Asian woman with copper hair color

Copper Hair Color Ideas for Your Glow-Up This Season

Transform your look with these gorgeous copper shades.

Want to update your look with a new hair color? Try copper. It is a mix of red and bronze shades, resulting in a warm, bold hue. Copper hair color is also flattering for any skin tone, making it one of the go-to hair colors for morenas.

Copper hair color comes in different shades and intensities, so there’s one that’s bound to suit your taste. Check out different ways to rock this hue.

Copper Hair Colors We Love

1. Brownish Copper Hair Color

Asian woman with copper hair color smiling
This hair color is equal parts reddish and brown. Credit: Shutterstock

This shade is a fool-proof copper hair color for medium and darker skin tones. It showcases the warmth of your morena skin and makes your face look glowing.

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2. Natural Copper

Woman with natural copper hair in white top and shades
Cop the copper hair color the natural way. Credit: Indigital Images

This copper hair color is the simplest yet can be the trickiest. When done right, this perfect balance of red and brown hues can be a killer look. No wonder our K-idols love it!

3. Red-Toned Copper Hair Color

Asian woman with reddish copper hair color wearing eyeglasses
Update your look with this shade of copper hair color. Credit: Bach Tran on Unsplash

Sure, copper is already reddish to begin with, but you can still add more red to it if you want. The result is a hair color that’s bold yet not fiery and is deeply grounded by a brown base.

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4. Copper Penny

Asian woman with shiny hair smiling
A few spritzes of hairspray will keep frizz under control and let you nail your ‘do. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This shade has a slightly yellow undertone, giving it a metallic-like sheen. Nail this color with a sleek ponytail or a pin-straight down ‘do to help emphasize its luster.

5. Curly Copper Hair

Woman with curly copper hair smiling
Say hello to even more fabulous curls! Credit: Tomaz Barcellos from Pexels

Jazz up your curls with copper hair color! This hue helps define your curls so you can showcase their shape better. Just make sure to double down on moisturizing hair care practices. Curly hair is more prone to dryness and frizz, and this becomes even more so once you color it.

6. Bright Copper

Woman with long copper hair smelling flowers
Who knew you could wear sunset hues on your hair? DG Fotografo from Pexels

This shade looks bold and vibrant, resembling sunset hues. You can bright copper with shadow roots to give your hair color some depth.

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7. Medium Copper

Woman with curls dyed copper hair color wearing a denim jacket
Jazz up your curls with a medium copper hair color. Credit: Shalom Melaku from Unsplash

This copper hair color has a balanced mix of red and orange undertones. It’s bold without being too intense, making it a classic shade.

8. Copper Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Asian woman with long layered hair
With highlights, you get to wear copper hair color in small doses. Credit: Shutterstock

Want something subtle yet striking? Jazzing up your dark brown hair with copper highlights will do the trick for you. Copper streaks will effortlessly give you a major glow-up.

9. Deep Copper

Woman touching her short hair smiling
If you like dark hair colors, try this shade of copper. Credit: Tran Long from Pexels

The red velvet-like undertones of this hair color make it rich and sophisticated. Complement it with soft, bouncy hair, and you wouldn’t have to do much to rock this color.

10. Copper Blonde

Back of a woman with long copper blonde hair
Rock this vibrant hue by keeping your hair shiny. Credit: Shutterstock

Add strawberry blonde undertones to your copper hair color, and you get this vibrant hue. Consider this color the next time you want to lighten your hair.

11. Golden Copper Brown

Asian woman with long golden copper brown hair
Keep your roots dark to give depth to your copper hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Get sun-kissed hair with golden brown hair color and combine it with copper’s signature metallic sheen. The result? A sophisticated hair color that elevates your whole look.

12. Toned-Down Copper

Asian woman with long toned-down copper hair color
Curl your light copper hair to keep it from looking flat. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s lighter than other copper shades but it doesn’t make it any less chic. Think of it as a light brown hair color with added warmth, thanks to its ginger undertones.

13. Copper With Carrot Highlights

Asian woman with copper hair color and light red orange highlights
Light red-orange highlights add dimension to your copper hair. Credit: Min An from Pexels

Got layered hair? Dye it copper and add light red-orange highlights to define your layers. With this color combination, you don’t need to do much in the styling department. Just scrunch your hair to add texture and you’re all set!

14. Ginger Copper

Asian woman with a ginger copper hair color wearing a bluish gray sleeveless top
Jazz up a long, layered haircut with this hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This warm and light shade of copper has golden undertones, making it light and bright. Try this shade if you want to blend the vibrance of ginger hair with the warmth and richness of copper hair color.

15. Two-Tone, Monochromatic Copper Hair

Asian woman with copper hair color wearing a white blouse posing in an arcade
Add drama to your look by combining two shades of copper. Credit: Weezy from Pexels

Combine two different shades of copper on your hair to create a head-turning look! You can start with a light, vibrant shade of copper near your roots. Then, transition to richer, darker shades like red-toned copper or copper brown from the mid-lengths down to the tips of your hair.

Now that you have these ideas, bookmark this page and show it to your stylist when it’s time for your makeover!