Curly hair with fringe: 4 Looks that prove you and your curls can pull off this ‘do

Yes, you can do curly hair with bangs! Not sure how? We’ve got ideas!

If you have curly hair, you’re probably too familiar with the frustrations of being restricted to certain hairstyles. Unlike girls with straight locks, curly babes find it more difficult to find a style that would suit their hair type. And while there are a lot of ways you can style your curls, we gotta admit, there are just those that are impossible to pull off. Well, today let us bring a little bit of joy to your curly hair life by letting you know that you can scratch one ‘do off your off-limits list: the fringe. Yes, you, too, can rock curly hair with bangs. I mean, have you seen the Reputation-Taylor-Swift? Girl’s over sleek blunt cuts and is now back to her natural hair—and we couldn’t miss those curly bangs! If you’ve been wanting to try bangs, TSwift can totes be your peg. But in case you need more inspiration, we’ve got other looks here for you!

4 Chic ways to sport curly hair with bangs hairstyle

super curly hair with bangs
Wearing your bangs like this allows you to make a statement with your look. Credit:

1. Full-on curls

If you have super curly hair all over, this is a fab fringe hairstyle option for you. Wearing your bangs like this allows you to make a statement with your look. It sends the message that you’re a confident woman who loves herself, curls and all! Or it could also just say you’re a stylish gal who will make the most of her spirals!

Get the look by adding volume to your tresses and defining your curls with TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse. It pushes up the body of your mane and give your bounce and movement where it matters most!

bob cut featuring curly hair with bangs
A curly version of a blunt bob + blunt bangs hairstyle. Credit:

2. Short bob with short curly bangs

Here’s a curly version of a blunt bob + blunt bangs hairstyle popular with straight haired girls. It has the same edgy vibe but it allows you to showcase your beautiful curls in all the right ways!

Editor’s tip: When you get a haircut, ask your stylist to cut your hair and your bangs dry. Curly hair is longer when wet because the curls loosen and are stretched a bit. Cutting your hair dry allows you to know exactly how it will turn out once it dries into its natural texture. No danger of your bob or your bangs getting too short!

curly hair with bangs
This look works perfectly for those with wavy hair. Credit:

3. Wavy & Wispy

If your hair’s more wavy than curly, this look will work for you. Have your bangs cut a bit long, falling just below the brows when dry. Separate the strands for a look that’s soft and sophisticated.

curly hair with bangs curtain
This style beautifully frames the face. Credit:

4. Curly curtain

We’re happy to tell you, Bridget Bardot’s curtain bangs work perfectly with curly hair as it does on straight hair! This style beautifully frames the face and gives a dreamy and romantic vibe.

A curly hair with bangs hairstyle has a lot of personality. Try any of these looks and show off your gorgeous curls to the world!