30 Hair Colors for Fair Skin and Other Skin Tones

Got fair skin? Here are the hair colors that will work for your skin tone!

Whether you have morena or fair skin, choosing hair colors that work with your skin tone is key in rocking your look. From browns to blondes (and every shade in between), there are colors that best suit you. In this gallery, we’re going to help you find the best hair color for fair skin that’s also flattering for medium and morena skin tones. Whether you’re looking for light hair colors, medium shades, or dark ones, we have them here for you. Read on and take your pick.

1. Brown Ombre Hair

Hair colors for fair skin: Asian woman with brown ombre hair wearing a denim jacket
Brown ombre hair adds drama to your look. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

The key to a good ombre is to choose the right color palette for your base and highlights. Pick light and pastel ombre hair colors for fair skin, and a dark base with light brown ombre hair color for olive skin. For girls with curls, ditch the blow-dryer and the round brush when drying your hair and just air-dry your tresses. This way, the waves will separate naturally, and your highlights will be more visible.

2. Black to Brown Ombre Hair

Hair colors for fair skin: Asian woman with long bacl to brown ombre hair wearing a shirt
Leave your black roots be and add ombre drama to the rest of your hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can also start your brown ombre hair a bit further from your roots. This way, you get to keep your natural hair color at your roots and don’t need to worry about color touch-ups. When you have long ombre hair, pay extra attention to your tips. They tend to get drier than the rest of your hair—more so if you have colored hair.

3. Chocolate Brown

Asian woman with long brown hair wearing a dark blue dress
Chocolate brown hair looks its best when it’s kept radiant. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

New to the world of hair coloring? Try chocolate brown. It suits both fair and morena skin tones, so it’s easy to work with. Plus, it’s a great choice if you don’t want a drastic change from your naturally dark hair.

Editor’s tip: Maintain the vibrancy of your colored hair by using TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Conditioner. This duo has anti-fade technology that’s proven to prevent color fading, so you can rock your brown or red hair for a long time. 

4. Platinum Blonde

Asian woman with short blonde hair wearing a hat
Don’t be afraid to try light hair colors like platinum blonde. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This is one of the trendiest hair colors for fair skin and other skin tones, and for good reason. It’s edgy, unique, and it gives you a fresh look. You can even wear a bucket hat together with your platinum blonde hair to create a hip, youthful look. If you want to try light hair colors, consider platinum blonde.

Editor’s tip: Keep your blonde hair from turning brassy by using TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner. This duo’s purple formula neutralizes brassy tones, so your blonde hair stays vibrant and beautiful for longer. It also has jojoba oil to keep your hair moisturized. 

5. Caramel Brown

Asian woman with fair skin and caralmel brown hair wearing a light blue blazer
Caramel brown hair color gives your face a warm glow. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This medium brown shade adds warmth to your face and gives you a fresh, updated look. You can wear caramel brown as highlights or as a new hair color.

6. Ash Blonde

Asian woman with short ash blonde hair wearing a white cardigan
Complement ash blonde hair color with a fresh-looking haircut like a blunt bob. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This shade of blonde looks a bit more muted than other blonde shades like golden blonde and yellow blonde. It’s chic and sophisticated; plus, it’s flattering for any skin tone.

7. Copper

Asian woman with copper hair standing outdoors
Copper hair color helps in adding dimension to your hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This brown shade has a metallic sheen that helps give your hair dimension. It also looks good as highlights on your naturally dark hair or as part of a balayage hair color.

8. Jet Black Hair

Asian woman with long black hair wearing a maroon turtleneck
Rock your jet black hair by keeping it smooth and shiny. Credit: Dennie Ramon

The key to rocking jet black hair: ultra-shiny hair. You can go for straight, sleek hair or glossy, dramatic waves.

9. Medium Brown

Asian woman with long medium brown hair wearing a printed dress
Medium brown hair color adds warmth to your skin tone. Credit: Michelle Pedron

If you want a subtle change in your look, then this is the shade for you. If you’re transitioning from natural black hair, you’d be glad to know that this color will be an easy makeover for your hair since it doesn’t require bleaching.

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10. Sunflower Blonde

Asian woman with blonde hair with bangs
With sunflower blonde hair, you can’t help but smile and feel cheery all day. Credit: Shutterstock

This bright and vibrant blonde hair color gives off a cheerful vibe. It’s also a light hair color that won’t make your skin look washed out.

11. Pastel Pink

Asian woman with pink hair wearing a pink jacket
Pretty in pastel pink! Credit: Shutterstock

Pastels are trending this year, so now is the perfect time to try pastel pink hair! It’s a sweet and happy color that will certainly help brighten your day.

12. Medium Ash Purple

Asian woman with purple hair with bangs wearing a black shirt
This hair color gives your whole look a dose of personality. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This edgy hair color gives you a muted but sophisticated purple shade. Pair this hue with an equally edgy haircut like a blunt bob with blunt bangs.

Editor’s tip: Coloring your hair can cause damage. Revive your damaged hair by using Dove Keratin Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner. It has keratin-infused serum capsules that go deep into your strands to nourish and repair your hair from within. It leaves your hair recovered and beautiful in just one minute! 

13. Hair Streaks

Asian woman with bright hair streaks
Bright streaks on dark hair? We love this look! Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

If you want colors in small doses, go for hair streaks. You can choose bright, vibrant colors and put them in small sections of your hair as accents.

14. Purple Balayage Hair

Hair colors for fair skin: Asian woman with long purple ombre hair
Turn heads with a dramatic purple balayage hair. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

Let your hair transition to different shades of purple with balayage hair. Keep your roots as is, then have your stylist handpaint purple shades on your hair for a more natural-looking effect.

15. Ash Brown

Asian woman with long ash brown hair wearing a blue-green shirt
Update your look with ash brown hair. Credit: Shutterstock

This color is flattering no matter what your skin tone is. Ash brown is the type of hair color that also looks good with any type of haircut—whether it’s straight and long, or layered and wavy. It’s a fairly natural-looking hair color that you can easily maintain and match with different outfits.

16. Peach Hair

Peach hair: Asian woman with peach shoulder length hair wearing a black bonnet and black shirt
Let your peach hair stand out by wearing dark head gear or hair accessories. Credit: Shutterstock

Peach is another unconventional hair color that you can try. It can suit a bubbly and playful personality, especially when you’re in a kawaii mood. This pretty pastel can help add glow on your cheeks on days when you feel down and blue.

17. Teal

Hair colors for fair skin: Side view of an Asian woman with short straight teal hair
Add an ethereal touch to your look with teal hair. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

If you’ve fantasized about being a mermaid, then a rich, teal hair color can make you feel like you’re living this childhood dream. Let the color shine by going for a straight, one-length haircut like a blunt bob. Keep your smooth and frizz-free so you exude a high-fashion appeal wherever you go.

18. Ash Hair Color

Hair colors for fair skin: Asian woman with ash short hair wearing a red jacket
Don’t be afraid to go gray! Ash hair color, when mixed with other hues like browns, can help you create an edgy signature look. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Want to add some edge to your look? Ash hair color can help you. It’s a buildable color and can be mixed with other hues to give your hair a matte and sophisticated finish. You can also help tone down strong and vibrant colors by combining them with ashy tones. If you love wearing colorful outfits and you’re looking for a neutral hair color, try ash.

19. Blonde with Shadow Roots

Hair color for fair skin: Asian woman with golden short hair and fair skin with trees in the background
With shadow roots, you don’t need to color retouch once your hair starts growing. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Shadow roots is a hair coloring technique where the dark roots are left alone or maintained. Your hair starts to transition to a lighter color an inch or two away from the roots. This helps in keeping you from looking washed out. Also, it’s low-maintenance, as you don’t have to retouch your roots right away when your hair starts growing.

20. Honey Brown

Asian woman with honey brown hair
Consider honey when thinking of brown hair colors to try. Credit: Shutterstock

This warm medium shade of brown can also suit different skin tones. Honey hair color has some hints of orange thrown in, so it’s perfect for the summer when you want to show off your sun-kissed glow. 

21. Bright Pink

Asian woman with short pink hair
Have fun with your pink hair! Credit: Shutterstock

Pink is not just a sweet hair color. It can also be hip and edgy, especially when you choose bright and vibrant shades. If you want something different, go for pink hair!

22. Blue and Purple

Asian woman with blue and purple hair
Choose two colors that go well together and wear both of them on your hair. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Feel free to combine two hair colors, like blue and purple! The result is a dreamy and whimsical look that will definitely make you a stunner.

23. Bright Red

Asian woman with red hair
Keep your red hair vibrant by using a shampoo designed for colored hair. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Do you love bold hair colors? Try bright red. It’s fierce and fiery, especially when you keep it vibrant. Just remember to keep it from fading by using hair care products designed for colored hair.

24. Green Dip-Dyed Hair

Asian woman with green hair wearing a denim jacket
Give green hair a go! Credit: Shutterstock

Jazz up your naturally dark tresses by coloring the lower half green. The best thing about dip-dyed hair? It’s low maintenance; you get to rock your look even if your hair starts growing.

25. Rainbow Hair

Asian woman with rainbow hair color
Add loads of personality to your look by trying out rainbow hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Be adventurous with your hair! Combine different colors and create your own rainbow hair. You can either color your like stripe of different colors or have the rest of your rainbow hues be in the inner sections of your hair.

26. Cinnamon Hair

Asian woman with cinnamon hair color for fair skin wearing a white blouse
Add some movement to your cinnamon hair by going to a layered haircut with bangs. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This color is equal parts brown and equal parts orange. It’s a warm shade that flatters any skin tone.

27. Blue Violet

Woman with blue violet hair wearing a black shirt
This hair color exudes an edgy, mysterious vibe. Credit: Mikotoraw from Pexels

If you want a bold, dark hair color, try blue violet. You can leave your roots dark to give your overall hair color some depth.

28. Golden Brown

Asian woman with short curly golden brown hair smiling
Look like you just came from the beach with this hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Go for this shade of brown if you want a hair color for fair skin that gives you a sun-kissed glow. It suits short curly hair, too!

29. Burgundy Brown

Asian woman with burgundy brown hair wearing a black shirt
Love dark hair colors? Try burgundy brown. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Burgundy is a reddish hair color with tinges of purple thrown in. Add brown into the equation, and you get this sophisticated hair color that blends well with naturally dark hair.

30. Strawberry Blonde

Asian woman with strawberry blonde short hair
Pair this cute hair color with an equally cute bob haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

This sweet hair color gives off a cheerful vibe that would surely help brighten up your day. It’s also one of the cutest hair colors for fair skin and morenas, so go give it a try.

Ready for a makeover? Pick a hair color, and get ready to say hello to your new mane. How exciting!


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