Asian woman with dark brown hair color shielding her face from the sun with her hand.

20 Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas for a Timeless Look

Elevate your look with these gorgeous these brunette hair colors!

Dark brown hair color blends seamlessly with naturally black hair, which is common among Filipinas and other Asian women. It doesn’t involve heavy bleaching so it is not as damaging to your hair as other colors. And when you want to color your hair but you’re not keen on a drastic transformation, you can try dark brown shades like mocha hair color, deep chocolate, coffee brown hair color, and mahogany, among others.

Some dark brown shades are also sometimes called brown-black hair color. They’re so dark that they’re almost black. They give you a simple but classy brunette hair color. And like other dark brown shades, you won’t need bleach to get these covetable hues.

Wanna give dark brown hair a try? We’ve rounded up the most gorgeous color ideas for you to choose from. Check them out now!

Our Fave Dark Brown Hair Colors for Pinays

1. Espresso Hair Color

Asian woman with dark brown hair color sitting while holding a book
Be a stunner with this rich, dark brown hue. Credit: Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

This dark brown hair color has tinges of black, making it a rich, brown-black hue. it’s elegant, sophisticated, and low-maintenance. Nail this hue by keeping your hair shiny and free from stray gray strands.

2. Cappuccino

Asian woman with dark brown hair color
This brown-black hair color is a classic. Credit: Shutterstock

At first glance, this shade looks black, but when you look closer and when the light touches your hair, you’ll see dark brown tinges. The coffee-inspired tones also amplify the glossiness of your locks, making them look extra healthy.

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3. Coffee Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with dark coffee brown hair color
Let a beautiful coffee brown hair color get you pumped up for the day. Credit: Hong Son from Pexels

This shade borders on dark and medium brown. It’s lighter than cappuccino hair color but not as light as other medium brown shades like cinnamon and honey brown. Go for coffee brown hair color highlights to add depth and definition to your locks. But if you want a fresh, new look, feel free to color all your strands with this shade, too!

4. Dark Brown Hair Color for Curly Hair

Asian woman with dark brown curly hair
A dark brown hue jazzes up naturally curly hair. Credit: Studio Philippines from Canva

Choose coffee brown or cappuccino for your curly hair to add definition to your curls. This way, you get to showcase their shape and texture more.

5. Chocolate Brown

Asian woman with long dark brown hair
Chocolate brown is a popular hair color among morenas. Credit: Shutterstock

Among all dark brown hair color ideas, chocolate brown is probably the most popular. It complements almost all skin tones and many eye colors. If you want to take a break from your naturally black hair without going too light, chocolate brown is perfect for you. You can also wear it as part of your balayage look or dip-dyed hair.

6. Deep Chocolate

Dark brown hair color: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with deep chocolate hair wearing a white polka dotted dress walking in a fashion show
Exude sophistication with shiny deep chocolate locks. Credit:

Its rich hue gives your dark tresses depth and definition. Deep chocolate is great for sleek and shiny hair, so use shampoos and conditioners that make your hair so. Invest in anti-frizz products as well to keep your luxe-looking hair smooth.

7. Choco-Espresso Hair

Asian woman touching her medium-length dark brown hair and smiling.
This hair color looks great on both straight and curly hair. Credit: Pixta

The combination of the two rich, dark hues gives you this luxurious hair color. Amp up the gloss with hair serum for a sleek finish.

8. Chocolate Chestnut Brown

Asian woman with long dark brown hair smiling
This dark brown hair color can give you a fresh, new look sans the drastic change. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This dark brown hair color has traces of red hues, adding warmth to your face. It’s a great hair color to try during the summer (but of course, you can wear it all year long). Flaunt it wherever you are for Insta-worthy selfies.

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9. Chocolate Milk Tea

Asian woman with chocolate milk tea hair color smiling
Want a trendy brown hair color? Try this chocolate milk tea hue. Credit: Min An from Pexels

Combine the richness of chocolate brown with the ashy tones of milk tea hair color, and you’ll get this gorgeous hue. You get to rock two hair color trends in one chic look!

10. Dark and Ashy Milk Tea

Asian woman with a dark brown hair color
Get a fresh look with this creamy dark brown hue. Credit: Tuấn Kiệt Jr. from Pexels

This creamy hair color boasts a gorgeous, dark ash brown hue combined with dark roots and light brown highlights. Complement this dark brown hair color with waves for movement and definition.

11. Dark Brown Hair With Honey Brown Highlights

Woman with dark brown hair color wearing eyeglasses
These fine, honey brown highlights blend well with dark brown hair. Credit: Noemi Macavel Katocz from Unsplash

You can also add honey brown highlights on chocolate brown hair. The highlights add dimension and the illusion of texture, keeping your hair from looking flat.

12. Mocha Hair Color

Woman with mocha hair color smiling
Your waves become more eye-catching when you have mocha hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

This warm shade of brown has hints of chocolate, coffee, and caramel tones. Like other dark brown hair colors, it flatters any skin tone. Wear this rich hue with flair by leaving your roots dark for added depth.

13. Dark Chestnut

Asian woman with shoulder length hair wearing a white top
Dark brown hair elevates even a casual and simple look. Credit: Shutterstock

Add this color as streaks or as part of a balayage hair coloring technique to add depth to your hair. It works great on short hair, too.

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14. Dark Hair With Mocha Highlights

Asian woman with short dark brown hair with her head resting on her right wrist.
Be a chic brunette with this dark hair color combo. Credit: Pixta

Wear this luscious color as highlights on dark hair to create an elegant look. It jazzes up short hair, too.

15. Auburn Brown

Asian woman with auburn brown hair wearing a gray shirt smiling
Add warmth to your face with auburn brown hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This dark brown hair color is made up of a brown base with red tones thrown in. If you want to add warmth and dimension to your look without going full-on red, this color is a great option.

16. Hickory

Asian woman with dark locks and hat
Include hickory in your list of must-try hair colors for morenas. Credit: Yogii Surya Pangestu from Pexels

This is another reddish-brown color that takes inspiration from the hardwood it’s named after. Unlike mahogany, hickory has more dark brown tones in it than red, making it a good choice if you want something close to your naturally dark hair color.

17. Expensive Brunette

Asian woman touching her dark brown hair and smiling
Exude understated elegance with expensive brunette hair. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This hair trend consists of barely-there highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your naturally dark hair color. Different dark brown hues may be used to add dimension to your black hair.

18. Dark Copper

Asian woman with short dark brown hair
Keep a straight bob from looking plain by dyeing it dark copper. Credit: Panadda Phuttasirayakorn

It has copper’s signature red undertones. But because it’s darker, it looks rich when blended with black hair. Try this if you want to give your look a subtle upgrade.

19. Cool Dark Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with short hair wearing a hreadband
If you want cool and muted hair colors, try cool brown. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This dark brown shade has a gray undertone. It looks great especially when your hair is shiny and frizz-free.

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20. Cinnamon Brown Hair

Asian woman with long dark brown hair wearing a white sleeveless top.
If you’re into simple but stunning looks, try this hair color. Credit: Pixta

This dark brown hair color has warm, copper undertones that resemble the color of its namesake spice. Cinnamon brown may look simple, but it’s already a stunner on its own.

Ready to rock coffee brown hair color? Whenever you dye your hair,  just remember to choose a shade that complements your skin tone and your personality. Even the most gorgeous shade in the world won’t work if you’re not comfortable with it. Feel free to ask your stylist for advice, so you get the color that’s best for you.