13 Easy Ways to Style Curly Hair for Men

Do you have short or medium-length curls? Here are ideas for curly hair men like you can check out for inspiration.

Have you had plenty of days when your curls don’t look the way you want them to? Well, this is about to change. There are easy ways to style curly hair for men. You don’t need specialized styling tools to create these hairstyles. And whether you like wearing your curls short and simple or you’re into trendy looks, we have a hairstyle option for you. We also let you in on the best haircuts for curly hair for your next visit to your barber.

Ready to spice up your kulot hair? Check out this roundup.

1. Curly Pompadour

Asian man with curly hair wearing a yellow jacket
Highlight your curls by getting an undercut. Credit: Shutterstock

This kulot hairstyle for men has height and volume on top. If you shave the sides and the back of your head, you get a disconnected undercut as well. To create a pompadour, brush your hair upward and apply hair gel or wax to your curls to keep them in place.

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2. Curly Ponytail With Undercut

Asian man with curly hair in a ponytail wearing a black shirt
Put your curly hair up and pair it with an undercut. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Got long, curly hair? Here’s an idea: Shave the lower half of your head to get a trendy undercut. Then, put your hair up in a man ponytail. That’s two hair trends in one hairstyle!

Editor’s tip: Wash your hair with Dove Men + Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo to get rid of dirt and grease while giving your hair and scalp a refreshing feel. This shampoo also has caffeine to help with the growth of your hair follicles. 

3. French Crop

Asian man with curly French crop sitting on a bench
Exude the vibe of a K-pop star with the curly French crop hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Another men’s hair trend that you can combine with your curls is the French crop. This haircut for curly-haired men is composed of a longer top that extends up to your forehead, or even eyebrows, like a fringe. Keep your curls in place by applying hair putty or mattifying clay.

4. Messy Curls

Asian man with short curly hair wearing a black shirt
A bit of mess makes your curls hip. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

No time to style your hair? Just scrunch your curls while applying hair putty, and wear your hair messy! This kulot hairstyle for men is perfect for busy days.

Editor’s tip: Does your hair break easily? Use Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo. It is infused with caffeine and Trichazole Actives that help in fortifying your hair strands so hair fall due to breakage won’t interrupt the growth of your hair. 

5. Full and Thick Curls

Asian man with long curly hair
Give your scalp that presko feeling by using a refreshing shampoo. Credit: Shutterstock

The key to having a harmonious relationship with your curly hair is to work with it and not fight it. Have your barber follow the shape and movement of your curls when getting a haircut. A layered curly haircut will help distribute your hair’s volume, resulting in a haircut that flatters your hair’s natural shape and texture.

6. Tousled Curly Hair for Men

Haircuts for curly hair men:
Celebrate your natural curls with a tousled hairstyle for men. Credit: Hariono Halim

This hairstyle pushes your mane over to one side but also leaves some hair in a loose fringe over the forehead. You can wear this versatile ‘do together with a suit when you need to look dapper or with your favorite shirt and jacket to look hip on an ordinary day.

7. Medium-Length Curly Hair

Asian man with curly hair wearing a plain shirt
Scrunch your medium-length curly hair to style it. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This haircut for curly hair has a back section that’s a bit longer than the sides and front. It’s a great way to showcase your natural curls because volume and texture complete your look.

8. Korean Comma Hair

Asian man with curly hair wearing a black turtleneck
This hairstyle gives the illusion of bouncy, fuller-looking curly hair for men. Credit: Shutterstock

To create this hairstyle, get a hair straightener, clamp a section of hair by your forehead, and move the hair straightening in a C-shape to create a comma shape. Scrunch your hair while applying a small amount of hair putty or matte clay to make the comma shapes last for hours.

9. Curly Bowl Cut

Asian man with short curly hair smiling
The bowl cut is back as a trendy and edgy haircut for curly-haired men. Credit: Shutterstock

You often see the bowl cut on straight hair, but this haircut looks great on curly hair, too. Your curls add volume, keeping your bowl cut from looking plain and flat. Whether you’re headed to school or to the office, this haircut can help you face your day in style.

10. Brushed Back and Relaxed

Asian man with curly hair smiling against a green wall
You can style your hair this way when working from home. Credit: Shutterstock

No styling tools? No problem! When your hair has dried, just finger-comb it backward and apply some putty to style. That’s it! You can also use pomade if you want a slicked-back look.

Editor’s tip: Looking for a pomade for men? Try Axe Ice Chill Pomade. It provides maximum control that helps any hairstyle last long. It also gives your hair shine to get that sleek and polished look. 

11. Curly Hair With Headband

Curly hair man holding basketball
Keep your curly hair in place with a sporty headband. Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev of Pexels.com

Nothing says fun and sporty than a headband under your bed of deep-conditioned curls. Aside from keeping hair off your face, wearing a cloth headband also keeps sweat drops from getting in your eyes. Talk about a stylish and functional option for curly hair!

12. Curly Hair with Fade

side of view of curly haired man with fade
A taper fade keeps your sides clean while showing of your textured locks Credit: Eduardo Durte of Pexels

Look sharp and tidy with a taper fade on your curly locks. Hair fades look good on curly-haired men as they help highlight your curly top. They also give your haircut a fresh update.

13. Undercut With Design

side view of man with glasses and undercut
Maintain your curls while looking fly with a cool undercut design. Credit: Brian Jiz of Pexels

Curly-haired men can further show their distinct sense of style with a designed undercut. You can opt for a straight line or edgy patterns and shapes to compliment your curly top.

With all these ideas, you can definitely pull off different styles of curly hair for men. Which one is your favorite?



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