Short hair for round face: Chic ideas you need to try

We’re here to show you that short hair is for everyone, including round faced girls! Get short hair for round face that's inspired by these ideas. 

Hey, round-faced girls! Have you ever thought of cutting your hair short, only to ditch this plan because people around you say short hair doesn’t suit you? Well, they are wrong! Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of rocking short hair. We believe that short hair is for everyone—and not a hairstyle simply reserved for those with petite faces or chiseled jawlines. It’s all down to how you style the cut.

Ready to rock short hair for round face? Here are some of our favorite cuts to inspire your next hair makeover journey.

1. Pixie With Bangs

Short hair for round face: Woman with short blonde hair in pixie cut with long bangs
Pixie cut with long bangs gives your look that much needed oomph. Credit: iStock.

Who says round-faced girls can’t rock a pixie cut? This grown-out pixie cut with bangs is great for those who want to inject a little edgy touch to their look. It’s choppy, sharp at the right places, and the bangs add a face-slimming effect—proving that short hair does work for round faces

Editor’s Tip: To maintain the volume and bounce in super short hair, we recommend using Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner. They help moisturize fine, flat hair to give it a more voluminous look. 

2. Classic Bob With Soft Layers

Short hair for round face: Asian woman with black hair in a bob wearing a denim jacket outdoors
A classic bob never goes out of style. Credit:

Want a slower transition from long hair to short hair? Then go for a classic bob with soft layers. Let your bob rest around one to two inches above your shoulders. This will give your hair flow and movement, while keeping everything light and fresh.

3. Cropped Hair

Short hair for round face: Closeup shot of a woman with short red hair smiling outdoors
Get cropped hair and see how it makes you look fresh and trendy. Credit: iStock

Ready to go really short? Then go for this cropped short haircut. The other thing to note about short hair for round faces is that it needs balance. If you’re going to cut everything along the sides short, balance that out with more hair and texture at the front.

4. Pixie cut with side swept bangs

Short hair for round face: Closeup shot of a woman with short dark hair with side swept bangs
Side-swept bangs help balance out the width of a round face. Credit: Shutterstock

The key to rocking super short hair is understanding which part of your face you want to frame with hair. To balance the look, put a long, side swept fringe in front, then cut the back into a short bob or pixie cut. This gives you the short haircut you’ve always wanted without making your face look puffy.

Editor’s Tip: Keep your side swept bangs in place by spritzing TONI&GUY High Definition Hair Wax on your fringe. 

5. Sleek bob with full bangs

Short hair for round face: Closeup shot of a woman with short black hair and blunt bangs
Sport a high-fashion look by going for a sleek bob with blunt bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a short haircut that will frame the sides of your face to offset the roundness, try this straight bob with bangs. You can sport this sleek ‘do at formal events and cocktail parties. Because it looks high-fashion, this bob can elevate your casual get-up from drab to fab.

Editor’s tip: Achieve the sleek look that you want by straightening your hair using a flat iron. Don’t forget to spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray on your hair prior to styling to protect your tresses from heat damage.

6. Curly lob

Short hair for round face: Caucasian woman with blonde curly lob wearing a light blue polo
Be proud of your curls! Flaunt them and let them add bounce to a short haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

Got natural curls? You don’t have to wear your hair long. You can cut it into a lob or shoulder length bob so your hair won’t look massive. Let your curls frame your face and complement its round shape. Make sure you brush your curls properly to avoid frizz and damage.

7. Wavy bob with see-through bangs

Short hair for round face: Asian woman with short dark wavy hair with see through bangs wearing a denim jacket
Follow the K-wave and get see-through bangs.

If you love all things Korean, ride the K-wave and get see-through bangs. This trendy look, paired with a wavy bob, also suits a round face. The waves help offset your face shape while adding bounce to your hair at the same time.

Editor’s tip: Make your waves last long by spritzing TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray on your hair. The added texture can also help make your hairstyle look chic and laidback. 

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8. Textured and Messy Pixie

Short hair for round face: Asian girl with wearing short hair for chubby face has dangling earrings with her arms crossed in front
Make your pixie cut textured and messy for a unique look. Credit: Hariono Halim

Got no time to do a big style on your hair? Then why not go for the messy and textured look? It’s beneficial too, especially when commuting to work. You’ll never have to worry about the wind messing up your hair because, with the right product, it will stay messy in a sexy kind of way. Plus, the texture will keep your hair from falling flat.

Editor’s tip: Give your hair a nice volume and help it keep its messy look with a generous amount of TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse

9. Chopped Wavy Bob

short hair for round faces: Model is wearing a white top and blue skirt and is leaning against the wall.
Look elegant with this hairstyle, no matter where you go. Credit: Shutterstock

Having short hair should no longer be an issue when it comes to styling as there are numerous ways to style it. Take this choppy wavy bob and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinarily great hair day. This hairstyle is fit for all occasions, including work and play, as it complements any OOTD.

10. Straight Lob with a Mid-part

short hair for round faces: girl wearing a white and blue top is smiling nicely at the camera.
Short hair for chubby faces doesn’t need to be too complex. Credit: Shutterstock

Short hair for chubby faces need not be difficult and complicated. This straight lob is very simple yet it really rocks. The mid-part brings out your feminine side while the straightness that curves at the tips gives you a gentle look and tapers any round or chubby face.

Editor’s tip: This hairstyle is going to look great if it is straight all the time. So, make the effort to keep your hair straight by shampooing regularly with Sunsilk Expert-Perfect Straight Shampoo. Enjoy blow-dried-looking hair every after wash. 

12. Asymmetrical Bob with Side-Bangs

Blonde-haired girl has one hand under her chin and the other behind her ear.
Asymmetrical + bob = great hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Stand out and be unique by wearing an equally unique hairstyle. This is a great short hair for chubby faces because the asymmetrical length covers one side of your face, specifically the one with the side-bangs. So, even if the other side is exposed, only a portion of your face is seen, creating the illusion of a slimmer face. What are you waiting for? Go and get this hairstyle, stat!

13. Layered Pixie with Long Bangs

short hair for round faces: Model has silver hair and her long bangs are covering one of her eyes.
Sport the layered pixie with long bangs for a slimmer face: Credit: Shutterstock

Want a slimmer-looking face? Then, go for this layered pixie with long bangs and let your hair do its job–make you look gorgeous without the effort. You can style it the messy way so that your tresses just fall to your face, creating slimmer cheeks. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it getting messed up as that’s the entire point of the hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Keep your hairstyle in place for a longer time by applying a few spritzes of VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray. You can stop worrying about your hair going frizzy as it keeps it smooth and protects it from humidity. 

Nothing can stop you from rocking short hair for round face. Go ahead, book that salon appointment, and get the short haircut you’ve always wanted.

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