6 Golden Brown Hair Color Shades You Should Try Next

These golden brown hair color options are flattering on almost every complexion!

If you can’t decide on whether to go brunette or blonde, it’s good to know that there’s a middle ground that gives the best of both worlds. Golden brown hair color gives you that rich, warm brown base with the luster and brightness of gold. It’s a great color to wear this summer to complement that beach tan. In fact, you can sport this shade all year long! Here are some shades you can try.

1. Caramel highlights

Golden brown hair color: Woman with long wavy brown hair wearing a black shirt against a peach backdrop
A rich caramel shade suits any skin tone. Credit: Shutterstock

Soften a dark brown base with caramel highlights for contrast. You’ll love how the brighter-colored strands shine under the sun.

2. Cool light brown

Golden brown hair color: Closeup shot of a woman with straight brown hair against a gray backdrop
Rock this hair color by keeping your tresses sleek and frizz-free. Credit: Shutterstock

Go for a subtler and more natural look with a cool light brown balayage. The light brown gently creeps and intensifies as it approaches the tips, but not in a harsh or sudden way so as to make tresses look stylized.

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3. Brown with gold highlights

Golden brown hair color: Closeup shot of a woman with long brown wavy hair against a dark backdrop
Big dramatic waves draw more attention to this gorgeous hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This look screams glam all over. Let your tresses shine bright in dominantly gold highlights, with beautiful dark brown tones peeking at the roots. Rock this hair color with an equally dramatic ‘do such as big, soft waves.

4. Honey bronde

Golden brown hair color: Woman with long brown hair wearing a gray shirt against a dark background
Get that sun-kissed glow with this golden brown shade. Credit: Shutterstock

Going bronde (or brown and blonde combined) is a great way to play with hair color. It veers towards blonde but it still carries a medium brown color that’s wearable and natural-looking.

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5. Light golden brown

Golden brown hair color: Asian woman with long straight brown ombre hair wearing a white sweater against a wooden backdrop
Flaunt light golden brown tresses in a dramatic ombre hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re going for a more classic look, then try light golden brown. Thin highlights catch the light and complement a beautiful, brown base.

6. Golden copper hair

Golden brown hair color: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long way brown hair smiling outdoors
A touch of copper makes golden brown hair more defined. Credit: Shutterstock

Give an edgy twist to your golden brown hair by going for this shade. Its warm undertone and metallic touch make for an interesting combination. It adds depth to your naturally dark hair, especially when hit by sunlight.

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Ready to color your tresses? Golden brown hair color provides an exciting palette to play around with. Go try this beautiful shade, and be pleasantly surprised at the result.

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