for you, so you’ll have options the next time you go to the salon for a coloring session Check them out.

1. Ginger Hair With Dark Roots

Woman with short ginger hair wearing a denim dress
A messy-chic short hairstyle makes ginger hair look edgy. Credit: Khoa Võ from Pexels

Dark roots help give your hair more depth and dimension. Just ensure that the transition between your roots and your new hair color is smooth and gradual so it looks natural.

2. Rust

Woman with short rust hair with bangs
Make your bob with bangs look fierce with this ginger hair color. Credit: Cottonbro from Pexels

This blend of orange and chocolate brown makes for a rich, warm hue. If you love browns, try rust hair color for a fresh take.

Editor’s tip: Don’t let your rich hair color fade! Use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo, which has anti-fade technology that’s proven to keep your hair color from fading and make it last for twice longer. This shampoo’s color radiance booster works by creating a waterproof film that coats and binds to the hair fibers to protect them while sealing and locking the hair color inside each strand. Complement this shampoo with TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Conditioner for best results. 

3. Long Curly Ginger Hair

Woman with long curly ginger hair
Jazz up your kulot hair with this color. Credit: Tomaz Barcellos from Pexels

This golden, coppery brown color helps draw attention to the shape of your curls. It also gives your face a warm, sun-kissed glow.

4. Coppery Red Hair

Woman with shoulder-length red hair
If you want a ginger hair color that leans more towards red than orange, try this shade. Credit: Carlos Espinoza from Pexels

With this hair color, you’re bound to be a head-turner even if you simply leave your mane down.

Editor’s tip: Give your colored hair the benefits of keratin by using Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive Ultra Conditioner. It tames frizz, revives hair from intense damage, and restores shine to dull hair. It also helps replenish lost nutrients to colored and chemically treated hair, leaving your colored hair vibrant and more beautiful. 

5. Vibrant Ginger Hair

Woman with short vibrant hair wearing a black coat
This bold ginger hue makes you stand out. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Make a statement with this bold hair color. Add an edgy vibe to your look by pairing this color with a short layered haircut and bangs.

6. Dark Ginger Hair

Woman with long dark ginger hair
This dark hair color is flattering for any skin tone. Credit: Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

This hair color has a brown base with hints of red and orange. You can even add blonde highlights to give your hair color more dimension.

7. Pumpkin Spice

Back shot of a woman with long pumpkin spice hair
Show off this vibrant hair color together with long, wavy hair. Credit: Jenny Uhling from Pexels

It’s not just a popular flavor offered in coffee shops during the Halloween season. Pumpkin spice is a combination of red, copper, amber, and auburn hues. You can make this hair light or dark, depending on what suits your skin tone best.

Editor’s tip: Coloring and chemical treatments can damage your hair. If you notice your hair becoming brittle and extremely dry, you may need to use hair products that help nurse it back to its healthy-looking state. For this, we recommend Dove Keratin Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner. It has keratin-infused serum capsules that go deep into your strands to treat damage from within. With regular use, it leaves your hair recovered, beautiful, and resilient. 

8. Deep Strawberry Blonde

Asian woman with deep strawberry blonde hair
Try this reddish blonde color in your next makeover. Credit: Jamie Saw

This shade of strawberry blonde has enough red in it that it’s almost a ginger hair color. It’s flattering for any skin tone and it’s easy to pair with various outfits and makeup looks.

Which of these ginger hair ideas is your favorite? Don’t forget to snap a selfie when you get this hue and share it on social media so your friends can see how ginger hair color looks on you.

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