Short Hairstyles for Long Faces That You Should Include in Your Style Book

Play around with these short hairstyles for long faces to highlight your best facial features.

Long faces can be challenging to work with, especially when you want to cut your hair short. But just like any face shape, the key lies in finding short hairstyles that can highlight all of the best features of your face.

Short hairstyles can actually do wonders for you ladies with long faces. Check out the following ‘dos and find out the best one you can rock next.

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces To Try Now

1. Clean and Polished Pixie

Short hairstyles for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with short dark hair wearing a white tube top
This simple hairstyle can pack a punch, especially if you shiny, frizz-free hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Look sleek and sophisticated with this smooth, short ‘do. Create a side part and comb hair into place. It’s a simple but strong hairstyle that screams woman in power.

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2. Edgy Chic Pixie

Short hairstyles for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with short blonde hair wearing a pink shirt
There’s beauty in a mess when you have a chic tousled pixie cut. Credit: Shutterstock

Going for a rough, edgy look? Try a pixie cut with choppy layers styled as if you just got out of bed (stylishly, of course!). This messy look easily draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones. It also gives the illusion of thick hair, so go for this hairstyle if you have thin tresses.

Editor’s tip: To achieve this pixie’s texture, use TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax for workable locks, shape, and shine.

3. Slicked Back Bob

Short hairstyle for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with short dark slicked back hair
Give the top section of your hair some volume to balance out a long face. Credit: Shutterstock

The asymmetrical bob gives the best of both worlds when it comes to creating a feminine look with an edge. You can wear your hair with long side bangs, or you can completely brush your hair back and seal with hairspray. Create more volume on the top of your head by teasing your hair near your crown, smoothening it out with a comb or brush, and putting it in place with hairspray. This hair hack will balance out the length of your face.

4. Brushed Up Pixie

Short hairstyles for long faces: Woman with short dark hair wearing eyeglasses and gray sweater smiling
Got a busy day ahead? Keep hair strands out of your face with this chic but neat hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Go for a punk rocker chick look with this brushed up quiff. Blow dry your hair and curl it upwards for instant volume. You’ll definitely make heads turn with this boyish and punchy hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Nail this look by keeping all strands in place all day long. Spritz TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray to make your quiff last long and resist even strong wind and humidity.

5. Wet Look

Short hairstyles for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with short black pixie cut wearing a blue top outdoors
Sexy, stylish, and easy to do. What’s not to love about this short hairstyle? Credit: Shutterstock

Here’s another pixie look that exudes a cool, edgy vibe. Drape bangs forward onto your forehead to create full bangs. Then, create an ultra-glossy, defined wet look with hairspray. Rock this hairstyle at work to nail that corporate-chic look.

6. Sleek Long Bob

Straight hair ideas: Caucasian woman with dark medium-length hair
A sleek center-parted lob makes for a fierce and sexy look. Credit:

Complement your long face by getting a long bob that falls below your jawline. Iron it sleek and straight for a simple but sexy look that’s perfect for an evening party.

7. Bowl Cut for Women

Caucasian woman with dark brown bowl cut hair wearing a black jacket outdoors
Make your short hair even edgier by getting a bowl cut. Credit:

If you want to keep a pixie-cut hair length but want to change your look, go for a bowl cut. With hair covering the forehead, it helps balance out a long face while showcasing your beautiful jawline as well.

8. Wavy Bob with Bangs

Woman with wavy bob with bangs wearing a light denim dress walking on the runway
Messy waves can also be flattering for women with long faces. Credit:

Keep your short ‘do from looking plain and flat by adding waves. With wavy bob and bangs, you can create a messy-chic, high-fashion look that’s perfect for the runway and for everyday wear as well.

9. Straight Bob with See-Through Bangs

Asian woman with short dark hair with bangs wearing eyeglasses and a white blouse
This K-Pop-inspired short haircut complements long faces, too. Credit: Shutterstock

A chin-length bob also suits a long face, as it creates a wide, square-like shape that helps offset a long, oblong face shape. You can even add see-through bangs to keep the look fresh and updated.

10. Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Woman with dark brown pixie cut wearing a dress walking on the runway
A pixie cut with a deep side part makes for an elegant party hairstyle. Credit:

Got a pixie cut with longer hair in front? Make it wavy, seal with hairspray, and you got yourself a pixie hairstyle with a touch of old-world glam.

11. Sexy Curved Bob with Side-swept Bangs

short hairstyles for long faces: Girl is facing the camera and is wearing a white dress with her beautiful short hair
Create the illusion of a lengthier neck by wearing your hair this short. Credit: Shutterstock

Wanna show off your collar bones? Cutting your hair this short and making it curve inwards as it tapers a little above your chin area. Plus, it makes longer faces a bit discreet too. This is one of the few short hairstyles for long faces that hits two birds with one stone!

12. C-Cut Bob with a Side Part

short hairstyles for long faces: beautiful girl is looking straight at the camera with her beautiful hair
Look sophisticated even with a simple short hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

To be honest, we super love the look of sophistication on this hairstyle. It’s pretty simple but the straight hair and the mid-part turn it into a sexy hairstyle that makes you look super sophisticated. Just tuck your hair behind your ear on one side and let your long bangs just fall and cover a part of your face to balance out its length.

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13. Chopped Shaggy with Side-Swept Bangs

short hairstyles for long faces: girl with shaggy-cut hair looks at the camera
Don’t just cut your hair, shaggy-cut it for more style. Credit: Shutterstock

Are you tired of taming your seriously rebellious hair that makes you think it has a mind of its own? Then, just go with the flow by getting the chopped shaggy hairstyle that makes the frizz and fly-aways discreet. Plus, the uneven lengths cut the elongation of the face and balances it out. Make sure your stylist cuts the tresses short near your ear area to create more volume.

14. Classic Layered Wavy Hair

short hairstyles for long faces: girl is tilting her head and her hand is on her neck
Sport a classic hairstyle that looks gorgeous. Credit: Shutterstock

Achieve a beautiful classic look by wearing the undying classic layered hairstyle. Add some waves to your layers and let its volume offset a long face shape. You’ll definitely bring back the look of the ’90s which is, by the way, almost 30 years ago already.

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15. Sleek Pixie with a Side Part

Short hairstyles for long faces: Extreme close up of model with make up
Look sleek and beautiful with a short hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

The pixie haircut reveals much of your face, including its shape. But, if you know how to wear it, you can use it to offset a long face shape. Make sure that the sides of your pixie cut are not too thin as it helps balance out the length of your face. Then, accentuate with the right hoop or dangling earrings and you’re all set to go.

By going for the right short hairstyles for long faces, you can highlight your natural beauty and draw attention to your face’s most attractive features. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at your favorite salon and get the short haircut you’ve been dreaming of having.