International Women’s Day: 12 Empowering Hairstyles for Pinays

Let these gorgeous hairstyles give you some flair while pursuing what you're passionate about.

International Women’s Day is not just a special date on the calendar because it was declared so. It is borne out of women’s struggle and fight for just working conditions, equality, and fundamental human rights. More than a century after the first International Women’s Day was observed, here we are, celebrating the momentous day that stands for women’s achievements all over the world.

Today, we in All Things Hair are giving homage to all the things that YOU are capable of doing. Let nothing stop you from pursuing your passions. In fact, you can do everything in style with this fab and empowering hair ideas. Check them out.

12 Empowering Hairstyles for Every Woman

1. For the woman who loves to dance

International Women's Day: Asian woman with black hair in a ballerina bun wearing a long-sleeved top outdoors
Put your hair up and get ready to dance.

Try: Ballerina Bun

Whether you’re into ballet, jazz, or hip hop, the ballerina bun can keep your hair in place and off your face as you spend hours and hours of grueling rehearsals. Plus, it’s so easy to do, so you have more time dancing instead of spending those precious minutes fixing your hair.

2. For the woman who loves sports

International Women's Day: Asian woman with long black hair in boxer braid wearing a sporty outfit outdoors
The boxer braid is perfect for an active, athletic lifestyle.

Try: Boxer Braid

Do you love running? Boxing? How about working out? Stay comfortable and stylish while doing all these physical activities with a boxer braid. You can do this hairstyle both on long and shoulder-length hair. And like the ballerina bun, it keeps all strands in place so you can throw those punches or run several miles with no distractions.

3. For the woman who loves to paint

International Women's Day: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with black hair in double Dutch braid bun painting a tree on a canvas
Let your hair be a masterpiece by putting it in a double Dutch braid bun.

Try: Double Dutch Braid Bun

Let your love of art show in a beautifully made double Dutch braid bun. It’s cute and easy to do as well. You simply have to put the lower half of your boxer braid into double buns, and you’re done. Now, get ready to unleash your inner Picasso.

4. For the woman who loves yoga

International Women's Day: Asian woman with long black hair in fishtail braid doing yoga in a room
Find your center in style with a chic fishtail braid.

Try: Fishtail Braid

Yoga isn’t just about stretching and doing poses (and then posting your yoga pics on Instagram). It actually builds strength, aside from letting you calm your mind and spirit. Mix strength and style with a simple fishtail braid. You can wear this hairstyle when doing light workouts as well.

5. For the woman who lives and breathes fashion

Asian woman with messy layered bob wearing a shirt and denim jacket
Don’t be afraid to leave your hair messy. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Try: Messy Layered Bob

Your hair doesn’t always need to be sleek and polished, having no strand out of place. Part of being a fashionista is experimenting with different hairstyles—even the messy ones. Why don’t you try the messy layered bob? It can be your go-to hairstyle to complement chic and edgy outfits!

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6. For the woman who loves to explore

International Women's Day: Asian woman with long black hair in a messy bun wearing a striped shirt and holding a camera
With a messy bun, you don’t need to worry about your hair getting ruined. It’s messy (but chic) anyway!

Try: Messy Bun

Are you going on a walking tour around your city? Explore inner streets, try out new food parks, and discover your city’s secrets without your hair bothering you. Just put your tresses up in a no-fuss, messy bun, grab your camera, and get going.

7. For the woman who works from home

International Women's Day: Asian woman with long black hair in a banana bun wearing a dark pink sweater
Look stylish even when you are working from home with a chic banana bun.

Try: Banana Bun

Working from home is a growing trend, especially with the rise of freelancers and homepreneurs who run a variety of business—whether it’s arts and crafts, baking, or consultancy work. If you work from home, you can put your hair in an easy-to-do banana bun so you can stay laidback but chic as you do another round of Skype conference call.

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8. For the woman who slays in the corporate world

International Women's Day: Asian woman with long brown hair in a bun with faux bangs wearing a gray blazer
Don’t be afraid to show some personality at work with a hairstyle that is so you.

Try: Faux Bangs

Get both a neat updo and chic fringe (without actually cutting your hair). With faux bangs, you can add personality to your corporate attire, so you retain your individuality in a sea of blazer-wearing folks at work. And who knows? Great hair can give you that boost of confidence you need to nail that client pitch.

9. For the multi-hyphenated woman

Asian woman with a big top know hairstyle
Let your big top know speak of how smart, strong, and talented you are. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Try: Big Top Knot

Are you an accountant by day and a musician by night? Are you work-from-home writer who also loves to bake and make homemade jewelry? There are no limits to what we women can do, and being multi-hyphenated is among the things we celebrate about women, not just on International Women’s Day. If you’re like this, a chic but practical hairstyle is perfect like the big top knot. The best thing about this ‘do? It keeps your hair out of the way while you hustle like the superwoman that you are!

10. For the fit and fab woman

Asian woman with a low bubble ponytail hairstyle wearing a black tank top
Let your workouts inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Try: Low Bubble Ponytail

If having an active lifestyle is part of who you are, then we salute you for this commitment. In fact, you might not know it, but you may be inspiring your fellow Pinays to be healthier. For your daily workouts or jogs around the neighborhood, we recommend the low bubble ponytail. You can do this hairstyle whether you have long or medium-length hair. And since your hair is kept in place, you can focus more on your workout and have more fun at it, especially when you’re with your friends.

11. For the woman who loves to cheer

Back shot of an Asian woman with a double braided ponytail
Put on your best smile and do your best cheer! Credit: Hariono Halim

Try: Double Braided Ponytail

Whether you’re a school cheerleader or not, there’s something about the double braided ponytail that makes you feel energetic and positive that you want to spread this spirit. Whenever you’re off to cheer your school team or boost the morale of a friend who’s feeling down, this hairstyle can help highlight your smile and brighten up another person’s day.

12. For the woman who loves her curls

Asian woman with long curly hair wearing an orange top
Kulot hair is beautiful, so go be proud of your curls! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Try: Curly Half Updo

Certain hair stereotypes still exist, like straight is hair is more attractive than curls. This is why many women go to great lengths to straighten their hair. There’s nothing wrong with straightening treatments per se, but doing them because you hate your natural curls can lead to being uncomfortable with your natural attributes. If you have kulot hair, we say be proud of it! Show the world how naturally curly hair is beautiful and fun with a quirky hairstyle like a curly half updo. That scarf even adds personality to your look.

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Beauty is not just about looking good, but more importantly, it’s about feeling good, so nothing can get in the way of your goals. Be proud of what you can do and what you can be. Don’t worry about your hair—every strand will be in its place while you take yours in the boardroom, on stage, on the runway, on the podium, wherever your dreams and goals take you.

Happy International Women’s Day!