Layered Curly Hair Ideas for Kulot Girls

Check out which layered curly hair looks would suit you best no matter the season!

Here in the Philippines, we deal with heat and humidity all year long. As if the discomfort these bring isn’t enough, heat and high levels of humidity also wreak havoc on our hair. We’re left to deal with unruly tresses, and when you have curly hair, hairstyling becomes even more challenging. But don’t worry! Getting the right haircut along with a few hair hacks can help you. Consider getting layered curly hair and you’re well on your way to feeling lighter and more refreshed.

1. Messy layered curly hair

Layered curly hair: Woman with short blonde curly hair smiling
Let your curly down and wear it confidently. Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes it’s better to just leave your hair looking like a beautiful mess. Let your curly hair loose and don’t worry about making it look perfect. You can even use your fingers to part your hair on the side. Then, just run your hands through your hair to style it whenever you go out and about.

Editor’s tip: Curly hair is more prone to getting dry and dull. Keep your hair well-moisturized by using DOVE Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and DOVE Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. This duo helps tame frizz and unruly hair. Plus, they are equipped with Advanced Nutri-Oils that give your hair the moisture and shine it needs without making it look greasy. 

2 Classic V-shape layers

Layered curly hair: Asian woman with long black curly hair wearing a red dress
You can never go wrong with the tried and tested V-shape layer. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A favorite layering style, the classic v-shape layer works just as great for those with curly hair as it does with straight hair. A V-shaped layered curly hair works great if you have a much longer mane that flows through your back. Getting this hairstyle can help make your hair feel lighter. It can look very flattering for just about any face shape as well.

Editor’s tip: Make your curls look sleek and frizz-free by applying TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops before you leave the house. 

3. Shaggy layers with bangs

curly hair with bangs curtain
Add some bangs for an edgy and sophisticated look. Credit:

Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish bangs. If you want to add a bit of flair to your everyday look, ask your hairstylist to give you those shaggy but structured layers and then add bangs—whether you choose to straighten it or leave it as it is as well.

4. Curly layered bob

Layered curly hair: Asian woman with short black curly hair smiling
A curly bob can help make thin hair look thicker.

Short hair, don’t care! Even girls with short curly hair can have fun by having a cute curly bob. Don’t be afraid to risk getting a bob, especially if your face shape can easily pull it off. All you need is a reliable hairstyling product to keep those curls intact—or maybe, just go for that natural-looking tousled mane.

5. Layered short bob

Layered curly hair: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with short black curly hair
Don’t be afraid to go the short hair route when you have natural curls.

Dare to go shorter than a chin-length bob? Go ahead and try a curly short bob hairstyle. It has a boyish feel to it, which adds both an edgy and laidback vibe to your look. Just keep your curly short hair from getting dry and frizzy by finishing with a drop of hair serum or leave-in conditioner.

Editor’s tip: Leave-in conditioners aren’t just for straight hair. They can also make waves and curls look nourished and healthy. Keep your natural curls nourished and frizz-free by applying Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-on Cream from mid-length down to the tips. 

6. Inverted curly bob

Layered curly hair: Woman with short ombre curly hair smiling
Longer layers on the sides frame your face effortlessly. Credit: Shutterstock

An inverted bob hairstyle consists of shorter layers at the back and longer ones on the side. It adds that instant edge to your look, plus it keeps you feeling cool especially on your nape area. It’s a versatile layered hairstyle that frames your face perfectly.

7. Shoulder-length layered curly hair

Layered curly hair: Asian woman with shoulder-length curly hair smiling
Look youthful and fresh with well-maintained curls.

Torn between keeping your curly hair long or going short? Go for shoulder-length hair. Curly hair at this length is manageable while leaving you with enough strands to experiment with different hairstyles. Just make sure to condition your hair every time you wash your tresses, focusing on the mid-length down to the tips, so it stays smooth and moisturized.

While you may think as though curly hairstyles are limited, you’d be surprised to know that you do have a lot of options that you can try. Dare to experiment and have fun with your layered curly hair!

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