Asian woman with cinnamon hair color.

Cinnamon Hair Color Pegs to Inspire You

Fall in love with cinnamon hair and pick from these gorgeous shades.

Dyeing your hair soon? Try cinnamon hair color. It is a medium shade of brown with a bit of orange thrown in. An untrained eye might confuse it with ginger, but these two are different. Ginger has more orange in it, while cinnamon has more brown. Cinnamon hair falls under the brown spectrum, with it being a shade lighter than auburn.

Cinnamon is a warm hue, making it a great summer hair color. It also comes in various shades, which we’ve rounded up for you for inspiration. Check them out.

Cinnamon Hair Color Ideas We Love

1. Classic Cinnamon Hair

Back of a woman curly, cinnamon hair.
Spice up your curls with cinnamon hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This reddish-brown shade reminds you of its namesake spice. It has rich, earthy tones with subtle hints of copper and mahogany. Throw in some pumpkin highlights to add dimension to your cinnamon hair.

2. Cinnamon Hair With Dark Roots

Asian woman with cinnamon hair color on her long locks.
Keep your hair down to showcase its vibrant hue. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Leave your roots dark to add depth and contrast to a classic cinnamon hue. This style also creates a low-maintenance look, as you won’t have to rush to the salon to touch up your roots as they grow.

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3. Cinnamon and Ginger Hair

Asian woman with medium brown hair with bangs.
Try this hair color on short and medium-length hair for a fresh look. Credit: Shutterstock

Combine cinnamon and ginger tones to create this sophisticated medium brown hue. It’s a versatile hair color that flatters any skin tone.

4. Light Cinnamon Brown

Asian woman with long, light brown hair.
Try this hair color if you want to lighten your locks without going blonde. Credit: Pixta

Create a sun-kissed look with light cinnamon brown hair. It is a soft and warm shade that features hints of cinnamon on a light brown base. It also lets you exude a carefree vibe, perfect if you’re into boho-chic looks.

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5. Dark Cinnamon Brown

Asian woman with long, dark cinnamon brown hair.
Nail this hue with sleek and shiny hair. Credit: Pixta

If you love dark brown hair colors, try this shade of cinnamon. It’s a rich and intense hue infused with tinges of cinnamon. It creates a bold yet refined look that will turn heads wherever you go.

What do you think of cinnamon hair? Is it a yay or a nay for you? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Try it, and we’re sure it will be a yay.