Copper Hair Color Ideas Perfect for Filipinas

Going copper? Check out these 7 ways to wear the copper hair color shades that are perfect for any skin tone!

The morena skin is beautiful⁠—there’s no debate in that and no whitening brand can tell you otherwise. And when it comes to hair color, morenas just have as many options as fair-skinned ladies. If you’re a morena, you are welcome to try getting brown, blonde, and even copper hair color.

Considering going copper? Don’t worry because we’re here to support you all the way! We’ve listed 7 ways to get the copper hair color perfect for your morena skin!

1. Brown copper hair color

Copper Hair Color: Woman with brown copper hair
Cop the brown copper color to keep things natural. Credit: Shutterstock

Brown copper is a fool-proof copper hair color for medium and darker skin tones. Rather than dimming your face, this look actually complements your morena face.

Editor’s tip: Keep your copper hair color looking great and vibrant for long by switching to Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner


2. Light copper hair color

Copper hair color: white woman touching her light copper hair
Light copper hair color looks beautiful both on fair and morena skin. Credit: Shutterstock

Want a break from your naturally dark hair? Light copper can give you that sans the drastic change in your look.


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3. Chocolate copper

Copper hair color: woman with chocolate brown hair and copper highlights smiling to the camera
Show off your copper highlights on waves for that extra chic touch. Credit: Indigital Images

This look is one true brown power! With a chocolate brown base accentuated with copper tones, you are one morena bombshell.

4. Copper highlights on brown

Woman with copper highlights on her brown hair, wearing black and white stripes while walking in the street
Copper highlights shine right under the sun. Credit: Indigital Images

Want something subtle yet striking? Jazzing up your brown hair with copper highlights will do the trick for you. Copper streaks will effortlessly give you a major glow up.

5. Copper balayage

woman wearing a red beanie on her copper balayage hair
Take on the balayage trend with vibrant copper hues.

Get in on the balayage trend to make your copper highlights blend more naturally with your hair.

Editor’s tip: Colored hair requires extra care to keep it vibrant and healthy. Wash it with Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo that has Murumuru Butter to moisturize your hair while keeping your colors vibrant.

6. Natural Copper

Woman with natural copper hair in white top and shades
Cop the copper hair color the natural way. Credit: Indigital Images

This copper hair color is the simplest yet can be the trickiest. When done right, this perfect balance of red and brown hues can be a killer look. No wonder our K-idols love it!

7. Red toned copper

Copper hair color: woman with red toned copper hair smiling at the camera
Set your hair on fire (figuratively). Credit: Shutterstock

If you want to tread the wild charters, you can go for a tamed red for your copper hair color. You can even accentuate it with some streaks of orange copper highlights. Just take note to keep your tones away from bright red so they won’t compete with the rest of your hair color..

Editor’s tip: Complete your colored hair care routine with the Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Conditioner. This product will keep your hair colors vibrant and give it Bulgarian Rose freshness.

Never let anyone stop you from getting the copper hair color of your dreams. Just do you, kween! Take these pegs with you and ask your stylist to help you choose what shade is perfect for you!


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