Silver hair: 4 Stylish ways to wear this frosty shade

Not so sure about this shade? Check out these looks and start dreaming of wearing silver hair!

Whether you’re trying to slowly begin your transformation to become a grey-haired beauty or you’re just after making a style statement, sporting silver hair is a fashionable hairstyle choice that will quickly bring your hair game to the next level. Pastel and rainbow hair colors are cute, but if you want to upgrade your look with a more sophisticated, grown-up shade, silvery locks could definitely bring you the chic vibe that you want.

As with other hues, you don’t have to stick to the traditional, single-hair-color-all-over. You can be creative and try different ways to strut the shade. In case you’re stuck with ideas, we’ve got a few really chic suggestions.

Silver hair: 4 Ways to nail this look on the head!

black silver hair
Add a little bit of excitement to your look by going for a silver ombré hairstyle. Credit: Dvora

1. Black & silver ombre

If you’re beginning to get bored with your jet black hair, add a little bit of excitement to your look by going for a silver ombré hairstyle. The silvery ends give enough edge to your vibe so you look updated without looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s also a great option if you’re not ready to dye all of your hair this shade because it’s easier to hide, cut, and even re-color in case you change your mind.

Editor’s tip: Keep your ombre vibrant and long-lasting by regularly conditioning it with Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner. It will protect your hair color and keep it vibrant so you get to keep your hair looking awesome for much longer!

purple silver hair
Lilac/silver combination for a pretty and funky vibe. Credit: Dvora

2. Lilac & silver ombre

For a more feminine (and funky) combination, go for a lilac/silver ombré. The touch of pastel definitely gives the look a fun, youthful vibe. And while purple hair is a shade no one would probably miss, the muted tone lends a gorgeous subtlety so it’s not overpowering.

white silver hair
Pair your white silver hair with a fashionable hairstyle.

3. White silver

Who would’ve thought that white-ish silver tresses could look so trendy? The look doesn’t give us any granny vibe at all! One way to keep it young and stylish is to pair the shade with a fresh, fashionable hairstyle like beachy waves.

Editor’s tip: A light shade like this requires bleaching, especially if you’re coming from a darker hair color. If you’re gonna go through the chemical process, make it up to your hair by spoiling it with an after-color treatment routine to repair the damage and nurse it back to health. Use TRESemmé Platinum Strength Treatment Mask every week to revitalize your strands and make them stronger and healthier.

silver hair
A smokey silver shade that’s flattering on any complexion.

3. Silver grey

This smokey silver shade is absolutely gorgeous and looks hot on any complexion because it’s more natural than the other silvery tones.

Editor’s tip: Because it’s a light color, it makes split ends and damage more visible. Minimize split ends, damage, and breakage with Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Intense Repair Conditioner. This pair helps your tresses to recover from damage in two different ways: repairs signs of surface damage, and penetrates the strands to provide hair nourishment deep inside, so your hair looks healthier, more beautiful.

Whether you want it edgy or a bit sweet, simple or sophisticated, there’s a silver hair look you can cop for an icy transformation.