How to Curl Medium Length Hair Using a Flat Iron

Get your trusty flat iron ready because we’ll teach you how to curl medium length hair in three pretty ways with this tool!

What do you use your flat iron for? Obviously, it’s for straightening hair. But do you know that this heat-styling tool is so versatile that you can also use it for curling your hair? If you know the kind of waves or curls you want, you can easily use the flat iron for achieving a curly hairstyle, even if your hair is not long. Let us introduce to you the ways on how to curl medium-length hair using just a flat iron.

1. Basic Curls

You can create bouncy curls using a flat iron. Credit: Shutterstock

Creating bouncy curls using a flat iron is easy. Simply section your hair into small parts to ensure that your entire mane is curled. Then, take your iron and clamp it at the bottom of a section of hair. Roll it upward close to your scalp just like how you would curl your hair with a curling wand. Then, pull the iron downwards to release the hair. The size of your iron determines the size of your curls—big iron for big curls and small iron for small curls.

Editor’s tip: Achieve voluminous curls by shampooing your hair with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and conditioning with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment ConditionerThis pair gives your hair natural volume and shine.

2. Beachy Waves

how to curl medium length hair beachy waves
Look as if you’ve been swimming in the ocean all day, even when you’re on dry land with beautiful beachy waves. Credit:

If you’re not so much into the traditional type of curls, then, the beachy waves is a perfect choice. They’re sexier and more sophisticated that’s suitable for any kind of occasion. One other amazing thing about the beachy waves is that it is also possible on medium-length hair.

3. Crimped Curls

how to curl medium length hair crimped curls
Bring the crimp curls trend back with a bang! Credit:

Women who wore crimped curls back in the ‘90s relied on the crimping iron, which made them achieve the curls more easily. But since you’re armed only with your trusted flat iron, simply take a section of your hair and clamp it at the top close to your scalp. Then, pull the iron through while twisting your hand back and forth to create bends until you reach the tips of your hair. Repeat this step until you make crimped curls on your entire hair.

4. Scandi Waves

how to curl medium-length hair: Boho-chic girl with a lollipop
Bring back the ’70s look with just your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Go back to as far as the ‘70s with this type of waves. The Scandi Waves are characterized by bouncy S-shaped curls. To create these waves, take a small section of hair and bend it back toward your scalp to create the S-shape. Clip the iron on your hair’s bent part in a tapping manner while moving up and down. When you release the flat iron, the S-shape will remain. Repeat this on all sections of your hair.

5. Spiral Curl

how to curl medium-length hair
Add color to your spiral curls for more drama. Credit: Shutterstock

After sectioning your hair, clamp it with a flat iron and rotate it at least 180°. Slowly pull away the flat iron from your face, all the way from the crown to the tips. Don’t comb your hair afterwards; instead,  use your fingers to run through your hair and untangle the strands.

You see? Making different types of curls doesn’t always need the perfect tool. All you need are the right skills and steps to help you achieve them. Also, don’t forget to protect your hair from the heat by spraying on TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray before you start curling to minimize heat damage.

Now that you know how to curl your medium-length hair, why not go all the way and style your hair? Here are several hairstyles that you can wear every day.

1. Curly Tips

How to curl medium length hair: Girl looks pretty with her hair and stylish hat
Give life to your hair by curling the tips. Credit: Shutterstock

This hairstyle looks sophisticated but is actually easy to achieve. All you need is your flat iron clamped to the tips of your hair and follow the steps for creating basic curls. It’s that simple!

2. Layered Curls

How to curl medium length hair: Girl's eyes are closed as she imbibes the feeling of her beautiful hair
Curls on layered hair look fab. Credit: Shutterstock

Layers and curls make your hair bouncy, so this hairstyle is perfect if you have thin hair. After curling, simply finger-comb your hair to loosen the waves. This helps retain the hair’s texture and shape.

Editor’s tip: Enjoy bouncier curls by putting a little amount of VO5 Extra Body Mousse on your hair. Feel confident that your hair won’t fall flat or limp on your shoulders.

3. Mid-Way Curls

Asian woman is smiling and her hair has beautiful waves
Look fab with mid-way curls. Credit: Shutterstock

Try curls that start halfway down your hair. It doesn’t make your medium-length hair shorter, especially if your curls are loose. It’s simple but chic and sophisticated, and you can wear it to any occasion.

4. Spiraled C-Cut

How to curl medium length hair: Girl is looking down at an angle to emphasize her c-cut hair
C-cut + curls = amazing hair.. Credit: Shutterstock

Remember how to curl medium hair to achieve spiral curls? Do it on your C-cut hair. It adds volume to your C-cut hair and even helps define its shape.

5. Soft Loose Curls

Asian model is wearing a jacket and she looks great with light curled hair
Light curls and soft waves look great. Credit: Shutterstock

Now that you know how to curl medium-length hair using a flat iron, you can easily create loose waves. To do this, just clamp it for at most 2 seconds so that the curls are faint and soft.

Learning how to curl medium length hair doesn’t take long. So, if you have lots of time to practice, go ahead and perfect the skill.


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