Asian woman with bangs and a short, low-maintenance haircut for wavy hair

15 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Check out these haircuts and hairstyles that flatter your natural waves.

Finding a suitable haircut for wavy hair can be tricky. Natural waves already contain volume and texture, which is great. However, your hair’s texture and volume can leave you with an unflattering look when not styled properly. But don’t worry! The key to rocking natural waves is strategic layering. These low-maintenance haircuts for wavy hair have it, plus other features that can help you work with your locks.

Whether you want long or short wavy hair, you can get ideas from this roundup of haircuts and hairstyles. Ready? Check them out now.

Our Fave Low-Maintenance Haircuts and Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

1. Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Asian woman with a short, low maintenance haircut for wavy hair holding flowers
Let your natural waves add texture to your pixie cut. Credit: Marielle Capinianes from Pexels

Combine the charm of natural waves with the light and fresh look of a short haircut with a wavy pixie cut. Its relatively long top section lets you showcase your waves in a fringe. Meanwhile, its cropped sides give you a neat look.

2. Wispy and Relaxed Wavy Pixie Cut

Asian woman with a pixie cut for wavy hair
Look fresh and feel presko with this wispy haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want a little length on your pixie cut, give it a long, side-swept fringe. You can also rock this short haircut if you have thin hair because your wavy bangs add movement to your hair.

3. Apple Cut

Asian woman with short hair wearing a long-sleeved shirt in a living room
Bounce, movement, and a trendy look—this short haircut has it all! Credit: Shutterstock

An apple cut is a short haircut with bounce and volume at the back of the head. The hair tapers as it approaches the nape. It’s a low-maintenance haircut for wavy hair because its shape gives your hair well-placed volume. It also looks soft and feels light.

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4. Wavy Bob

Asian woman with a low maintenance bob haircut for wavy hair
Waves elevate a classic bob and keep your short hair from looking plain. Credit: Raka Miftah from Pexels

This haircut blends the beauty of a classic bob and the playful texture of naturally wavy hair. Layers are essential in removing excess weight and giving your bob a flattering shape, so make sure to have your stylist add some. Even soft, barely there layers can give your bob an elegant sense of movement.

5. Messy, Wavy Hair With a Headband

Asian woman with a low maintenance short wavy hairstyle standing outdoors.
Need to style your hair quickly? Put on a headband. Credit: Bui Thanh Tam from Pexels

This low-maintenance, short, wavy hairstyle only takes a minute. No need for fancy hairstyling gadgets—just put on your headband, scrunch your hair for volume and texture, and you’re good to go!

6. Wavy Shaggy Bob

Asian woman with a wavy shag haircut wearing a scarf
Add character to your short, wavy hair with a shag haircut. Credit: Spring TH from Pexels

If you’re into heavily defined layers, try the shag haircut. Its texture makes it easy for you to rock a messy-chic hairstyle. Add wispy bangs to nail that soft, relaxed look.

7. Half-Updo for Short Wavy Hair

Side view of an Asian woman with a short wavy hairstyle.
Elevate this simple hairstyle by pairing it with bangs. Credit: Min An from Pexels

Try this no-fuss hairstyle that’s flattering for your short, wavy hair. Secure your half updo with a plain hair tie, or use a pretty hair clip for a simple accent.

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8. Layered Lob

Asian woman with a wavy lob haircut wearing a black shirt
A tousled hairstyle on a wavy lob looks effortlessly chic. Credit: All Things Hair Team

Fond of long bob haircuts? Here’s a low-maintenance option for your wavy hair: a tousled, layered lob. This haircut is a great option when you want shorter locks but are not fond of chin-length and other short haircuts. Its medium length gives you plenty of styling options. You can leave it down, scrunch it for texture, and add hair studs as accessories. Or, you can tie it into a low ponytail to feel presko on a hot day.

9. Medium-Length Wavy Hair

Asian woman with shoulder-length wavy hair in a ponytail wearing a light yellow sleeveless dress
Feel free to play with different hairstyles for your wavy, shoulder-length hair. Credit: Jermaine Ulinwa from Pexels

Speaking of medium length, a shoulder-length haircut also suits natural waves. Whether you give it choppy or subtle layers, this haircut remains popular because it’s versatile and flattering for various face shapes. You can also style it in numerous ways—from simple ponytails to elegant buns and braids.

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10. Bob With Flipped-Out Tips

Asian woman with short wavy hair wearing a blue top.
The flipped-out tips complement your waves’ natural movement. Credit: Shutterstock

Having tikwas is common among those with wavy hair, but no need to worry if it’s part of your hairstyle. Leave your natural waves alone, but brush the tips of your hair outward while blow-drying them to create a flipped-out shape.

11. Summer Festival Braid

Asian woman with short wavy hair wearing a white off-shoulder top.
Don’t worry if your braid is messy—it’s part of the charm! Credit: Natasha Estelle

This low-maintenance short wavy hairstyle exudes a boho-chic vibe—perfect for picnics, garden brunches, or outdoor music festivals. Of course, you can wear this hairstyle anytime, as it looks chic no matter the season.

12. V-Cut Hair

Back of a woman with long wavy hair in a V-shape
Give your wavy hair an interesting silhouette by going for a V-shaped haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

As the name suggests, the V-shaped haircut has layers that form a V-shape on its ends. This haircut helps distribute volume so the ends of your long, wavy hair don’t look bulky. It also creates an interesting silhouette, allowing your long, wavy hair to cascade down your back in an elegant and graceful way.

13. Long Hair With Face-Framing Layers

Woman with long, ashy unicorn layered hair wearing a checkered polo
A quick blow-dry can keep your face-framing layers in good shape. Credit: Oktavianus Mulyadi from Pexels

You can start layering your hair below your chin to have strands framing your face when your hair is down. Aside from adding movement and dimension to your hair, face-framing layers can also help give balance to a round face shape. These layers are also flattering if you have a square face shape because they help soften angular features.

14. U-Shaped Haircut

Back of an Asian woman with long wavy hair in a half updo with ribbon
Add a romantic touch to your U-shaped hair by creating a half updo with a ribbon. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Like V-cut hair, this haircut also has layered ends. But instead of forming a pointed shape, the ends are rounded, creating a U-shape. This haircut adds a soft bounce and movement, enhancing the sway of your waves.

15. Messy, Wavy Bob With Bangs

Asian woman with short, dark brown hair with bangs.
Ditch the comb and style your bangs with your fingers to give them a wispy look. Credit: Pixta

Is #wokeuplikethis your favorite hashtag? With this tousled wavy hairstyle, you can snap the perfect selfie to go with it. And thanks to this hairstyle’s messy-chic look, you don’t have to keep fixing your hair, especially when you’re out with friends.

These low-maintenance haircuts for wavy hair prove that you don’t need to spend a good chunk of your day dealing with your waves. With the proper cut and a good hair care routine, you can easily rock your hair’s natural shape.