what hairstyle suits me

“What hairstyle suits me,” you ask? Here’s the answer!

Figuring out the answer to the question “What hairstyle suits me,” is actually more objective than you think. Consider this your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect look for you!

Sticking to the look you’ve been sporting since junior year in high school is always the easier choice than taking a risk with a new haircut that could end up a disaster. However, we don’t recommend it. Because apart from the danger of your hair being the very definition of the word boring, your facial features change as you grow older, and the look you rocked five years ago may not work for you as much as it did before.

We understand the hesitation, and we know that this dilemma is often accompanied by the question, what hairstyle suits me? If you haven’t found the correct answer to your query, you may be looking at the wrong places—no, you won’t find it in Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed. As much as we love her style, her features and face shape may be different than yours, so what looks good on her may not exactly have the same effect on you.

It’s actually a little bit of math—geometry, more specifically. The shape and angles of your haircut should complement the shape and angles of your face. Learning how to choose a hairstyle that would work best for you requires for you to get to know your own facial features. Once you’ve got that figured out, consult our guide below so you know exactly which cuts to get.

The ATH ultimate hairstyle guide: Our answer to your question, What hairstyle suits me?

what hairstyle suits me - round face shape
Choppy and layered cuts flatter a round face shape. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If your face shape is round… 

Your goal is to fake angles to tone down the softness of your features. Mid-length cuts that fall just below your chin work for you because they elongate your round face and give it structure. Sweeping styles and off-center partings, choppy and layered cuts are also ideal because they add height instead of width to your look. You’d want to steer clear of blunt bangs and other cuts that feature heavy horizontal lines because these would make your face look wider.

If your face shape is square… 

If you have very angular features, medium-length cuts work best for you. Combine it with a choppy or messy ‘do to soften the sharp edges of your face. You just need to know the best haircuts and hairstyles for square-shaped faces to highlight your features.

Editor’s tip: Volume and texture help in adding height and softness to your look. Use TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to create tousled hairstyles that flatter your face shape.

what hairstyle suits me - long face shape
Medium to long haircuts and blunt bangs work for long faces.

If your face shape is long…

You can rock blunt bangs like a rock star. Your aim is to shorten your face, and full, heavy bangs will cover 1/3 of it, making it appear shorter. Medium-long haircuts also work—add waves at cheekbone height to add angles to all the right places.

Editor’s tip: To keep your blunt bangs perfectly styled all day, don’t wait for it to dry on its own. Style as soon as you step out of the shower (after towel drying it, of course) then set it with a few spritzes of TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray to keep it looking fab.

If your face shape is heart… 

Pick hairstyles that highlight your eyes and cheekbones to draw the attention away from the sharpness of your chin. Piecey bangs and shorter layers that fall in line with your eyes are good haircut ideas.

what hairstyle suits me - oval face shape
Women with oval face shapes can pull off any look! Credit: Shutterstock

If your face shape is oval…

Oval is a versatile face shape because your features are fabulously balanced, so you can play around with different styles—from pixies, to bobs, to long and layered cuts. Take advantage of your face shape and go be adventurous with your looks!

Hopefully, you now have a better idea on how to choose a hairstyle that would work for you!