How to curl medium length hair using a flat iron

Get your trusty flat iron ready because we’ll teach you how to curl medium length hair in three pretty ways with this tool!

If you ask the ladies here at All Things Hair to choose between their flat iron and their boyfriends, they’ll probably choose their flat iron. LOL, we’re kidding! But don’t be surprised if that turns out to be true, because flat iron is life! It may be a straightening tool, but it goes beyond its job description. It just does everything—sometimes it even does a better job at curling than a curling iron!

Now we can’t list out here all of the beautiful things the flat iron does, so we’re zeroing in on two things: curls and medium length hair. There are so many different kinds of pretty curls that you can do on medium length hair, and today we’ll teach you how to curl medium length hair in three different ways, using a flat iron: the basic curls, beachy waves, and crimped curls. Each one has a distinct vibe, so pick your look and pick up that straightener, because we’re going to rock those curls!

Go for the big and bouncy.

1. Basic curls

Creating bouncy curls using a flat iron is easy. It’s really hard to get it wrong. Just separate your hair into 1-inch sections and work the curls in section by section. Clamp the iron at the bottom, roll upward so that you’re wrapping your hair around it, then twist and pull the iron downwards to release the hair. Remember, the bigger the iron, the bigger the curls, the smaller the iron, the smaller the curls.

Editor’s tip: If you’re going for this kind of curls, you’d want great bounce and volume on your hair. To achieve that, wash with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and condition with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner. This pair will leaves your hair looking and feeling soft, nourished, and full of natural volume.

how to curl medium length hair beachy waves
Look as if you’ve been swimming in the ocean all day, even when you’re on dry land with beautiful beachy waves. Credit:

2. Beachy waves

Beachy waves is a look you can achieve even when you’re not by the sea and having fun in the sun. It is an effortless look with a touch of sophistication that can go from casual to formal occasions. Here’s an easy to follow tutorial below with a step-by-step guide.


See! You don’t need to have very long hair to pull off a beach waves hairstyle. It’s one of the fun ways on how to curl medium length hair. When you’ve got longer tresses, there would be more to curl and show texture, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

Editor’s tip: To create the perfect beachy waves for your medium length hair, spray it with TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Then, start curling by sections (about 1-inch thick), bending it away from your face with your flat iron. Don’t curl all the way to the ends, leave the last few inches straight. Pick up your next section and curl it in the opposite direction of the previous section that you curled. This would give your tresses all the body and movement. Repeat until you’ve curled all of your hair. When you’re done, shake your hair with your fingers to get that tousled look.

how to curl medium length hair crimped curls
Bring the crimp curls trend back with a bang! Credit:

3. Crimped curls

Yes, crimped curls are back, and there are a lot of cool ways to wear this style that won’t make you look like you time-traveled from the 90s. But before going to that, of course, you have to know how to crimp—without the crimping iron from your pre-teen years. To create this hairstyle using your trusty flat iron, take a section of hair and clamp the iron at the top, as close the roots as possible (or wherever you want your crimp curls to start). Then twist your hand back and forth while you pull the iron through, creating bends as you go down to the ends of your hair. Repeat until you’ve curled all of your hair, then style as you would desire.

Just remember, whichever type of curls you choose to create, you have to shield your strands from all that heat. Use a heat protection product like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray before you start curling to minimize heat damage.