10 Bleached Hair Colors That Every Pinay Can Rock

Your new hair color is one scroll away! Take inspiration from these roundup of chic bleached hair colors.

Bleached hair colors are bold and beautiful. No wonder these colors are sought-after for hair makeovers While bronde and highlights are pretty too, wilder colors can really make you stand out from the crowd. And if you’re ready to take the leap, here are bleached hair colors that we’ve rounded up for you to give you tons of inspiration.

1. Muted auburn

Bleached hair colors: Caucasian woman with curly muted auburn hair
Be brave and unleash your wild side with muted auburn curls! Credit: Shutterstock

Getting a muted auburn hair color gives you extra oomph while not treading too far from your naturally dark mane. Pair this color with natural curls, and you get a bold, brave, and adventurous look!

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2. Coral copper

Bleached hair colors: back of a woman with a braided coral copper hair
When it comes to bleached hair colors, you can be as playful as you can be. Credit: Shutterstock

Copper hair colors are beautiful as they are, but if you want to take things further, adding hints of coral. This look appears extra gorgeous under the sun!

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3. Peach

Bleached hair colors: a woman with her hair in a shade of coral
If pink isn’t your jam, peach is perfect for you! Credit: Shutterstock

Peach hair can work for all skin tones no matter the season. Pair this orangey-pink hue with green or sky blue outfits and you’re ready to walk out in style.

4. Pale pink

Bleached hair colors: Asian woman with faded pink hair
Pastels are among the best bleached hair colors. Credit: Shutterstock

Love pink? Going for a pastel shade will set you apart from all the other pink-haired girls. This hair color will give your look character. You can be as sweet as your K-idol or as edgy as your favorite female rock stars.

5. Strawberry blonde

Bleached hair colors: woman with her strawberry blonde laid down
Blonde can get a little wild too. Credit: Shutterstock

Torn between blonde and pink? Strawberry blonde is perfect for you! With a shade right between coral and pink, you’ll have your friends getting intrigued over your look.

6. Honey hair

Bleached hair colors: caucasian woman with honey hair wearing a brown nude top and denim jeans
Blonde with buttery hints can be a sweet change of look. Credit: Shutterstock

Honey hair is another underrated shade of blonde that we strongly believe everyone should give a try. Its subtle tones of blonde, butter, and a few hints of brown and gray give us all the chills and satisfaction we never thought we needed.

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7. Icy silver

Bleached hair colors: woman with icy silver short bob wearing black
The icy silver hair color looks hot on anyone. Credit: Shutterstock

Get icy silver hair, walk on streets with attitude, and turn heads wherever you go. Got morena skin? Don’t worry, because this works perfectly on all skin tones!

8. Purple ash

Ash hair color: Woman with shoulder-length purple ash hair smiling outdoors
Purple ash hair gives your look more character and lets you express your playful self. Credit: Shutterstock

Want a washed-out color with a unique flare? Purple ash is an underrated bleach hair color that will add a playful touch to your look. On first glance it looks like your typical ash but on closer inspection, its subtle purple hues will blow you away.

9. Metallic blue

Shampoo for colored hair: Thai woman with blue lob with bangs posing
Wear your hair like magic by coloring it blue. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

While cotton candy blue is lovely, its metallic sister is also as breathtaking! It’s sparkling sweet and punk edgy at the same time, perfect for any kind of personality. Seal the look with blunt bangs and to add more oomph!

10. Mint green

Vibrant hair color: Fair-skinned woman with long mint green hair wearing a blue jacket outdoors
Green is in! If you have fair skin, try mint green hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This list wouldn’t be complete without this cool shade. Mint green‘s playful hue gives you sweetness and coolness in one go. Put it on your long wavy locks and you’ll be commanding attention like a deity.

What can you say about these bleached hair colors? Which one is your favorite? Schedule your trip to the salon now, get one of these colors, and prepare for a jaw-dropping hair makeover!


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