Is Your Haircut Right for Your Face Shape?

Ready for a new look? Here's a quick guide on the different haircuts for different face shapes. 

Getting a new ‘do? Before you go to the salon and instruct your stylist to copy the haircut of your favorite celebrity, read this article first. The perfect hairstyle has a lot more to do with science and geometry (a.k.a matching it to your face shape and personality) than it does with your favorite actress or singer chopping off her locks.

Here, we list down different face shapes along with different types of haircuts that complement them the most. Check them out.

Best Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

1. For Round-Shaped Faces

Side-Swept Bob

asian with black side swept bob in a denim jacket
Side swept bob for round shaped face. Credit: Raquel Brust.

A round shape is characterized by a face that is nearly as wide as it is long—with your forehead and jaw curving at the corners. If you have a round face, get haircuts that slim your face down by adding height and not width. While a pixie cut downplays the roundness of your face, mid-length cuts that just fall below your chin elongate your round face, giving it structure.

Layered Lob

Best haircuts for different face shapes: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with dark lob wearing a light pink sweater
Layers help add bounce to an otherwise flat ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

This trendy haircut works just as well in balancing out the width of your face. With a layered lob, you can also play with your hair’s texture by going for messy hairstyles. These are effective in creating the illusion of a slimmer face rather than a wide one, thanks to the extra bounce from your hair’s layers.

2. For Heart-Shaped Faces

Straight Blunt Lob Cut

asian model with heart shaped face with a straight blunt cut
Straight blunt haircut for a heart-shaped face. Credit: ImaxTree.

A heart shaped-face is mostly a wide face shape characterized by a wide brow and narrow jaw. Those with this face shape would benefit from a cut that adds length and creates width around the pointy chin. So if you have a heart-shaped face, a straight blunt lob cut is perfect for you. It’s a super stylish medium length ‘do that is always trendy and will accentuate your killer cheekbones.

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Textured Pixie Cut

Best haircuts for different face shapes: Closeup shot of a woman with dark brown textured pixie cut wearing a printed sweater
Look edgy and chic with a textured pixie cut. Credit:

If you want short hair to go with your heart-shaped face, go for a textured pixie cut. Let textured bangs conceal your wide forehead and draw attention upwards, away from your pointy chin. A quick blow-dry and a spritz of spray wax will help you nail this ‘do.

3. For square-shaped faces

Tousled Waves

girl with brown hair and tousled waves
Got a square-shaped face? Try tousled waves. Credit: Raquel Brust.

If the length and width of your face are of equal proportions, you have a square-shaped face. In this the case, your hair goal is to soften the angular shape of your face. No other style can do this better than messy-but-sexy waves with asymmetrical layers.

Keeping a style that is close to the face relaxes the edges, making it appear rounder. Just note that the first layer should begin somewhere around the chin area to offset the strong jaw.

Lob With a Deep Side Part

Best haircuts for different face shapes: Closeup shot of a woman with blond lob wearing a dark gray shirt
Spray dry shampoo on your roots then blow dry to help give your hair volume. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have a square face and you want to cut your hair short, go for lobs instead of chin-length bobs and pixie cut. Short haircuts may emphasize your wide, angular jaw, which is what you wouldn’t want to highlight if you have a square face. On the other hand, a lob will balance this out. Layers are definitely advisable, but if you want few of these that your haircut almost looks like a blunt cut, create a deep side part and go for a textured hairstyle so your face won’t look like it has a lot of edges.

4. For Oval-Shaped Faces

Long and Wavy Hair

Caucasian girl with long brown wavy hair
Long and wavy for oval-shaped face. Credit: Verity Smith.

Are you blessed with an oval-shaped face where the widths of your brow, cheekbones, and jaw are almost equal? You are in luck because in the same way that you can rock any type of sunglasses frame, almost all types of haircuts can look good on you, too. It’s just a matter of preference and which part of your face you wish to accentuate. But if you’re looking for go-to style, look chic 24/7 with long and wavy hair.

Straight Medium-Length Hair

Best haircuts for different face shapes: Closeup shot of a woman with straight black lob wearing a pink blazer outdoors
Invest in a flat iron so you can straighten your hair like a pro. Credit:

Don’t like layers? You can go for a blunt bob or lob, especially if you have naturally straight hair. Sleek and straight locks suit almost any occasion, even formal parties where you’re required to wear floor-length dresses. Just keep your hair free from frizz and fly aways by applying a drop of hair serum.

5. For Diamond-Shaped Faces

Shaggy Bob

Model with brown shaggy bob styled in a fashion show backstage
Shaggy bob for diamond shaped face. Credit: ImaxTree.

Women with diamond-shaped faces have cheekbones that are set wide apart and a lengthy forehead to jaw line ratio. Unlike most face shapes, those cut like a diamond need a style that will shorten the overall face length and minimize the wide cheekbones. A shaggy long bob with bangs can offer subtle volume. Just remember to avoid excessive layers that will only add length—so keep your cut at medium length.

Lob With Wispy Bangs

Best haircuts for different face shapes: Closeup shot of a woman with wavy lob with wispy bangs wearing a white turtleneck top
Having a bad hair day? A wavy and wispy ‘do can help you get through it. Credit: Shutterstock

A wavy lob can also add volume and bounce and keep the focus away from your cheekbones. Make this haircut trendy by going for wispy bangs for the chic-but-a-little-messy look. The added texture will also keep your ‘do from looking plain, even when you’re leaving the house with second-day hair. 

Ready for your makeover? Just keep in mind that different haircuts suit different face shapes, so choose the one that suits you best. Want more#hairspiration? Bookmark this page so you’ll always be updated with the latest styles and trends.