15 Bleached Hair Colors That Every Pinay Can Rock

Your new hair color is one scroll away! Take inspiration from this roundup of chic, bleached hair colors.

Bleached hair colors are bold and beautiful. No wonder these colors are sought-after for hair makeovers While bronde and highlights are pretty too, vibrant colors can really make you stand out from the crowd. And if you’re ready to take the leap, here are bleached hair colors that we’ve rounded up for you to give you tons of inspiration.

Bleached Hair Colors You Should Try

1. Platinum Blonde

Bleached hair colors: Filipina woman with platinum blonde hair
Take the leap and go blonde! Credit: Jisa Atrero

This shade of blonde is flattering for morenas, making it a popular choice for Filipinas who want to lighten their hair. Platinum blonde also gives you an edgy, adventurous vibe that makes you a stunner wherever you go.

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2. Golden Copper Brown

Bleached hair colors: Woman with long copper curly hair smiling
Explore reddish hair colors by trying out copper hair. Credit: Tomaz Barcellos from Pexels

Copper hair colors are beautiful as they are, and this golden shade gives your look a fresh-from-the-beach vibe. it also jazzes up kulot hair, so consider this bleached hair color if you want to dye your curly hair.

3. Classic Milk Tea

Asian woman with bleached milk tea hair color
Dark roots add depth to your milk tea-colored hair. Credit: Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

Milk tea hair color is trending all over Asia, and we’re not surprised. Aside from its namesake drink being popular, this hair color is a great combination of warm, cool, and ashy undertones. This makes it flattering for any skin tone and personality.

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4. Pastel Pink

Bleached hair colors: Asian woman with long pink hair smiling
Feel free to be pretty, feisty, or edgy in pink. Credit: Shutterstock

Love pink? Try this pastel shade which can suit various personalities. With this hair color, you can look as sweet as your K-idol or as edgy as your favorite female rock stars.

5. Light Coral Pink

Bleached hair colors: Asian woman with short light coral pink hair
Add this hair color to your list of must-try hues. Credit: Shutterstock

This orangey-pink color has a warm undertone, making it a fun summer hair color to try. It complements your beach tan and makes even a simple bob haircut look fun and exciting.

6. Teal

Shampoo for colored hair: Thai woman with blue lob with bangs posing
Wear your hair like magic by coloring it blue. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

You may think that teal isn’t a light hair color, but it requires bleach. This is because Asian hair has a thicker cuticle and an inner layer that’s rich in warm, dark pigments. With teal having cool undertones, you need to bleach your hair for the color to properly get into your hair.

7. Salmon Pink

Bleached hair colors: Asian woman with faded pink hair
Pastels are among the best bleached hair colors. Credit: Shutterstock

Salmon pink also has a tinge of orange, but it’s lighter than coral pink. Make this bleached hair color stand out by letting your hair down and wearing neutral hair accessories and clothes.

8. Icy Silver

Asian woman with a shag haircut in a bleached hair color
Scrunch your hair to add texture, so your icy silver hair won’t look flat. Credit: Christiano Sinisterra from Pexels

Wanna try cool tones? Try icy silver hair and pair it with edgy, androgynous haircuts like a shag haircut or a pixie cut to create a head-turning, edgy look.

9. Medium Ash Purple

Asian woman with short purple bleached hair color
Add personality to your look with purple hair. Credit: Panadda Suwankundee

Ashy tones make this medium purple hue more sophisticated. Try this if you want a purple hair color that’s a bit less intense.

10. Strawberry Blonde

Bleached hair colors: Asian woman with strawberry blonde hair
Get the best of blondes and reds by going for this hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Torn between blonde and red? Strawberry blonde is perfect for you! It’s the lightest shade in the red hair color family and it’s a great option if you want something bold but not fiery.

11. Aqua

Bleached hair colors: Back shot of a woman with blue hair
Be bold and get aqua blue hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Wear the color of the sea on your hair! Try this vibrant hue if you want to take a break from dark and deep hair colors. It gives your look a fun and playful vibe.

12. Dark Ash Gray

Asian woman with short gray hair
We say “yay” to hair that’s gray! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Stand out with sophisticated, ash gray hair. It flatters any skin tone and it’s easy to pair with any outfit.

13. Silver Gray Hair

Back shot of a woman with gray locks
Try this shade if you want a lighter shade of gray. Credit: Shutterstock

The light, metallic undertone of this bleached hair color makes your ‘do look magical! Glam it up even more by creating gorgeous waves.

14. Greige Hair

Back shot of a woman with greige hairstyle
This color can help define your hair’s layers and texture. Credit: Shutterstock

Combine beige and gray, and you get this bleached hair color. Go for this color if you want to try a warm, gray hue.

15. Unicorn Hair

Asian woman with unicorn locks
Let your tresses down to show off your unicorn hair. Credit: All Things Hair

Create a dreamy look by going for unicorn hair. Combine vibrant shades of blue and purple with pastel pink and peach and have them transition to each other.

What can you say about these bleached hair colors? Which one is your favorite? Schedule your trip to the salon now, get one of these colors, and prepare for a jaw-dropping hair makeover!