Haircut at Home: Should You DIY or Not?

Doing a haircut at home is no easy feat. Before you take on the challenge yourself, evaluate and answer these three important questions.

Everybody loves a DIY project. There’s a certain pride that comes after successful projects, and we all enjoy that. But there are some things you can’t just wing if you lack the technical know-how. One of these is a haircut at home.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not totally putting down the idea of doing your own haircut. If your mother, father, friend, or even yourself have been doing it for most of your life, then good for you. Otherwise, we firmly believe doing a haircut at home on your own isn’t something you can easily jump into. But if you’re really determined to do this, we’ve got questions for you before you grab your nippers.

1. Do you have the right skills?

Haircut at home: a flat lay of hair with scissors and comb
You can watch step-by-step tutorial videos on YouTube, but we warn you it wouldn’t be easy. Credit: Shutterstock

Performing a haircut at home requires mastered skills to achieve the best output. There are certain strokes, cutting techniques, and necessary hair parting you need to do to achieve a specific look. Unless you know these things, it’s better to not do your haircut at home.

Flatlay of detoxifying and cleansing shampoos and conditioner with leaves and other props
Make sure your hair is clean before you do your haircut at home. Credit: All Things Hair Studio

Editor’s tip: Before you cut your hair, wash it well first to remove dirt and excess oil. We recommend TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo and TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Conditioner. These products have green tea and ginger that helps in deep cleansing while replenishing lost nutrients in your hair. If you want products with more plant-based ingredients, try Love Beauty & Planet Radical Refresher Shampoo and Love Beauty & Planet Radical Refresher Conditioner. This duo helps cleanse greasy scalp and gently volumizes hair as well. 

2. Do you have the right tools for doing a haircut at home?

Haircut at home: flat lay of haircutting tools
Buy your haircutting tools from a beauty shop or ask your salon where they buy theirs. Credit: Shutterstock

Nope, your arts and craft scissors won’t make the cut. And while we’re talking about scissors, there are actually different kinds of scissors that do different cutting techniques. You can settle with a fine, sharp pair of nippers, but you might not be able to do bold haircutting styles at home.

3. Do you have the right look?

Haircut at home: a woman stylist standing inside the salon
Haircutters, hairdressers, and stylists train hard to develop an eye for style. Credit: Shutterstock

Okay, you have the skills and you have the tools. But are you doing the right look? As a good haircutter, you must have the eye for style, especially if you’re cutting someone else’s hair. If you’re so sure and ready to jump in, just keep an open mind and abandon all regrets.

If you’re ready to cut your own at home, check out these easy styles you can create with your DIY skills.

1. One-length haircut

Asian woman with shoulder length black hair with bangs wearing a yellow dress and smiling
Get a break from your long tresses with a DIY haircut. Credit: Hariono Halim

Got naturally straight hair? It’s easier to do a DIY haircut on straight hair because its shape is easier to work with. And with a one-length haircut, you don’t have to create layers, which can lead to a disaster on inexperienced hands. Just don’t chop an entire length of hair in one go. Cut it a few inches at a time to avoid cutting your hair too short and to make sure that the length is the same all throughout.

2. Blunt bangs

Asian woman with long dark hair with blunt bangs wearing an orange blouse
Trim your bangs a centimenter at a time to avoid overcutting. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Again, this is easier done on naturally straight hair and if you already have bangs to begin with. Before you start cutting, blow-dry your fringe first so it’s in its natural state. Wet hair tends to be longer, so if you cut your bangs while they’re wet, you might end up with a fringe that’s too short. Angle your haircutting scissors a bit to give the ends of your bangs a more natural finish. Then, cut one small centimeter at a time at eyebrow-level or just above it.

3. Basic trims

Asian woman with long black wavy hair wearing a shirt and cardigan standing against a pink wall
Make your hair look healthy by trimming split ends. Credit: Hariono Halim

Got split ends? You can trim these small ends of your hair by yourself. The key to not overdoing it is to get tiny sections of hair to work on, check for split ends, and trim only the problematic ends.

Of course, you can DIY a haircut at home. But if you don’t have the right skills, tools, and eye for great looks, we believe it’s still best to leave this taxing job to the experts. You don’t want to bring a bad hair day upon you, do you?

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