11 Best Medium Brown Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2023

Not too dark and not too light, these medium brown hair color options give you that sweet spot in between.

Want a break from your naturally dark tresses without lightening your hair too much? Try medium brown hair color ideas. They let you switch up your look without going full blonde.

The beauty of medium brown hair is that a lot of its shades take inspiration from nature (and from food!). They’re also pretty versatile so they can work with different skin tones. Here are five shades you might want to splash your tresses with.

Medium Brown Hair Color Pegs for Pinays

1. Butterscotch

Asian woman with medium brown hair color smiling
Flatter your morena skin by getting butterscotch hair. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This color takes on the warm brown tones of the popular dessert. We love how this hue lends a sense of softness to your facial features.

Bottle of TRESemme Root Touch Up Spray Light Brown Color

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2. Honey Brown

Medium brown hair color: Asian woman with honey brown curly hair
This hue is a also a good color for curly hair. Credit: Shutterstock

With its naturally golden tones, honey instantly adds a touch of warmth and depth to brown hair. Step out into the sun and let the light show off this color’s beauty.

3. Cinnamon

Medium brown hair color: Asian woman with cinnamon brown hair smiling
Add some attitude to your cinnamon hair by going for a layered, wispy ‘do. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Want a trendy shade of brown? Take your cue from cinnamon. It’s not only a delightful treat that goes with your favorite coffee blend, but also a warm shade of brown that can revamp your look. This hair color has hints of red that create a simple but dramatic look that will have heads turning.

4. Ash Brown Ombre on Medium Brown Hair Color

Medium brown hair color: Asian woman with long ash brown hair
This shade of brown has been uso for quite some time now, so go ahead and try it. Credit: Tuấn Kiệt Jr from Pexels

Ashy, not brassy, so goes the phrase. If you want a color that draws out more of the browns and grays than tinges of red, try ash brown. This hair color gives you a soft brown shade that is both chic and edgy. You can even combine it with dark shades of brown to create a sophisticated look.

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5. Milk Tea Latte

Asian woman with medium brown milk tea hair color
With this gorgeous medium brown hair color, you don’t need to do much to add oomph to your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

This medium brown hair color has tiny hints of ash, giving a cool undertone to this creamy milk tea shade. Get a fresh and youthful look with this color by pairing it with a shoulder-length haircut.

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6. Tawny

Asian woman with short, tawny hair wearing a collared polo
Why don’t you try this color when you get a new ‘do for summer? Credit: Dennie Ramon

Try this brownish-orange hair color to bring out your eyes and add warmth to your face. Tawny also livens up a short haircut, so consider getting this hue if you have a bob.

7. Medium Brown Hair Color with Golden Highlights

Asian woman with long toffee brown and chocolate brown hair
Add drama to your long hair by getting toffee brown highlights. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Combining medium and dark brown hair color adds depth and dimension to your hair. Why don’t you get toffee highlights to jazz up a rich, chocolate brown base? You’ll love the result.

8. Golden Brown

Asian woman with golden brown hair color standing among sunflowers
This medium brown hair color blends well with naturally dark hair. Credit: Miggy Rivera from Pexels

Give your hair a gorgeous, sun-kissed look with golden brown hair color. Whether you get it as highlights or as your new hair color, you’ll look like you just came from the beach, as it’s super flattering for morenas. 

9. Golden Copper Brown

Medium brown hair color: Asian woman with golden copper brown hair smiling
Exude a laidback, summery vibe all year long with golden copper brown hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Add a reddish undertone to golden brown, and you get this warm hair color. You can leave your dark roots as they are for depth.

Bottle of Love Beauty and Planet pink shampoo

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10. Caramel

Asian woman with short layered caramel hair
Caramel highlights keep dark hair from looking plain and flat. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This beautiful hair color makes your hair’s texture and layers more defined, so get caramel highlights to enhance tousled hairstyles and choppy bobs and lobs.

11. Chestnut Medium Brown Hair Color

Looking for the sweet spot between red and brown? Chestnut is the color for you. Credit: Dennie Ramon

The possibilities are endless with medium brown hair color. Enjoy as you experiment with its different shades that will add an instant oomph to your crowning glory. Keep your tresses looking healthy and vibrant as well with a disciplined hair care regimen.


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